Working for Dell: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

Working for Dell: Employment, Careers, and Jobs.
You can increase your chances of gaining employment with Working for the Dell Technologies by learning about the company.

Working for Dell: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

This post provides exhaustive information on what to expect working for the Dell Corporation, including all you need to know about employment, careers, and jobs that Dell offers.

Please, read on to gain important knowledge about employment with Dell and increase your chances of being hired:

Dell Company Overview

Dell is an American multinational computer technology company that is into designing, developing, and manufacturing of information technology products, as well as marketing and selling them.

Dell offers commercial, consumer, and third-party software and after-point-of-sale peripheral solutions, as well as information management software, systems management, and security software.

Additionally, Dell provides servers and networking and storage products, as well as cloud, infrastructure, application, and business process services.

Dell was established in 2013, with its Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. The company operates as a subsidiary of Denali Intermediate, Inc.

Why Work for Dell

Here are some reasons why you should consider seeking employment at Dell Inc.:

  • At Dell, you have diverse roles available from which you can choose to make a career; you are only limited by your thinking and attitude.
  • Dell keeps you healthy by providing subsidized gym membership and credit towards medical insurance (USA).
  • Dell provides a challenging and satisfying job.
  • Dell offers you the opportunity to travel to other countries when necessary.
  • As a team member, you will have the opportunity to volunteer for a multitude of good causes that impact local communities. Giving back makes you feel good.
  • Dell is certainly one of the largest startup companies, because many people are encouraged to show entrepreneurial spirit every day.
  • There are flexible work arrangements at Dell in some qualifying roles. Dell team members can possibly work from anywhere!
  • You can potentially participate in social media for Dell from your existing position.
  • Dell invests in you. Each year there are opportunities to learn more and improve yourself by taking courses/training sponsored by the company.

Here are some more reasons why you should work at Dell:


Dell rewards your achievements for a job well-done. When you are at Dell, you will work as an important member of a team.

If you meet clearly-defined and measurable goals, then you can achieve success at Dell.


Dell’s business and people strategies and their own culture of meritocracy are supported by the company’s compensation philosophy.

Dell follows its guiding principle to attract and retain top talent to be competitive and win in the marketplace.

Career Development

Dell creates a professional environment where everyone can grow and succeed.

The company provides formal training options, tools for 360-degree feedback, individualized development programs, mentoring, growth opportunities, networking and stretch assignments.

Because Dell invests in its people, majority of their open positions are filled internally.

Workforce Transformation

Dell provides flexible work options that encourages employees to find more convenient and effective ways to work together to achieve set business goals irrespective of where the work is done.

The company provides a diversity of programs designed to embrace the employee’s work/life balance.

Dell Careers and Jobs

Dell fosters an environment that is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit in which the company was founded with more than 100,000 global team members.

They are committed to diversity, sustainability and their communities. And they provide unparalleled growth and development opportunities for their team members.

Dell’s belief in technology is important for driving human development and has pushed them into getting committed to providing that technology and organizations everywhere.

This technology company is an only one of its kind family of businesses that provides the necessary infrastructure for organizations to put up their digital future, transform IT and protect their information which is their most important asset.

Customers get the company services of all sizes across 180 countries. This ranges from 98 percent of the Fortune 500 to individual consumers.

The commitment of Dell’s team members has lead to regularly volunteering for a variety of non-profit organizations, and serving Dell’s communities.

Some of the Career and Job Fields You Can Find at Dell Include:

  • Consultant, Commodity Management – ISG Software Procurement
  • Global Commodity Manager – Software
  • Advisor, Purchasing
  • Senior Analyst, Logistics
  • Inventory Control Sr. Manager
  • Sr. Advisor, Supply Chain
  • ESI Global Supply Manager
  • Advisor, Purchasing
  • Global Custom Operations (GCO) Sr. PM Advisory – Supply Chain
  • Advisor, Material Planning
  • Global Commodity Manager – Senior Advisor
  • Customer Collaboration Planner, Materials Planning Consultant
  • Sr. Materials Product Demand Planner
  • Senior Analyst, Commodity Management
  • Project Program Management.

Dell Training and Development Programs

A learning organization like Dell encourages personal and professional development, and makes this a part of their culture.

Team members at Dell have a huge range of programs to increase skills in their current role and develop leadership skills.

Dell aspires to cultivate the confidence, drive, and abilities in all its team members, so that career development in the company becomes a collaborative process among individual team members, their mentors, leaders, and the organization.

Through various aspects of trainings, Dell develops leaders who are committed to helping team members be their best and do their best work in serving their customers.

Dell Graduate Development Program

Dell Graduate Development program is situated in countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom, India, Ireland, and China.

The program positions you on the way to becoming a leader, as you are being prepared by the degree you are pursuing to be a big-picture thinker and to make vital strategic decisions.

At Dell, there is a diversity of opportunities available for graduate students and MBAs that round out academic studies with authentic world experience.

Co-op positions that last for four, six or eight months throughout the year are also offered by Dell.

To prove your eligibility, you must be a graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in a formal co-operative program at an accredited university or college.

While you’re with the company, you’ll gain academic credit for your assignments. Opportunities are available in:


  • US
  • Ireland
  • China


  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Global Services
  • Security

Dell supports your progress throughout your career, offering several development and rotation programs for new graduate hires.

You can find the right development program from this list:

  • Global Business Services Graduate Leadership Development Program
  • Global Enterprise Leadership Development Program
  • Global Services Associate Program
  • HR Rotation Program
  • IT MBA Leadership Program
  • Marketing Development Program.

Dell Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

Dell offers you the opportunity to explore their broad diversity of internship programs for students to work in a worldwide collaborative environment, relate with Dell’s top leaders, build professional networks, handle real-world business situations, and foster relationships.

Dell’s internships are available in the following fields of specialization:

  • Finance
  • Services
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations.

Dell Corporate Culture and Values

Culture succeeds when people truly live it. Dell sets standards for how they define themselves as inventors and business people.

Dell also sets goals for how they want to grow. Their people also live those values and standards, and not only help them define those principles.

Dell has a culture of organizing its business in each region around various customer divisions.

Each of the regions has diverse managing techniques and generally includes relationship customers, home and small business and public sector customers, like schools and government.

Customer: Dell can entrust relationship, offering the best products and services according to technology that is standard-based.

They can outperform the competition with value and superior customer experience.

The Dell Team: Dell believes their continued achievement lies in teamwork and the opportunity every member of the team has to learn, grow and develop.

The company stretches further to get committed to developing, retaining and attracting the best staff members.

Direct Relationship: Dell believes in having a direct relationship with all stakeholders, including partners, customers, suppliers, and employees.

They operate without incompetent bureaucracy and hierarchy to be able to do better than other competitors.

Global Citizenship: Dell Inc. is committed to understanding and respecting the law, values and cultures wherever they do their business.

They profitably grow in all markets and contributing positively in each community.

Dell Core Values

These values include:

Customers: The Company believes their relationships with customers differentiates ultimately and forms the foundation for their success.

Winning Together: Dell believes in everybody and values their people. They are smarter, perform better, and have more fun working as a team than as individuals.

Innovation: Dell Inc. believes their ability to innovate and cultivate breakthrough thinking is an engine for growth and progress.

Results: This company believes in being accountable to an exceptional standard of excellence and performance.

Integrity: Dell believes truthfulness must always rule their brutal desire to win.

Dell Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

You have an opportunity to join Dell as the company is on an assignment to locate, attract, and bring aboard the best and brightest.

You must be a great team player and leader, making serving your priority.

If you would like to join a team of talented, forward-thinking people who share in the common goal of driving human progress forward, then follow these steps below:

Step 1: Apply

Dell would be happy that you want to pursue a career in their organization.

The Company is looking for talented and ambitious people like you to help them achieve their goals and share their culture of winning with integrity.

Begin Your Search

Opportunities can be searched by geographical area, keyword or function. Click here to start your search.

Create Your Profile

If you are new to the system, you’ll required to create a personal account, which is protected by a username and password, to enable you gain access each time you apply for a job or update.

Ensure you have an updated copy of your resume/curriculum vitae (CV) with you so you can provide all the information requested before starting the profile process.

With present and future job opportunities, recruiters will use your profile to match your qualifications so make sure you keep your profile up to date.

You can also decide to receive notifications of available openings that match your profile.

Apply for the Job

The “Apply Now” button on the description page is what you will click when you find a job you have interest in.

If you haven’t yet submitted a profile, you’ll need to run that process first because your username and password will be required.

Step 2: Interview

Before you can meet and discuss the position and what you can bring to the role, your qualifications must be a match to the company’s needs and your resume being impressive.

You will be engaged in a conversation with the hiring manager or recruiter – to be able to learn if you’re a good match for the company.

You’ll be assessed how possible you can fit in with your team, whether you spot with the company’s values and where you see yourself professionally now and in the future.

Don’t forget to use the opportunity to ask your questions, too, making them relevant to the topic and things pertaining to the company’s progress rather than focusing on benefits only.

Step 3: Decide

This is the time the company will decide and determine whether they have a future together with you.

There will be a post-interview communication in about 7 days to discuss next steps, and also a realistic preview of the job and the interview process.

You can ask question and have it answered vividly at once, and you might be fairly considered for opportunities where qualifications meet requirements, and lots more to expect.

Learn more about the Dell hiring process here.

Dell Benefits and Compensation

As an employee of Dell, you are entitled to lots of benefits. You can have a look at some benefits below:

Health and Wellness

Dell offers benefits programs designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is one of the ways that Dell is striving to make every team member have the resources to be their best.

These benefits are based on your location. You can ask your recruiter for more details.

Employee Assistance Program

Dell has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides confidential, professional counseling to help employees with a wide array of issues, from financial counseling to substance abuse.

Employee Purchase Program

As a Dell team member, you will have access to special savings on Dell products.

You can get more details from your recruiter on what benefits programs are available in your location.

Refer a Dell Candidate

Through Dell’s Employee Referral Program (ERP), team members are encouraged to refer family and business contacts for positions with the company.

Other Benefits

There are other programs in your location you might be eligible for, such as paid time away from work, financial and savings programs, etc.

Your recruiter can feed you with more information.

Dell Work/Life Balance

The Work/Life Balance at Dell is rated a B by 214 employees putting it in the Top 30% of similar size companies in the US.

84% of Dell employees are satisfied with their work/life balance while 52% feel they are burnt out.

About 61% of the employees at Dell work eight hours or less, while 3% of them have a very long day – longer than twelve hours.

The majority of Dell employees is satisfied with their work/life balance and feels burnt out.

In general, employees in the Product department and employees with Entry Level experience believe they have good work/life balance while employees in the Business Development department and those in the Customer Support department think it can be better.


If you are planning to start a career with Dell and become successful, this post helps you get the knowledge you need to actualize the dream.

If you find this post helpful in increasing your knowledge of careers and employment at Dell, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

You can also share any experience you’ve had with Dell if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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