Retail Operations Manager Job Description Example

By | August 23, 2023
Retail operations manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Retail operations managers oversee activities of staff in more than one store.

Retail Operations Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Retail Operations Manager Do?

Retail operations managers are in charge of the activities at two or more retail establishments that sell physical goods.

The retail operations manager job description entails directing the daily operations of a retail chain in order to maximize profit and minimize costs.

Retail operations managers in performing their duties, ensure proper staffing at all stores under their management.

They provide training to employees to enhance their job performance and retention.

Also, retail managers carry out assessments to estimate the requirements of each retail store in order to facilitate provision of needed resources.

As part of their responsibilities, retail operations managers conduct inventory analysis to determine optimal stock levels.

They are able to determine the quantity of products or brand that should be supplied to various stores using sales figures.

They also visit retail locations to evaluate sales performance and customer satisfaction level.

Retail operations managers oversee the merchandising of products across retail outlets.

They usually liaise with store managers to set up a visually appealing layout for store merchandise.

As part of their work description, retail operation managers review sales records to ensure set financial objectives are met.

They analyze operational expenses and cost of inventory to identify losses and develop strategy for increased profits.

They also communicate with store managers to update them on recent developments, such as price change.

In fulfilling their role, retail operations managers address and resolve customer complaints.

They set sales targets and implement action plans for achieving set objectives.

They also oversee the preparation and distribution of promotion materials and flyers.

Retail operations managers monitor the operations of the customer service unit of retail outlets to ensure their services meet and exceed the expectation of customers.

They may proffer recommendations on suitable ways to optimize space at stores during events such as discount sales.

The retail operations manager job requires a Bachelor’s degree in business studies, business administration, or a related discipline.

Experience in retail sales/customer services is also required for this job.

Qualities required to succeed on this job include organizational, communication, and accounting skills.

Retail Operations Manager Job Description Example/Template

Here is a job description example for the role of retail operations manager; it shows the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position at most firms:

  • Direct and supervise retail staff across several retail outlets to ensure they meet set objectives
  • Provide training to retail employees to develop their skills and enhance their job performance
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Provide solutions that address performance issues in a timely and effective manner
  • Monitor the activities of the customer service department of retail outlets to ensure a satisfied clientele
  • Contact store managers and other retail staff to communicate relevant information
  • Mentor and motivate sales staff to put in their best in order to achieve financial goals
  • Develop and implement budget and plans for retail operations
  • Visit retail establishments to ensure efficient and effective management as well as high performance sales
  • Develop policies for the merchandising of goods in retail stores
  • Monitor inventory levels to determine the need for stock supply at each retail outlet
  • Set and regulate product pricing using results of market and demand analysis
  • Ensure compliance with health/safety policies and procedures at retail sites
  • Listen to customer complaints to address & resolve their issues
  • Evaluate operational and financial records to determine sales performance of a retail store.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge-for a Retail Operations Manager Job

If you are interested in the job of a retail operations manager, here are the requirements you may need to fulfill to be accepted for the job by most firms:

  • Education and Training: To become a retail operations manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in business management, business administration, business studies, or in a similar field. Experience in retail sales and customer service is also required for this position.
  • Organizational Skills: Retail operations managers are able to coordinate sales operations across a retail chain.
  • Accounting Skills: They are well versed in reviewing and evaluating sales records and financial statements.
  • Communication Skills: They are proficient in interacting with store managers and retail staff to communicate information relevant to sales
  • Some employers usually require applicants for this position to take certain pre-employment tests to prove they have the required skills and aptitude for the job. Learn about Job Assessment Tests you might be asked to take and how to come out successful.


This post provides detailed information of what retail operations managers do. If you are interested in this career, knowing the kind of duties and responsibilities you may be assigned will help you to prepare for it.

The sample retail operations manager job description also provided in this post will be useful to employers in making a good work description for hiring the right people for the job and assigning appropriate tasks to them.

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