Walmart Department Manager Job Description Example

Walmart Department Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Walmart Department Managers take charge of his/her department’s operations.

Walmart Department Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Walmart Department Manager Do?

Walmart department manager is responsible for managing operations in the department. His/her job description covers taking charge of most of the activities in the store and ensuring that operations are carried out properly and in line with laid down rules and regulations.

He/ she is responsible for organizing items being sold at Walmart according to their categories and this will make it very easy and fast for customers to locate any item they want to buy.

The role of the department manager also entails ensuring consistent smooth management and operation of the Walmart store.

He/she is equally required to review profit and loss statement of the store, and to maintain and organize the merchandise in accordance with merchandising layout plan of the company, which is also referred to as the planogram.

The department manager is expected to follow the planogram of the organization to the letter as this will be used to judge his/her effectiveness by superior staff members in charge of staff regulation and assessment.

When new items are delivered at the store and the company seeks to introduce them to the customers, the manager should arrange such items in eye-catching manner to make it easy for customers to locate. He/she may not follow the planogram rigidly in such instances.

The department manager at Walmart is the first to receive any item sent to the store from the main warehouse or from vendors.

His/her work description also covers duties and responsibilities such as checking-in such items and also logging invoices according to the operating procedure of the store.

He/she will also carry out inventory, either annually or ongoing; the ongoing form of inventory is referred to as cycle counting.

Walmart department manager ensures the price tag is correct and that the items on sale are arranged in a neat and orderly manner on the shelves.

He/she also has the task of preventing any form of theft in the store by keeping tab on every item and every shelf in the store.

He/she is equally responsible for placing the signage in their appropriate places to make it very easy for customers to locate items around the store.

The signage should be located at every corner and turn to make directing customers very easy.

The department manager will also intimate customers on price changes and discount sales.

The manager does not have to work alone; he/she can be assisted by subordinates to whom he can delegate some of the tasks he/she is expected to do, like proper placement of signage and arrangement of items on shelves. Afterwards, he/she should do a walk-through in the department for find out if subordinates have done the delegated tasks as prescribed.

He/she is the sole staff responsible for the customer care aspect of service provision.

He/she is expected to be knowledgeable regarding all items being sold in the store so that he/she can assist customers on how to locate particular items and also intimate them on items already sold out.

Walmart Department Manager Job Description Example

As an aspirant for the role of department manager at Walmart, the duties, tasks, and responsibilities you may be required to perform as shown in the job description example below:

  • Maintain the department in orderly and clean manner
  • Change prices as required when such need arises
  • Place order for any item that is presently out of stock in the event such item is not automatically ordered by the system
  • Assist in training new employees when called upon to help out
  • Ensure the correctness of all the shelf caps
  • Provide required help for customers in locating particular items
  • Make regular report to management regarding department operation and challenges
  • Carry out periodic inventory of items in stock and those out of stock.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Walmart Department Manager Role

The department manager’s job at Walmart is a challenging one as it involves managing people and operations, therefore, the individual holding the position needs to have certain skills and qualities to excel on the job. These include:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in the Arts or any associate degree
  • Possess top-notch interpersonal communication skills to interact effectively in both written and verbal forms
  • Possess highly effective leadership quality
  • Ability to properly organize and manage employee scheduling
  • Ability to meet set-goals and targets consistently
  • Ability to multi-task effectively
  • Ability to organize and manage stores to make the department function effectively
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Possess customer service orientation
  • Ability to resolve conflicts professionally and maturely with customer and among members of staff of the department
  • Pre-employment tests: The final stage in the recruitment process for this position may require that you take and pass one or two assessment tests. Find out job assessment tests you will likely need to take and learn how to easily make great scores.