Sample Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist Positions (with Answers)

By | July 16, 2023
Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist
You can increase your chances of passing a digital marketing specialist job interview by getting familiar with commonly asked questions before going for the interview.

This post provides exhaustive list of interview questions for digital marketing specialist positions, with answers too, to help you prepare adequately for the interview and increase your chances of getting the digital marketing specialist job.

To be hired for the digital marketing specialist position, you will need to answer the questions that will be put to you at an interview convincingly.

That means you have to prepare very well for the interview by familiarizing yourself with commonly asked digital marketing specialist interview questions.

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What do Interviewers look for in a Digital Marketing Specialist?

When hiring for the digital marketing specialist position, interviewers typically look for candidates who have a proven track record, have a strong understanding of the position, and have the drive to succeed.

The ideal candidates should also be able to identify business goals and objectives at hand, effectively analyse data, and work well in fast-paced environments, and be able to manage their time effectively.

10 Most Common Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist Positions (with Answers)

Here are some of the most common questions asked in a digital marketing specialist interview, to help you practice your responses at the interview:

  1. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Leading the marketing and PR campaigns for a top-tier brand that got featured on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno is what I would consider my biggest career achievement so far.

2. What is your biggest professional weakness?

I work too hard, and sometimes it affects my family negatively. I’m working on balancing things better.

3. Walk me through on your knowledge about our company?

Your company has a reputation for being a strong leader in the digital marketing industry, giving you a big advantage over other competitors.

4. Are you familiar with the key terms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a type of advertising that involves promoting your company or their products and services using paid search placement.

With SEM, desired messages are “brought to the top” of retail or personal shopping searches by keyword purchasing.

The cost varies based on a number of factors including the specific goals and objectives marketers wish to achieve, competition for a given product, geographic area where you want to sell your products/services, etc.

One major advantage with SEM is that it allows you set up campaigns at scale as there aren’t fixed space constraints for ads as in other marketing avenues such as newspapers and magazines.

In order to be effective at SEM though it’s important to have highly targeted messages as well as know which keywords will drive the most traffic to your website.

More Common Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist Positions

5. Why should I hire you for the digital marketing specialist role?

I started as a virtual assistant and worked my way up the ladder. At each step of the way, I’ve been responsible for managing teams, creating budgets and handling multiple projects/clients simultaneously.

I think that shows not only that I’m dedicated and hardworking, but also that I can manage a variety of requests and be a team player.

6. What personal interests do you have outside of work?

I stay active by taking yoga classes or hiking when I get the chance. Yoga allows me to really focus on myself, while getting in some exercise during the day and building better core and upper-body strength.

7. How would you handle an irate or angry customer?

I’d try to find out what the cause of their anger is and do my best to fix it, I understand that sometimes things happen outside of our control. If I couldn’t help the person, I’d refer them to the appropriate support group.

8. How would you motivate the team to work harder?

I’d meet with them one-on-one and try to find out what their goals are for this year, then I could create incentives that would help them get there.

If someone was struggling, I could try pulling them aside and talking through any issues they might be having while offering encouragement and guidance.

Additional Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist Positions

9. Walk me through a time when you failed at something?

When I was in high school, I was part of the yearbook committee and somehow missed the deadline to send the book order in for printing.

This meant we were short on books at distribution time, which caused our profit margins to go way down. It’s something that I always keep in mind when it comes to deadlines.

10. How would you react if your boss asked you to do something unethical?

I’d try and find out the reasoning behind what they’re asking me to do, as there might be some kind of loophole or exception that I wasn’t aware of.

If not, then I would have no choice but to go back and inform my boss that I won’t be able to complete the task as it is against my personal values.

More Sample Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist Positions

Here are additional sample digital marketing specialist interview questions you can use in your preparation for the real interview:

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist Positions

  1. What type of media do you enjoy?
  2. In what ways do you stay consistent with your brand image?
  3. How would you promote a product on different social media platforms?
  4. Who is the ideal customer for this job opening and why does that person hire you instead of someone else?
  5. Tell me about a time when things weren’t going well and how did they get better.

Sample Case Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist Positions

  1. How would you present your marketing plan in a 10-slide deck?
  2. What is the difference between digital and traditional marketing?
  3. When might a company want to use digital marketing services, rather than doing it in house?
  4. I have two offers from different companies. Which opportunity should I take if they are both similar for compensation/responsibilities/etc.?
  5. Explain the following types of social media campaigns: advertising on an ecommerce platform that sells product via Facebook, direct response campaign with Facebook ads targeting people who like cooking tips.

Sample Competency Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialist Positions

1. What are your greatest strengths?

2. What exactly gets you to perform your best work?

3. In what areas do you have the most experience?

4. What is your biggest weakness, and how have you been working to improve it?

5. How would a peer or a colleague describe you in a few words?

Sample Problem-solving Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialists

  1. How many days per week would you be available to work?
  2. What are your skill sets and understanding of digital marketing?
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. What is the best way to find a customer’s budget for a product or service?
  5. Do you have any questions for me about this position/company?

Sample Situational Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialists

  1. How would you advertise a new product on social media?
  2. In what capacity have you been in charge of digital marketing at your previous jobs?
  3. What are some ways brands can use online advertising to promote their business?
  4. What is the best way to have a successful presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram?
  5. Are there any ethical issues involved when it comes to promoting and giving reviews for products or services (including how much influencers get paid)? Explain.

Sample Communication Skills Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialists

  1. What are the best communication skills for a digital marketing specialist?
  2. Why is communication so important in this field?
  3. How do you prioritize your communication with internal and external stakeholders?
  4. What are some good communication tips for marketers?
  5. When was the last time you had to overcome a communications challenge on the job, and how did you handle it?

Sample Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialists

  1. Tell me about a time you faced a difficult customer?
  2. How do you motivate your employees to work better and with more enthusiasm?
  3. What were some of the obstacles that you overcame in order to complete this project on time with such an intense workload (novel)?
  4. What future changes might we expect in digital marketing strategy, and how would this affect our organization?
  5. What skills does it take to be successful at your job, and why is doing these things important for success?

Sample Company Culture Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Specialists

  1. What motivates you to work hard?
  2. What is your leadership style?
  3. How do you like to manage challenges and deadlines?
  4. Describe a time when you had to adjust your approach in order to better meet the needs of others.
  5. What excites or interests you about this position with our company?

Sample Technical Questions for Digital Marketing Specialists

  1. What is an SEO and how does it work?
  2. What are the 2 types of SEO: on page and off page?
  3. How do you know if your site is optimized for search ranking?.
  4. What strategy should I employ to rank higher in Google SERPS? – Who is a webmaster?
  5. What is duplicate content filtering and why does it matter for marketers?

Digital Marketing Specialist Interview Success Tips

Want to ace your next digital marketing specialist interview? If so, then apply the following tips:

  1. Be confident and enthusiastic about the position

A lack of interest in the job could be a red flag for employers, so it’s important to show them that you’re excited about their company and what they have to offer.

Be sure not only to answer questions confidently but also ask follow-up questions so they know you’re interested in learning more about the company and its goals for the digital marketing specialist position.

2. Prepare your answers beforehand

Do some research on the company before going into the interview, including knowing who their competitors are, what products or services they provide, and where their offices are located, and more.

This preparation can help you answer interview questions on the spot, while also showing off your knowledge of their business model and values.

3. Communicate your skills

Now that you’ve done some research on the company you’re interviewing with, think about how your experience or skills fit into what they do.

Make a list of all the ways you can contribute to their company, and then use that list in your interview.

More Digital Marketing Specialist Interview Success Tips

4. Ask questions

Interviewers will be curious about why you’re interested in working for them specifically.

Prepare a few thoughtful questions in advance to ask at the end of the interview.

Don’t just sit there in silence while they discuss when or if you’ll hear back from them – ask about next steps and what to expect.

If they’re planning on making a decision soon, find out how long the hiring process typically takes at their company.

5. Be honest

Employers will be looking for people who are dedicated to doing good work and exhibiting honesty and integrity.

Be sure to stay away from exaggerating your experience or skills, and always be truthful about how long it will take you to accomplish certain tasks.


If you are interviewing for a digital marketing specialist position, then it is important to be well prepared so that you can answer the various questions that will be thrown at you correctly and with confidence.

This post has provided a huge list of samples of digital marketing specialist interview questions and answers that you can use to familiarize yourself with the interview.