VIP Hostess Job Description, Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

VIP Hostess job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
VIP Hostesses are assigned to keep very important guests comfortable in every way. Image source:

This post presents detailed information on the job description of a VIP hostess, to boost your knowledge of the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a VIP Hostess Do?

The VIP hostess is responsible for tending to the needs of a company’s very important clients. Her job description usually entails spoiling and pampering clients who are considered very important persons, to ensure that they come back for more of the services being offered by the organization.

VIP hostesses are usually employed by hospitality and entertainment firms.

She is equally expected to have good rapport with the management team of the organization. Her disposition to duty will help the organization strike greater deals and obtain favor from related organizations and other big time clients.

The VIP hostess’ role also includes building customer loyalty and good will on behalf of her company; and ultimately, her duties will help the organization increase in revenue generation.

She makes VIP clients feel welcomed and comfortable, leading to the client taking more interest in the organization. She is required to improve on customer satisfaction.

She is the first contact the client makes with the organization; therefore, she is expected to greet them warmly as they come in and also to escort them to the specific department of the organization where they want to visit.

If she works in a restaurant, the hostess is expected to lead the VIP customers to their tables and also make the menu available to them. She will introduce the clients to the servers.

The VIP hostess work description also entails hearing and managing all complaints clients may have regarding the services offered by the organization; such responsibility falls more on her shoulders, especially if the manager is unavailable.

Simply put, she should see to it that customer, who are VIP, are given highly impressive service experience.

Her duties also include coordinating and supervising all activities of personnel working at the dining room.

She will see to it that the personnel are courteous, efficient, and fast in service delivery.

Other tasks and responsibilities that make up her job description include scheduling duties, managing dining reservations, and arranging parties in the event any of the clients have special occasions.

She is also saddled with the responsibility of determining the appropriate seating position for clients, depending on their number.

She will also ensure that the dining room is always kept clean and neat.

Some organizations may require her to discharge, hire, and interview personnel to be employed for the dining room.

She is also required to provide assistance in menu planning for the restaurant or club. She can be involved in scheduling work hours too.

She equally participates in keeping time records of personnel in the dining room.

Other functions she may perform also include collecting payment from clients and giving accounts to appropriate departments at the end of her shift.

VIP Hostess Job Description Example/Sample/Template

If you are looking forward to working as a VIP hostess, here is a job description example detailing the kind of duties, tasks, and responsibilities you may be required to carry out on the job:

  • Welcome VIP guests to the organizational and also bid them good bye when clients are leaving
  • Deal with complaints made by clients in efficient manner
  • Ensure VIP clients enjoy themselves throughout their stay within the premises
  • Inform VIP guests about details of the services provided
  • Act as escort for VIP clients to and from their seats
  • Get adequately informed about facilities in the organization
  • Liaise with the supervisor, and also provide the later with detailed report about events and activities
  • Keep clients happy all through their stay to ensure they come back for more patronage
  • Provide clients with rather personal attention to ensure they have the best of the amenities and satisfactions the organization has to offer.

VIP Hostess Job Description for Resume

A resume is a document you will need to prepare and present to employers when searching for a new job as VIP hostess.

To make a good resume to stand you out from other people seeking the job too, you need to use the right information in making the different sections of the resume to get employers’ attention.

For example, the sample job description presented above contains the right information you can use in creating the job experience section of the resume, which tell the employer you have a record of carrying out duties and responsibilities of the role with other companies.

VIP Hostess Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success Job

To be successful working as a VIP hostess, you will need to possess a number of skills, knowledge, and abilities. These have been proven to help boost the performance of individuals who work as hostess to VIP clients in the hospitality sector, they include:

  • Education: Associated degree in hotel management may be required. No specific educational qualification is compulsory
  • Possess very strong interpersonal relationship and skills
  • Catering or hospitality experience will be added advantage
  • Possess excellent writing, verbal, and public speaking skills
  • Perfect time management skills to ensure services to guests are not delayed
  • Possess good interpersonal skills
  • Possess vibrant attitude and amicable personality
  • Ability to adapt easily to the requirements and guidelines of the organization
  • Ability to learn fast on the job
  • Possess pleasant personality and enthusiastic attitude
  • Possess top-notch skill in customer service
  • Ability to work flawlessly and effortless under stress and pressure.

VIP Hostess Skills for Resume

To make the skills section of your resume captivating to employers, you can use the above skills and other usually required attributes of VIP hostesses needed by employers when hiring into the position.

You can be sure that your skills section will make a lot of sense to employers because those are the things they are looking for in applicants for consideration for appointment as VIP hostess.