Working for Marathon Oil: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

Working for Marathon Oil: Employment, Careers, and Jobs.
Working for Marathon Oil provides you with immense benefits in addition to good pay.

Working for Marathon Oil: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

This post provides exhaustive information on working for Marathon Oil, including employment, careers, and job opportunities that the Company offers.

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Marathon Oil Company Overview

Marathon Oil is an American petroleum and natural gas exploration and production Company that operates in the United States, United Kingdom, Libya, and Equatorial Guinea.

Marathon Oil operates in two segments, the United States and International, and engages in the exploration, production, and marketing of crude oil and condensate, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.

The Company is also involved in the production and marketing of products manufactured from natural gas, such as liquefied natural gas and methanol.

Why Work for Marathon Oil

Marathon Oil is involved in oil exploration and production and provides a variety of excellent opportunities for people to learn, develop, and maximize their potentials.

If you are up to the challenge of working with Marathon Oil and are ready to make a difference, then you may be the right fit to help drive the Company’s future.

You will find a diversity of roles and disciplines at Marathon Oil to build your career.

You’ll have the opportunity and ongoing support to learn what you don’t know coming in the door.

Marathon Oil offers energy professionals exposure to products from early-stage evaluation to production.

Marathon Oil provides a wider outlook on the world’s energy challenges.

Being a part of the Company’s team offers you the opportunity to make an impact early on.

You can anticipate doing interesting and challenging work that will stretch your abilities.

The team will respect you for your contributions.

People will hear your voice, your ideas will be valued, and you will be the designer and propeller of your career.

Marathon Oil offers not only opportunity, but compensation and benefits package that go beyond the basics to include a wellness program, flexible hours in some positions, and tuition reimbursement, and self-funded and company-funded retirement plans.

Marathon Oil Careers and Jobs

You will find the opportunity to reach your full potential at Marathon Oil, whether you’re in the early stages of your career or an experienced professional.

Marathon Oil equips their people for an entire career – ranging from advancing technical skills to developing the leadership behaviors and skills that will take the Company’s business forward.

You will be provided with a wealth of learning materials and opportunities that range from internal networking communities and formal training, to challenging assignments that offer you invaluable experience and exposure.

Marathon Oil Training and Development Programs

Marathon has a labor force that can run a responsible, secure, and moral Company with on-the-job development and technical training, formal training and development programs, and ongoing education opportunities.

Through the Training and Competency element of Marathon’s Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS), Marathon Oil drives reliable, standardized training for their operations workforce.

This training offers employees the ability to safely and effectively adapt to changes in the Company’s drilling and production activity and portfolio.

Marathon focuses on preventing spills, releases, and safety incidents, as well as increasing productivity and operational reliability.

The HES&S and Competency Training Standard and the Competency Management System that Marathon Oil finalized in 2017 helped them forecast needs and manage their field workforce as it grew along with their activity level.

To close gaps prioritized by risk to safety, the environment and equipment reliability, all employees in selected safety sensitive roles, and certain contractors who completed their qualifications were offered on-the-job and instructor-led training.

Employees must become competent and qualified to use new equipment and new processes, while new hires and employees entering new roles must complete the competency and qualification process.

Contract services workers who are not covered by their skill standard and system are needed to complete Marathon Oil’s web-based safety orientation.

Petro-technical Training

Petro-technical employees responsible for exploration, development, and production of resources are critical to the success of Marathon Oil.

Marathon has a team dedicated to their training and development, to make sure they have the technical abilities to make the best decisions.

Through in-house courses taught by Marathon’s external instructors, subject-matter experts, virtual classes, and short courses at industry technical conferences, Marathon’s petro-techs received training in 2017.

To help early-career engineers and geoscientists accelerate their cross-disciplinary technical knowledge and business skills, Marathon introduced the Catalyst training and development program in 2017.

Participants of Catalyst complete 200 hours of formal training over eight months.

Technical content consists of geophysics, geology, drilling, petro-physics, production, completions, reservoir engineering, and facilities.

In addition, Catalyst participants learn leadership skills and the Company’s corporate functions.

Marathon Oil attempts to expose participants to various assignments in their first five years in the industry to attract and develop early-career petro-technical professionals, in addition to the formal training program in their first year.

Leadership Development Program

Employees, through Marathon’s instructor-led Leadership Development Program, acquire the skills to lead themselves, lead others, and lead the business.

The Field Leadership segment of this program offers topics customized for field employees, including influential leadership and leading a high performance team.

The scenario-based training received high scores from approximately 450 employees who took part in 2017.

Additionally, employees take the Company’s HES&S training to understand how to act safely and responsibly in order to earn and keep their license to function.

Marathon Oil Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

From the first day of your participation in the internship program, you’re assigned tasks that have an impact on the bottom line.

There are mentors and professionals who help interns in their areas of focus – to grow and develop their skills in tangible ways.

The petroleum refining and marketing industry offers unique challenges and a dynamic environment for those seeking the opportunity to gain experience in a real-world atmosphere.

No Company operates in this industry more responsibly or with a greater focus on safety than Marathon Oil.

Marathon Oil has internship and co-op programs in many areas across the Company, including:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Pipeline
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Refining

Available Internship Positions

These include:

  • IT Services
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Summer Intern
  • Intern/Co-op-Refining Metallurgical Engineering

Marathon Corporate Culture and Values

Each employee makes contributions to Marathon Oil Culture to help promote an environment of inclusion and respect and enhances both individual and team performance.

Mentoring Programs

Marathon Oil offers the opportunity to participate in their mentoring programs to help recruit and retain the best employees.

Mentoring makes great contributions to professional and leadership development. Both new and experienced employees are paired and programs vary by location or within organizations to meet specific needs.

Diversity and Inclusive Education

Marathon Oil provides and encourages employees at all levels with continuing opportunities for training and education.

During the first few months of employment, new employees are required to take two training courses.

There are other optional trainings focused on topics such as team building, diversity awareness, and skills, and diversity dimensions like generational differences.

Diversity Teams

Marathon Oil has diversity teams that represent a collection of business units and locations across the U.S. with implementing diversity strategy and addressing local needs through employee and Marathon leadership engagement; the teams assist the Diversity Office.

Cultural Awareness Programs

Marathon Oil gives great recognition to the value of a culturally competent workforce, where employees from all backgrounds can successfully work together.

Diverse educational opportunities and events concentrate on increasing cultural awareness and appreciation.

Programming consists of five recognized History and Heritage Months, such as American Indian and Alaskan Native Heritage, Hispanic Heritage, Black History, Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage, and Women’s History.

Marathon’s Values

Marathon Oil is defined by their shared values as they work to produce the energy the world needs.

Their shared values include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Marathon Oil Job Application – How to Start a Career with the Company (the Hiring Process)

Marathon provides candidates eager to join the workforce a range of positions in entry-level roles and more career-minded efforts.

Positions consistently arise to fill new vacancies, with over 5,000 locations and expanding.

Available Positions at Marathon

These include:

  • Gas Station Attendant
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Assistant Manager
  • Gas Station Manager
  • Accounting Processor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Geophysicist
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Land Professional
  • Refining Inspector
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Payroll Analyst
  • Auditor, Benefits Analyst
  • Clinician
  • Field Operator
  • Facilities Engineer
  • Field Operator, Geologist
  • Inland Fleeting Inspector
  • Lease Associate
  • Measurement Reader
  • Paralegal
  • Process Control Engineer
  • Production Technician
  • Tax Analyst

Marathon Job Opportunities

Marathon usually looks for friendly, hardworking, and motivated individuals to work in customer service positions in their stores.

Associates must remain the positive face of the store in their routine interactions with the public.

Employees must demonstrate the ability to perform simple math, continually multitask, and have good interpersonal skills, working to provide first-rate customer service.

In order to qualify for such positions, customer service associates need to typically meet basic hiring requirements.

Candidates with more retail and supervisory capabilities fill positions as managers, as entry-level employees fit securely into customer service associate roles.

When hiring for the manager position, Marathon normally sees individuals with over two years of retail experience and knowledge.

Generally, a manager fulfills a diversity of roles such as performing administrative tasks set forth by the corporate office, supervising subordinate employees, and interacting with customers on a daily basis.

In order to stay abreast of the most current accreditations and endorsements necessary in the retail field, employees in a supervisory role may need to take additional certifications and trainings.

Tips for Applying

There are two options for applying for positions with Marathon.

You can either choose to fill out hiring forms online through the Company career page or apply in-person at a location of choice.

Most applicants prefer to apply in person for the opportunity to meet with hiring managers directly and witness daily store operations and form a one-to-one relationship with store personnel.

Get yourself ready by dressing appropriately and bring all hiring materials when filling out applications, as on-the-spot interview may take place.

Ensure all hiring material remains complete, free of errors, and up-to-date in order to expedite all applications.

Application Status

The offers for interviews usually get to candidates within at least two weeks of the first application.

Marathon may not contact all the applicants, especially the ones not accepted to the next stage of the hiring process, due to the sheer volumes of applications received daily.

Through email, phone, or visiting in person, individuals interested in a definitive answer may contact stores directly.

Candidates should remember managers must perform a diversity of important tasks when they visit a store in person to check on application status.

So, a supervisor may not have the time to speak with applicants in person with the same kind of immediacy candidates may desire.

Contacting stores by phone may prove more beneficial to both parties and still exhibits the flawless level of interest in gaining a position.

Marathon Assessment Test Preparation

Distinguish yourself from others and prove that you are the most qualified candidate for the job.

Get yourself ready with JobTestPrep for your Marathon assessment test and improve your score.

Commence practice now and apply with self-confidence.

Read more about Marathon Oil hiring process.

Marathon Oil Benefits and Compensation

Marathon noticed that doing a challenging work attracts huge rewards, so they offer competitive salary and benefits to support your health and well-being and help you plan for tomorrow.

Well-being and Peace of Mind for Both You and Your Family

  • Wellness program
  • Health plan
  • Health savings account
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Parental benefits
  • Adoption assistance

Rewards and Recognition for Performance

  • Long-term incentive program
  • Discretionary annual cash bonus
  • Competitive pay
  • Recognition programs

Recharge and Refresh Your Skills

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Educational reimbursements
  • Vacation

Supporting Your Community

  • Community involvement programs
  • Matching gift programs

Marathon Oil Work-Life Balance

Marathon has good work – life balance and decent pay with good benefits.

Flexibility actually depends on what department you work in. For instance in HR where there are a majority of women in leadership positions, managers are very understanding of needing flexibility to manage both work and home.


If you are planning to start a career with Marathon Oil, this post will help you get the knowledge you need to actualize this dream.

If you find this post helpful in learning about careers and employment at Marathon Oil, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

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