Walmart Stocker Job Description Example

Walmart Stocker job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Walmart Stockers ensure sold items are replaced on shelves with new ones. Image source:

Walmart Stocker Job Description Example

What Does a Walmart Stocker Do?

The Walmart stocker is responsible for keeping the department store very clean and getting the place organized in line with the company’s laid down rules.

His/her job description entails keeping inventory and ensuring that all items being sold on the shelves are stocked properly and are also in the right location.

In most instances, stockers are employed to work during the night.

The Walmart stocker manages inventory space also. The excess inventory kept away from customer area are organized and kept clean by the employee.

This way, proper shelf life of perishable goods is facilitated. Taking accurate inventory will enable easy and efficient replacement of any item sold out on the shelves.

The stocker at Walmart makes use of equipment, like pallets and hand truck to get his/her job done.

He/she mostly work during night shifts and this is because the equipment usually used in carrying out assigned tasks may act as distraction to customers who will not have a nice shopping experience.

The stocker should be physically strong and able to use heavy equipment as well as lift heavy loads of more than 50 pounds, and he/she should be ready to do some real physical activities in the course of his/her work.

Aside stocking the shelves with the appropriate items when such are sold out, the work description of the Walmart stocker may also include cleaning shelves and maintaining them so that they can be ready for customers the next day.

Some customers may come into the store to buy items during the night; it is the role of overnight stockers to assist such customers with their purchases.

The stocker’s job is not always heavy or requiring extreme physical exertion; it actually ranges from moderate to heavy labor.

He/she is equally involved in both the loading and off-loading of shipments.

His/her duties also include organizing backroom areas for effective space utilization and taking part in constructing displays. He/she is also fully involved in shelf-stocking.

The Walmart stocker should be knowledgeable and have experience in operating certain heavy machineries like the forklift.

The age limit is 16 and no one younger than this is ever considered for employment as a stocker at Walmart. In most instances, the company does provide the needed training for the stocker; they make use of various methods, like visual and verbal materials for such trainings, as well as on hands-on demonstration.

Other tasks in the Walmart stocker job description entails cleaning the shelves and mopping the floor to make the place clean.

Staff members are provided with free sandwiches too. Aside unloading products from the truck, the stocker is also required to sort out such products or items.

After sorting the items, he/she will convey them to the floor area where assigned staff members will place them on the shelves.

Walmart Stocker Job Description Example

Stockers at Walmart are expected to carry out various tasks, duties, and responsibilities, which help in keeping the store shelves organized and fresh with new items just as customers pick them up. Their work also ensures the store is clean and appealing to customers.

If you are aspiring to work as a stocker at Walmart, here is a job description example showing a list of major duties and responsibilities you may be charged to perform:

  • Make available all incoming stocks to the appropriate sections of the department
  • Label, inspect, and verify all incoming orders and also store them up in the central supply area
  • Record all data and also stock items either via the use of computer or manually
  • Adjust all errors and also document all discrepancies
  • Convey freight from the truck to the floor for proper placement
  • Sort the items delivered
  • Make sure that the right quantity of items is delivered
  • Make sure that all excess materials are properly stored in the storage rooms
  • Handle all the stock inventories and recheck them to ensure that they are accurate
  • Place the price tags properly on the items and make sure that the barcodes too are placed correctly.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Walmart Stocker Job

The following abilities, knowledge, and skills are commonly required by hiring managers when filling positions for stockers at departmental stores because they help stockers attain top performance on their job:

  • Education: GED or High School Diploma
  • Possess good understanding of retail processes
  • Ability to deal with customers in professional manner, especially when such customers show up during the night to purchase items
  • Ability to handle storage services to be able to deal properly with deliveries in the night
  • Possess good knowledge in picking and sorting items
  • Ability to handle all items delivered properly
  • Ability to effectively communicate in both written and verbal forms
  • Pre-employment tests: You may be required to take and pass a test to be hired for this position. Learn about job assessment tests and how to come up tops in them.