Sales Tax Auditor Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Sales Tax Auditor job description, duties, and responsibilities.
Sales Tax Auditors carry out a great deal of calculations in their work.

Sales Tax Auditor Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Are you searching for the sales tax auditor job description? If you are, then this post will help you understand the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly constitute the sales tax auditor work description in most organizations.

You will also learn about the major requirements recruiters for the sales tax auditor role typically expect prospective candidates for the position to meet to be hired.

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What Does a Sales Tax Auditor Do?

Sales tax auditors are majorly responsible for the examination of accounting records of companies engaged in business within the town to determine tax liability.

Auditors are responsible for ensuring licensing and tax compliance by conducting enforcement activities and communicating with the town’s business community through the development of taxpayer education.

The sales tax auditor job description entails analyzing and examining tax documents and financial records.

Sales tax auditors are generally hired by governments and tax preparation services to work full-time daytime office hours and slit their time between working on field assignments and in the office.

Because sales tax auditors investigate and evaluate various individuals and businesses and ensure they comply with applicable laws, they travel on a frequent basis to perform their job duties.

Tax auditors may report to managers but work independently to complete assignments.

Using principles of accounting, they evaluate financial records of agencies, organizations, individuals or companies and ensure they obey local, state, and federal laws.

They might also give out advice on tax issues and assist in filing tax returns.

Other work they do requires special skills in dealing with the public and involves interpreting court cases, municipal code, regulations, and State statute relating to the enforcement and administration of tax or license provisions.

Generally, a sales tax auditor is passionate about working as a team player towards a City’s financial strength by creating compliance through review of taxpayer financial records and educating the business on the City’s ordinance.

The sales tax auditor work description also entails collaborating with tax professionals and business owners to examine business filings for a City’s primary source of income and sales tax.

Sales tax editors can specialize in any of the sub-niche below:

• Internal Auditors

These auditors perform internal audits within an organization. These audits can be used for multiple effects, including the identification of wasteful spending, fraud, and mismanagement of funds.

Internal auditors may be responsible for assessing records and recommending improvement for compliance, efficiency and data security.

• External Auditors

These kinds of auditors are often a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from an accounting firm.

They perform external audits by an impartial third party. For the purpose of tax audits, they may advise the client on tax forms for the company and advantages.

• Government Auditors

These auditors are employed by the government and work under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) department.

They ensure the accuracy of government records and provide random tax services and audits for companies, individuals, and non-profit.

They evaluate individual and corporate tax returns, receipts, bookkeeping and expenditure practices, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and codes

Sales Tax Auditor Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Sales tax auditors perform various functions in an organization to effectively determine tax liabilities.

The job description of a sales tax auditor is typically made up of the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities highlighted below:

  • Maintain all required paperwork according to required procedures and policies
  • Maintain all procedure manual
  • Administer all internal audits and ensure compliance with all documents and tests
  • Ensure compliance with all statues and analyze accounting systems
  • Perform evaluation of all tax controls to help in reducing taxes
  • Make sure all codes are followed and aid in the management of audits data
  • Provide the needed training to all auditors and evaluate all audits as per requirement
  • Create audit plans according to procedures and analyze all pre-audits
  • Provide support to all activities and supervise tax audit implementation
  • Create and submit different comprehensive reports
  • Administer all tax statutes and assist taxpayer to complete all audits
  • Give a helping hand in the performance of all complex audits for all businesses
  • Analyze all accounting systems to administer all additional liabilities
  • Perform evaluation of all refunds, as well as calculations for all tax assessment
  • Maintain knowledge on all tax strategies and laws and develop reports for them
  • Make sure all results submitted are in line with all internal procedures
  • Provide assistance to all clients.

Sales Tax Auditor Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

Employers of prospective sales tax auditors expect applicants for the job to meet certain skills, knowledge, experience, etc. requirements to be able to access the position.

This is for the applicants to prove that they will be effective in performing the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the role if hired:

Shown below are major sales tax auditor requirements commonly set for applicants to meet before they can be allowed to access the position in most organizations:

  • Must be willing to learn the Town’s tax auditing policies, goals, and procedures
  • Should understand and follow the goals, procedures, and policies of the Finance Department
  • Have a robust knowledge of local and state statutes, charters, and resolutions
  • Knowledge of internal controls and EDP procedures
  • Have skills in scheduling, planning, and performing sales and use tax audits
  • Possess skills in performing tax licensing and collection processes
  • Ability to initiate and enforce revenue collection methods and procedures
  • Ability to handle the stress of court appearances and give effective testimony in support of the Town’s position
  • Ability to carry out and understand complex written and oral instructions
  • Knowledge of standard office terminology, procedures, routines, and equipment.


If you are an employer or HR manager recruiting for the sales tax auditor position in your organization and need to make a detailed description of the job that perfectly defines the position in your organization, you can apply the sample job description presented above.

With a comprehensive and clear description of the available sales tax auditor job, prospective candidates will be well informed of the duties and responsibilities of the role, and that means your chances of getting only qualified applicants will be brighter.

Individuals interested in the sales tax auditor career will also find this post helpful to learn about the kind of functions commonly performed by people who work in that role.

Sales Tax Auditor Job Description for Resume

The sales tax auditor job description sample and information provided on this page can also be useful in making a resume for the position.

By highlighting the duties and responsibilities carried out as a sales tax auditor in the relevant section of your resume will assure the recruiter that you understand what the role entails, and that you will be effective on it.

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