Walmart Maintenance Associate Job Description Example

Walmart Maintenance Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Walmart Maintenance Associates ensure clean environment and effective operation of equipment. Image source:

Walmart Maintenance Associate Job Description Example

What Does a Walmart Maintenance Associate Do?

The Walmart maintenance associate is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the company’s properties to make them attractive and always functional for customers’ use.

His/her job description entails keeping every part of Walmart clean, including the restroom, store, and shelves. He/she must also keep the floors cleaned.

He/she is required to mop the floor to remove spills and should also ensure no trash lies around.

The maintenance associate can work during the day while customers are shopping in the building, and also during the night when no customer is around. This is why Walmart employs maintenance associates on shift basis.

He/she must ensure every part of the building that should be tidy is cleaned, including the windows.

The associate responsible for maintenance at Walmart will work along with other individuals, and must therefore be a team player.

He/she should have good communication skills to enable easy interpersonal relationship with other team members, and smooth interaction with superiors.

The work description for the maintenance associate at Walmart also entails handling a number of equipment to get the job done. The equipment are very easy to understand and operate even as a first timer.

Examples of such equipment include buffers and scrubbers. The maintenance associate only needs to use them a couple of times to understand how they operate.

The buffer must not be used for too long in a single spot as this can cause black circular burns to form on that spot on the floor. It should only be used for few seconds in any area during cleaning process.

Aside the cleaning tasks described above, other roles the Walmart maintenance associate is expected to perform include repairing, maintaining, and installing certain equipment and machineries used in his/her line of work.

Walmart do provide training to newly employed maintenance associate and this will help the new worker to get down to assigned duties with greater confidence.

At Walmart, work process is especially easy and all trainings provided are highly helpful.

The maintenance associate should be able to work fast and multitask.

He/she should be very careful when cleaning customer areas so as not to bump into shelves and other delicate items.

He/she should be fully aware of all quality standards and safety rules associated with his/her job description as established by the company.

He/she will be made aware of the regulations during the above mentioned training program.

He/she can equally work on call duties, especially during weekends and nights, and can make recommendations to management if any helpful idea comes up in the course of his/her work.

Walmart Maintenance Associate Job Description Example

The job of maintenance associates is vital to the success of Walmart as they help to keep the company’s environment clean and equipment in good working condition always for the comfort and convenience of customers.

To have an idea of the type of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that usually make up the job description of maintenance associate at Walmart, here is an example of a typical work description for the role.

  • Schedule important routine maintenance and perform such on equipment and machines used for jobs and document it
  • Keep all maintenance records properly
  • Repair and also troubleshoot every defective equipment
  • Clean and maintain every part of the building and store, including the windows, floors, roofs, and restroom
  • Remove dirt and trash from the floor and empty trash bins appropriately
  • Run errand as described by the superior officer
  • Keep all work areas organized and clean
  • Clean ceiling vents; mop, vacuum, sweep, and dust all dirt prone areas
  • Engage in special projects and certain heavy cleansing tasks.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Walmart Maintenance Associate Job

If you are thinking of how you would succeed working as a maintenance associate at Walmart, here are the skills and other qualities you should acquire or develop:

  • Education: High School Diploma – not much education is actually required to quality for the job
  • A janitorial or cleaning work experience is an added advantage
  • Possess high level of integrity
  • Possess exceptional familiarity with the Material Safety Data Sheets as prepared by Walmart
  • Possess good and practical knowledge of cleaning supplies and chemicals
  • Ability to operate and maintain machineries and equipment used for cleaning works
  • Possess good verbal and written communication skills for smooth interaction with colleagues and superiors
  • Ability to work as member of a team
  • Ability to work fast, and to multitask
  • Pre-employment tests: To be hired for this position, Walmart may require you to take a test to prove your skills and capacity to do the job effectively. Find out about job assessment tests you may be asked to take and how to make top scores easily.

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