What Jobs can you get with a Marketing Degree?

By | September 7, 2023
What Jobs can you get with a Marketing Degree?
With a marketing degree, you can get several exciting and well-paying job options to choose a career from.

This post provides detailed information on some of the best jobs you can get with a marketing degree, including the duties they commonly perform.

When deciding on a career choice, it is not uncommon to ask: “What jobs can you get with a marketing degree?” if you have strong interest in the marketing aspect of a business and would like to start a career in it.

This post gives detailed answer to the question, highlighting the several things you can do with a degree in marketing, including well paying jobs and careers.

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Why Marketing Degree?

In the words of Shelly Lazarus, ‘No movie becomes a hit without good reviews and word-of-mouth…’ Such is the role marketing plays in our day-to-day business activities.

It is a fact that most enterprises generate revenue by selling a product or service directly or indirectly, and the ability to sell anything relies greatly on the capacity to convince a buyer to make a purchase regardless of the product/service value, which is why the saying goes, ‘A good or service is only worth as much as you can get somebody to pay for it’.

Marketing, although goes beyond burning bridges to make quick sales, it involves identification of customer needs, and the provision of products and services that can satisfy consumer needs; presenting the commodity in a way that highlights its ability to satisfy a need/want, thus compelling purchase.

Frankly, people can be very choosy and skeptical over what they purchase with their money especially with a new product.

It is the role of marketers to paint a glamorous picture of a product in the minds of the target audience; they are tasked with the responsibility of building an aura of desire around a product so as to kindle the fire of brand recognition and trust.

Marketing finds relevance in virtually every firm, business or corporation with a product or service for sale.

Marketers are handsomely paid for their services and with just a baccalaureate in marketing you can earn as much as $87,521 annually according to Payscale.

This is part of the reason why a marketing degree is very popular among undergraduates.

According to MatchCollege, an advertising and marketing degree is 22nd most popular college degree awarded in the U.S out of 200 others.

What can you do with a Marketing Associate’s Degree?

To pursue a career in the marketing field, you can enroll for a 2-year Associate’s degree program which provides a basic knowledge of marketing systems and principles. It teaches the concepts of advertising and prepares one for further Bachelor’s study or for careers such as:

  • Assistant Sales Agent: They help marketing and sales managers with the monitoring and report of sales. They provide product and pricing details to buyers and also maintain sales record, and help with the resolution of inventory discrepancies. Part of their duties include working closely with superiors to maintain customer relationship, database, as well as preparation of sales report and presentation.
  • Media Assistant: They provide marketing services for clients using social media tools, including Facebook and Instagram. They use their understanding of the social media sites to facilitate product and service promotion.
  • Marketing Assistant: They aid marketing operations such as data input, presentations, and publishing. They assist marketing managers with the compilation of consumer reports, preparation of brochures, assembling quotations, and publishing of pricing schedules. See detailed marketing assistant job description.

Marketing Associate’s degree graduates are estimated to earn an annual median salary of $41,901 according to Payscale.

The job market for marketers with Associate’s degree is highly competitive thus the need for further studies, because the higher the degree, the better the job prospects.

What can you do with a Marketing Bachelor’s Degree?

With a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, you are qualified for job positions such as:

  • Market Researcher: Their duties involve collection and analysis of data. They assist clients in carrying out surveys and research that will aid them in making informed business, social, and political decisions. They prepare research proposals, oversee the research team and utilize statistical tools in obtaining valid data.
  • Product Manager: They are responsible for ensuring that product sales are profitable enough for the manufacturer, and valuable enough for the consumer. They interact with product users to get their opinion of a product and then work with information obtained to help manufacturer and consumer meet halfway.
  • Public Relations Officer: The duty of the PR officer is to create a positive outlook of a product/service. They employ the use of media and communication to increase a product’s acceptability. They carry out research to identify the consumer’s expectation of a product and then work on the implementation.
  • Media Planner: The job specification of the media planner is to identify the best form of media advertisement to employ for specific products. They develop proper advert strategy most suited to reach their clients target market.
  • Marketing Executive: They oversee the maintenance of producer-consumer relationship; they manage the production and use of marketing materials. They carry out market research and work with a marketing manager in the promotion/sale of a product/service.

What can you do with a Marketing Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

Advanced degrees such as Master’s or Doctorate degree in marketing increases the earning potential and professional status of marketing majors, positioning them for jobs as:

  • Corporate Marketing Manager: They specialize in overseeing product pricing, plan of distribution, and various other activities related to the marketing and eventual sales of a product. They supervise the team responsible for market identification and pricing strategy.
  • Sales Manager: They develop and implement sales plan by setting sales objectives, keeping up with supply and demand, coordinating sales staff, and ensuring price of product is in sync with production cost, competition and demand.
  • Chief Financial Officer: Their duties span from creating financial budgets to staff management. They primarily ensure that the financial goals of an organization are achieved.


A marketing degree is highly valuable as it presents career opportunities in several fields ranging from the accounting to the economics field. The job outlook is generally positive.

What jobs are you interested in getting with a marketing degree? Please, leave your comment in the box below.