Small Business Manager Job Description Example

Small Business Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Small Business Managers provide leadership to small companies and ensure they make profit.

Small Business Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Small Business Manager Do?

The small business manager is responsible for managing a small firm; it may sound so simple, but what it actually entails is far more than any simple term can describe.

His/her job description involves promoting the profit making goals of the business.

Every small business aspires to grow and become multinational someday. Such profitable future is one of the cogent purposes for which the small business manager is employed.

According to the United State’s Small Business Administration (SBA), a small business is one that employs minimum of 100 and maximum of 1500 individuals.

The value given however depends on the particular industry. This is to say that the small business manager must be a good leader, since he/she will be in charge of other members of staff.

The small business manager’s role also entails overseeing the activities of other members of staff in the organization, especially those that belong to the lower employee level.

He/she is expected to see to it that the business runs hitch-free, and so he/she needs organizational skill to be able to do this.

The small business manager should have great knowledge about the organization and practically everything the business is about.

The knowledge will come handy when dealing with other members of staff and the organization’s customers.

The work description of the small business manager also entails directing other members of staff and training them on how to prosecute assigned tasks.

He/she is equally involved in the recruitment of new members of staff, as well as in formulating the company’s tax policies, financing, budgeting, accounting, and carrying out other professional duties in the organization. He/she should therefore be knowledgeable in these areas.

He/she is equally involved in data analysis and participates in, and organizes the purchasing decisions of the organization.

His/her duties and responsibilities may also involve production, marketing, and administrative activities for the business when officers charged with such functions are not available for one reason or the other, such as during rush hours.

He/she is expected to set sales goals for other members of staff and ensure they achieve them.

The small business manager gives account or report to the employer or superior officers in the business.

Some organizations may give the manager some directives and targets to meet regarding the expansion of the business.

The manager is the main decision maker of the business most of the time and so is expected to think fast and come up with solutions to problems confronting the company.

Small Business Manager Job Description Example

The job description example below presents the tasks, responsibilities, and duties a small business manager is expected to fulfill on daily basis towards moving his/her company forward.

  • Direct activities of other members of staff
  • Recruit and train new employees
  • Evaluate and monitor the activities of other members of staff, especially the new employees
  • Ensure all departments in the organization follow laid down rules and regulations
  • Ensure the financial goal of the business is pursued by other members of staff
  • Design and implement the company’s budget and other finical documents
  • Make report to the senior management of the organization for overall evaluation
  • Provide all required resources to other members of staff to enable them fulfill their assigned tasks
  • Carry every member of staff along
  • Oversee the output and scheduling of activities in the organization
  • Carry out required human resource activities.

Small Business Manager Resume Preparation

To prepare an effective resume for the small business manager role, the job experience section should be well crafted.

The sample job description for the position shown above provides the duties and responsibilities you can apply in creating this section, which shows you will be able to perform assignments that will be handed to you.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Small Business Manager Job

To be considered for the job of small business manager, the following abilities, knowledge and skills, which are known to boost performance, are mostly required from applicants by employers:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in related fields, such as business management
  • Working experience as manager of small business, or in similar capacity for a number of years is an added advantage
  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively pass instructions to other staff without being misunderstood
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Ability to think fast, analyze situations, and come up with workable solutions to challenges faced by the company
  • Exceptional ability to perform various tasks at the same time and produce excellent results
  • Possess outgoing skills to ensure smooth business relationship with customers
  • Possess good sense of judgment
  • Possess computer operation skills and ability to use a number of Microsoft Office packages, like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Small Business Manager Skills for Resume

You can make an effective skills section for your small business manager resume by using the above qualities usually required by employers to consider applicants for the position.

For the fact that these are qualities employers need small business managers to have to be effective on the job means that highlighting them in the skills section of your resume will generate the needed interest from hiring managers in your resume.

Would you like to add to our small business manager job description? Please share your thought, as well as your experience as a manager in a small business, in the comment below. We will appreciate it!

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