Walmart Overnight Stocker Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Walmart Overnight Stocker Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities.
Walmart Overnight Stockers also ensure merchandise are properly received and distributed throughout the store.

Walmart Overnight Stocker Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides exhaustive information on the job description of a Walmart overnight stocker, to help increase your knowledge of what they do.

It highlights the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that typically make up the Walmart overnight stocker work description.

It also presents the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired as an overnight stocker at Walmart or other retail companies.

Please, read on to learn more about the Walmart overnight stocker career:

What Does a Walmart Overnight Stocker Do?

A Walmart overnight stocker is responsibility for handling the restocking of shelves and/or inventory in the Walmart warehouse environment outside operation hours.

His/her job description also involves carrying out duties which may include refilling empty shelves, inspecting retail spaces, making decisions on what items to add, sorting and organizing merchandise, and reporting issues to warehouse managers, supervisors, or appropriate personnel.
In other words, a Walmart overnight stocker refers to one whose job is to stock items, goods, products, and/or merchandise in the Walmart retail space outside opening hours.

He/she is responsible for receiving and distributing merchandise throughout the store and arranging and displaying it according to Walmart’s procedures and guidelines.

Some of the duties that may be executed by a Walmart overnight stocker include unloading trucks, sorting products in the backroom, and stocking products on shelves, and ensuring that aisles are clean and areas are neat.

One of the core tasks that are carried out by Walmart overnight stockers is to unload merchandise trucks, which involves unloading, moving, and arranging products or merchandise in the Walmart warehouse environment and ensuring that all shipping items and/or products are monitored and managed appropriately.

They are also saddled with the responsibility of stocking merchandise in the backroom by stocking shelves with products and ensuring the proper maintenance of inventory, as well as displaying products nicely in accordance with Walmart’s policies and procedures.

The overnight stocker also must receive products when they are delivered to the warehouse, which involves overseeing the transportation of products from the backroom onto the store floor and distributing them to their appropriate location throughout the store.

He/she also take accurate records of the inventory to maintain product levels.

The Walmart overnight stocker may also be required to ensure and maintain the cleanliness of the store in addition to stocking products and creating displays, by sweeping, mopping, and cleaning up spills.

To work in the Walmart overnight stocker role, it is important for interested candidates to possess certain skills and qualities.

These may include excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, and excellent time management skills; basic computer skills, good decision-making skills, and ability to pay particular attention to detail.

Other qualities you need to have to work as an overnight stocker with Walmart or other companies are dexterity, good physical strength and stamina, and good organizational skills.

In terms of academic qualifications, you will need to have at least a High School diploma to work as an overnight stocker with Walmart or other retailers.

Walmart Overnight Stocker Salary: The average salary for a Walmart overnight stocker, according to Payscale, is $32,000 annually.

Walmart Overnight Stocker Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The Walmart overnight stocker job description entails the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Handling the restocking of shelves and/or inventory in the Walmart warehouse environment outside operation hours
  • Maintaining the look of the store and the merchandise via proper stocking and attractive displays
  • Overseeing and managing inventory stock items outside work hours
  • Disseminating his/her tasks according to Walmart’s procedures and guidelines
  • Liaising with vendors and drivers and engaging them with a positive attitude
  • Taking accurate records of inventory data manually or with the use of a computer
  • Ensuring and maintaining the cleanliness of the store by sweeping, mopping, and cleaning up spills
  • Ensuring that he/she verifies, inspects, and labels incoming orders and stores them in the appropriate areas.

Walmart Overnight Stocker Job Description for Resume

If you have worked previously as an overnight stocker with Walmart and are writing a new resume or CV, you can boost the effectiveness of the resume by adding the professional or work experience section to it.

With the professional experience section of your resume, you can show the duties and responsibilities you have performed as an overnight stocker, implying that you have been successful on the job.

This piece of information in your resume can greatly influence the recruiter/employer to want to discuss further with you in an interview on the prospect of hiring you, especially if the new job that you are applying for requires someone with some overnight stocker work experience.

You can quickly create an effective professional experience section for your resume or CV by applying the Walmart overnight stocker job description example shown above.

Walmart Overnight Stocker Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Career Success

The major skills and qualifications that are required to work as an overnight stocker with Walmart or other retailers include:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, since he/she must maintain efficient and effective communication with fellow workers and supervisors
  • Strong interpersonal skills, since an overnight stocker will be required to liaise with vendors, drivers, and other warehouse workers, and also engage them with a positive attitude
  • Excellent time management skills, as these enable an overnight stocker to carry out his/ her overnight tasks before daytime when the store opens
  • Good decision-making skills, since he/she must be able to determine what items to add or exclude from the shelves, as well as how products should be displayed attractively
  • Ability to pay particular attention to detail, as this is very essential to efficiently and effectively manage and maintain the inventory
  • Basic computer skills, as these may be required in the process of recording items and keeping track of the inventory
  • Good physical strength and stamina, since an overnight stocker must be able to lift heavy items and also move from one place to another repeatedly
  • At least the completion of a High School program and obtaining a diploma, although a formal education is not a necessary qualification.


This post is useful to individuals interested in the overnight stocker job at Walmart or other retailers.

They will be able to learn the duties and responsibilities usually associated with the overnight stocker job and so are able to prepare themselves to work for Walmart or other similar companies in that role.

This article is also helpful to recruiters/employers seeking to hire for the vacant overnight stocker position in their companies.

They can apply the sample Walmart overnight stocker job description provided on this page in making an effective description of the vacant position.

This can help them attract the best candidates for the overnight stocker role from which they can hire the best for their organizations.

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