Top 20 Security Guard Resume Summary Examples You Can Use

Top 20 Security Guard Resume Summary Examples You Can Use.
You can boost the impact of your security guard resume by starting it with a powerful summary statement.

Top 20 Security Guard Resume Summary Examples You Can Use

Your security guard resume summary statement must be highly impactful on the recruiter/employer, giving them a reason to get into your resume to read all sections of it.

When writing a resume or CV for a security guard position, your goal is to get the recruiter/employer to actually spend some time reading the resume.

If you are able to achieve this, then your chances of getting an interview with the recruiter/employer where you can convince them to hire you for the security guard job are higher.

And you can achieve the goal of getting the recruiter/employer to read your security guard resume/CV by having a captivating summary statement in it.

How to Make a Great Resume Summary Statement for a Security Guard Position

You can make an effective resume summary statement for a security guard position by studying the job description and requirements published by the recruiter/employer.

This will help you learn about the available security guard job, including what the duties and responsibilities of the job and the skills, qualities, experience, etc. that are required to be hired.

With the knowledge you gain about the security guard position to be filled, you can go ahead to write a summary statement for your resume that shows that you are a great fit for it.

Your security guard resume summary should highlight some of your best qualities, skills, experience, etc. that you are bringing to the job.

They should also match what the recruiter/employer has published that prospective candidates should have to be hired for the security guard position.

When you write your security guard resume summary statement this way, it becomes difficult for the recruiter/employer not to want to read the entire resume to learn about what you are offering.

Now, here are good examples of resume summaries you can learn from and adapt in creating a great summary for your security guard resume:

Top 20 Security Guard Resume Summary Examples You Can Use

  1. Seeking a Security Guard position with GMC Co. bringing 5 years of experience in keeping the integrity and safety of a designated space.
  2. Quick witted individual ready to work as a Security Guard with Strumberg Corp., to provide comprehensive security in controlling movement of people, conducting patrol, enforcing scrutiny and follow-up when necessary.
  3. Looking to resume in a Security Guard position at University of Michigan, to maximize 5 years of experience in offering topnotch security like crowd control, routine patrol, and prevention/control of criminal activities in a learning environment.
  4. Looking to hold a Security Guard responsibility at Thomps College; bringing 10 years of law enforcement experience to guarantee a secure environment for students and school staff members.
  5. To earn a Security Guard position at BeeTop Corp. Coming with a track record in monitoring security cameras and alarm systems, patrolling premises, controlling pedestal and vehicular traffic, and preventing theft and damage.
  6. To attain a Security Guard position with KingBun Company where 10 years of extensive security experience will be maximized to help install a watertight security operation in every part of the organization.
  7. Practical individual in search of a Security Guard position with Moore Depot; to ensure people and property are secured, and to efficiently and proactively handle situations categorized as threats and emergencies.
  8. Physically agile security professional looking to fill a Security Guard position at Actra Company; to apply five years of experience in carrying out high-risk security assignments, ensuring the highest standards in terms of attendance, presentation, and conduct.
  9. Hands-on security expert with impeccable background in enforcing strict compliance with regulations seeks the position of Security Guard with KToys Inc. Bringing exceptional knowledge, skills, and ability to anticipate, detect, and contain problems to safeguard people and property.
  10. Adroit Security Guard applying for a similar position with Solip Company; able to man different security systems, respond promptly and adequately to security challenging situations, as well as conduct arrest and investigation effectively when necessary.
  11. To get a Security Guard position at Black Water Corp. Coming with ability to successfully diffuse conflict situations and efficiently contain emergency situations.
  12. Certified self-defense trainer looking to be engaged as a Security Guard in City Strong Co. Coming with proven track record of reliability, trustworthiness, and a high sense of responsibility for preventing and containing misconduct/unlawful activities.
  13. Perceptive candidate seeking a fulfilling Security Officer position with Badax Corp. to capitalize on 10 years of crime prevention experience.
  14. Seeking a Senior Level Security Officer position with Aritas Co. to proffer broad knowledge of security and safety protocols piloted by strong leadership and management skills.
  15. Diligent candidate seeking Entry Level Security Officer engagement with Trybe Co. to create and maintain a safe environment by maintaining order and enforcing regulations in a predefined space.
  16. Security professional with polite and approachable demeanor yet firm; possess 10 years of regulation enforcement experience seeking a senior level Security Officer position with TLK Company.
  17. Hands-on professional with remarkable judgment, logical and surveillance skills in search of a Security Officer position looking to build a long term career with AlphaTech Company.
  18. Discerning candidate with excellent written and verbal communication skills looking to earn a position as a Security Guard in Infinite Lock Co. to benefit organization with superb security competence to prevent and contain crime.
  19. Smart security professional looking to fill a similar position; Able to follow detailed and complex instructions and possess 7 years of experience in using surveillance equipment including cameras, security systems, and batons.
  20. Highly skilled professional seeks a Security Guard position in Alamco Inc.; Able to be unbiased and follow company procedures during stressful situations.


Your resume summary statement should make a good case for you by stating your strong points in a clear and easy to understand format for the recruiter/employer to take your resume or CV seriously.

There is a short window to get the interest of your potential employer or the hiring manager; therefore, your summary statement should have most of the relevant skills and qualities that fit the weight of the job.

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