Software Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Software Analyst job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
Software Analysts functions as a valuable link between the end-users and the developers.

Software Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

If you are looking for information about the software analyst job description, then this post will be useful to you. You will discover the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically define the software analyst work description in most organizations.

This post will also be helpful to you if you are seeking to work as software analyst; it reveals the major requirements most employers or recruiters will want interested applicants to meet to be qualified for hiring for the role.

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What Does a Software Analyst Do?

The software analyst functions as a liaison between business groups and development groups. They provide an analysis of users’ business needs and work with developers to design effective, simple, and creative automation solutions within project constraints.

The software analyst job description entails providing analysis, design, documentation, and testing on projects with moderate supervision.

It also involves writing business requirements, using cases, and testing cases for new applications or carrying out modifications to existing applications.

Software analysts work with IT companies or organizations with data management teams or units.

They apply different techniques, including revising operational procedures or suggesting changes to the software application to solve some business problems.

The software analyst work description also involves ensuring that all project team members understand and implement functional and user interface requirements as intended; hence software analysts participate in weekly design reviews and project team reviews to assess test cases, documentation, and other specifications throughout the project.

They work with the QA teams, providing testing scenarios to them and performing initial testing by evaluating the constructed product against the use cases, user interface design, and test cases; to ensure that the product meets the stated acceptance criteria.

To work as software analyst requires a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or a degree in a related field.

Software Analyst Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The software analyst performs various functions as part of the software development team; they serve as a liaison between the software end user and the developer.

They are primarily responsible for transmitting the demands of the user to the developer, with duties covering: preparing a software requirement and specification document for the developer to apply in producing the product.

The job description of a software analyst typically consists of the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities, which are commonly assigned to them:

  • Responsible for planning and facilitating user design sessions
  • Responsible for documenting interaction (questions and responses) from a business owner
  • Adhere to company data functional and user interface standards in the design of application user interface, including screen layout, access, and navigation
  • facilitate knowledge transfer by presenting results of all analysis and deliverables to project teams
  • Document decisions and the supporting reasons for the action made at each design meeting
  • Identify and communicate project and design risks to the project manager
  • Manage tasks according to prescribed project priorities and provide progress reports on projects
  • Responsible for producing ad-hoc SQL/Database queries
  • provide support for business needs by running custom reports
  • Responsible for troubleshooting software applications and document technical resolutions for research tickets
  • handle tough technical problems and data issues
  • Provide post-implementation support
  • Provide support in the development of in-house applications and tools
  • Responsible for the creation or review of user documentation for assigned projects
  • Provide regular progress reports and updates on tasks and job estimates to supervisor and project management as necessary
  • Comply with department methodologies and software development methodologies.

Software Analyst Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are applying for the job of a software analyst at a company, to be hired, you will be expected to show that you are capable of performing the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the role for the company.

And that means, you will be expected to meet the requirements for hiring for the position.

Shown below are major requirements interested persons for the software analyst job at most organizations are asked to meet to access the role:

  • Education: Applicants for the software analyst role require a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or a similar field. In the absence of formal education, an equivalent of 5-7 years experience is commonly acceptable
  • Knowledge: They require the ability to elicit and document functional requirement, write specifications and use cases, and design user interfaces requirement for applications
  • They must also possess a working knowledge of software technology, computer programming experience, and broad business knowledge. They may also require the ability to develop business process models
  • Professionalism: They must demonstrate a positive attitude even under high pressure and stressful situations
  • Flexibility: They must be able to adapt readily to change
  • They must also possess strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Organizational and project management skills: They must be highly organized individuals with the ability to manage teams, resources, processes, and time to achieve a target result within the stipulated timeframe
  • Communication skills: To perform their job successfully, they must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Interpersonal skills: Their job requires them to serve as a seam between two groups: The software developer and the end-user. So it is essential that they have strong interpersonal skills to manage a relationship with both parties
  • Self-Starter: Applicants must be self-motivated individuals with the ability to work independently as well as in a team-oriented environment
  • Computer skills: They require advanced computer skills, including proficiency with MS Office applications, Windows, MS SQL – for developing ad-hoc queries. Having the capability to work with the Agile processes and iterative development is a plus
  • Detail orientation: They require excellent attention to detail for a high degree of consistency and accuracy in conveying information from software users to the software developer. It is also vital in ensuring that products meet with acceptance criteria
  • Collaborative skills: They must be able to work collaboratively with a highly talented cross-functional team to deliver scalable solutions
  • Troubleshooting skills: It is necessary that they can test and troubleshoot complex software applications.


To hire a software analyst, recruiters’ need to publish the description of the job for interested individuals to respond to appropriately.

If you are a recruiter needing to make a description for the software analyst position in your organization, you can apply the sample job description as a template; it will enable you to create a comprehensive description of the position to attract the best candidates to your offer.

This post will also help increase your knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a software analyst if you are interested in starting a career in the field.

The information about the software analyst job that you will gain from this article will help you make a better decision about getting into the career.

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