Top 20 Nanny Resume Summary Examples You Can Apply

Nanny Resume Summary
Starting your nanny resume with a compelling summary statement can significantly improve its chances of being read.

Top 20 Nanny Resume Summary Examples You Can Apply

If you seek a job as a nanny, then you want to ensure that your resume summary is solid enough to communicate your weight as the ideal candidate for the job, since you will not be the only one gunning for it.
A compelling summary statement in your resume or CV impresses positively on the hiring manager or potential employer since it clearly communicates your abilities, experience, skills in handling children and everything else that helps you perform your nanny role adequately.

How to Make Great Resume Summary for Nanny Position

It is important to impress the recruiter/employer with your resume summary statement so that they can get into your resume or CV to learn all you got to offer them as a nanny.

This will significantly increase your chances of being invited to an interview and offered the nanny job.

To make your nanny resume summary effective, you need to highlight the major skills, experience, knowledge, etc. that you have that will help you to succeed as a nanny with the employer/recruiter.

These skills, knowledge, experience, etc. should tally with what the recruiter/employer wants prospective candidates to have to be hired for the nanny position as published in the job requirements.

Nanny Job Requirements Examples for Resume Summary

Shown below are examples of typical requirements that employers/recruiters would want prospective candidates to meet to be hired as a nanny, which you can highlight in your resume summary if you have them:

  • A good nanny should be able to understand English language well (and sometimes another language can be an advantage), be a good listener, and be alert.
  • They should be able to reason inductively and deductively, and be great at communicating with people.
  • They should also be able to read body language displayed by children and adult as well.
  • They should also be able to know how to apply first aid techniques.

Top 20 Nanny Resume Summary Examples You Can Apply

Here are some good examples of resume summaries for the nanny position that you can study to master writing a compelling one for your resume/CV:

  1. Seeking a Nanny position with Care House Company, to utilize exceptional communication skills in helping parents administer safety, guidance, and a well-rounded care for children.
  2. Gentle, tender-hearted Nanny looking for a similar position with ABC Company where formal training and extensive work experience will be maximized to deliver remarkable academic exercises and emotional development of children.
  3. To secure a job as a Nanny where comprehensive experience in child care will be offered to introduce moral values and principles in children.
  4. To be employed at New Hampshire Nannies as a Nanny to contribute 5+ years of all aspect of child care experience, perform basic housekeeping tasks, as well as other child-related activities.
  5. Lively and creative individual desirous of a position as a Nanny with BUA Company. Coming with warm affection for children and a proficient attitude to cultivate and nurture children successfully.
  6. Looking for the opportunity to work as a Nanny where love for children and the quest to fulfill the longing to make a real difference especially at the earlier years of children will be realized.
  7. In search for a Nanny position with a private home that can benefit from a naturally social person with courteous attitude and a warm personality to provide children with safety, care, and education.
  8. Enthusiastic candidate that would love to work with children between ages 2-8 as a Nanny, to offer a warm and nurturing ambience, as well as employ profound competencies to their all-round development.
  9. Certified Nanny, fluent in English and other languages, seeks a similar position in Arkon Company to maximize 6 years of experience to foster healthy development of children.
  10. Creative and focused candidate seeking a Nanny position with ABC Care Services; coming with strong supervision and decision-making skills, as well as being socially sensitive to the needs of children.
  11. Dedicated individual interested in obtaining a position as a Nanny with Crux Company, coming with strong background in public safety and psychology, with 8+ years of experience in working well with children.
  12. Self-motivated candidate seeking a Nanny position with ABC Company, coming with 5 years of experience and a splendid track record in the education and care of children.
  13. Active and exciting individual looking to work as a Nanny in Treat House Company, bringing a service orientation and a comfortable personality where children can thrive and be nurtured.
  14. Organized individual looking to obtain a Nanny position with Brite Lights Company; possess good listening ability and amazing deductive and inductive reasoning competencies to contribute to the overall success of the organization.
  15. Experienced individual looking to obtain work as a Nanny in Roth Foundation, to provide 10 years of comprehensive care services for children.
  16. Focused individual that seeks a position as a Nanny in Nanoth Company; well versed in child care responsibilities and Certified in child care, child Nutrition, and First Aid and CPR.
  17. Well-coordinated and outgoing personality seeking a job as a Nanny; possess 5 years of experience with ability to come up with educational and fun activities for children, and also perform light child-related housekeeping duties.
  18. To obtain a Nanny position in XYZ Company, where the ability to perform a wide range of services that provide all-round nurturing for children will be applied, including in food preparation and feeding, going on walks, reading, and singing and playing with children.
  19. Seeking a position as a Nanny with Claris Company to benefit parents with exceptional competence in handling and overseeing the well-being and welfare of the children.
  20. Emotionally mature and Certified Nanny looking for a position with Black bell Company where 5 years of experience can provide the best nurturing and emotional support that children need for their total development.


To make your resume effective in getting you an interview for the nanny position that you are seeking, you need to make the summary statement part of it exceptionally compelling to the recruiter/employer.

This page provides you valuable ideas and examples you can apply to make an effective summary statement for your nanny resume or CV.

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