Walmart Maintenance Worker Job Description Example

Walmart Maintenance Worker job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Walmart Maintenance Workers ensure machines and equipment are always functioning. Image source:

Walmart Maintenance Worker Job Description Example

What Does a Walmart Maintenance Worker Do?

The Walmart maintenance worker has the responsibility to fix problems that may arise in mechanical equipment and machines that are being used at the store.

His/her job description involves maintaining Walmart building and repairing any damage whatsoever to keep the place functional at all times to customers.

They help in repairing heating and air-conditioning systems, and handle all electrical and plumbing works in the store.

The role of the maintenance worker at Walmart also includes performing floor repairs as well as carrying out painting works on the building when such works are required.

The maintenance worker should be ready to work overnight, as this will help to keep the noise usually generated in the course of carrying out maintenance activities away from customers, who may get disturbed one way or the other, which will not give a good impression about the company.

The maintenance worker at Walmart is usually required to carry out several tasks during the shift. Truth is, there is no particular job planned for a shift; the worker’s duties per shift are determined by what needs to be done at that particular time.

The maintenance workers must be able to multitask too, since they have to handle various tasks together at the same time.

They should be able to work fast to enable them complete assigned duties within the stipulated period of time, and are required to work in different sections of the company too.

The Walmart maintenance worker should have the skills to enable him/her perform required tasks.

They should be able to get all assigned duties and responsibilities in their job description done as at when due.

The tasks they are required to do are not too challenging, neither do they have to go beyond their level of expertise to get the job done.

To work as maintenance man or woman does not require much of specialized trainings or special licensing as electricians, plumbers or tradespersons.

The maintenance worker should be able to recognize when any task is beyond what he/she can handle. At such times, Walmart will take it upon themselves to employ real experts in such areas, like trained steamfitters, pipefitters, plumbers, refrigeration installers, air conditioning experts, heating experts, carpenters, and electricians to handle such jobs.

Other tasks in the maintenance worker’s work description include fixing drywalls and plasters. They may also paint or fix roofs.

Several parts of the building, like woodwork, floors, doors, and windows should be easily handled by maintenance workers.

The maintenance worker at Walmart is also usually saddled with handling of equipment used at the store, ensuring that such equipment are adequately maintained to operate effectively, and are promptly repaired whenever they develop faults.

Maintenance workers are also responsible for procuring machine parts and related supplies on behalf of Walmart.

They are required to link up with storerooms and external distributors to carry out required repairs appropriately.

Maintenance workers make use of a number of tools, such as hammers, wrenches, drills, saws, and screwdrivers for effective performance of their role, which entails repairing, replacing or fixing building parts and equipment.

Walmart Maintenance Worker Job Description Example

Below is an example of a maintenance worker’s job description, consisting of likely duties, tasks, and responsibilities the individual will perform at Walmart stores:

  • Preserve detailed records of all works carried out
  • Work together with management to estimate the costs of repairs to be carried out
  • Order all repair supplies from storerooms and catalogs
  • Carry out general cleaning as well as consistent upkeep of the property and building
  • Make use of diagrams and blueprints for planning repair works
  • Set up and assemble equipment or machineries to be used for the task at hand
  • Carry out preventive maintenance work periodically and routinely in order to ensure consistent and smooth running of machines and equipment
  • Diagnose and inspect problems towards finding the best way to effect repairs
  • Replace or fix all faulty circuit breakers, outlets, and switches.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Walmart Maintenance Worker Role

When companies, including Walmart are looking for maintenance workers to hire, the following abilities, knowledge and skills are some of the important qualities they look out for in applicants for the role, simply because they aid performance:

  • Education: High School Diploma; technical education, vocational training or postsecondary technical trade; trades in related areas, like roofing, painting, air-conditioning and heating system, plumbing, and electrical processes
  • Possess appropriate license, depending on the state where work is to be done
  • Possess troubleshooting skills
  • Possess high level of dexterity with the use of fingers
  • Possess customer-service skills
  • Ability to respond to calls without delay
  • Ability to multitask and get assigned duties done fast
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