Restaurant Manager Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Restaurant Manager job description, duties, and responsibilities
Restaurant Managers ensure total management of restaurants, including recruitment of new hires, as well as training.

Restaurant Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Restaurant Manager Do?

A restaurant manager is an individual saddled with the responsibility of handling all the affairs of a restaurant.

The restaurant manager job description entails recruiting and training of new employees in order to enlighten them on the modus operandi of the restaurant.

In most instances, he/she is the sole decision maker in the restaurant, depending on the organizational setup of the particular restaurant in question.

He/she may be employed in a restaurant or a club that serves food to its registered members.

The restaurant manager plays representative role for the management and may be the only voice determining the direction of service provision in the restaurant.

The manager is equally expected to assign tasks and set schedules for members of staff of the restaurant.

He/she is expected to assess duties completed by other members of staff to ascertain compliance with company’s expectations and regulations.

He/she can be referred to as the major lawmaker in the restaurant and usually has the final say on issues regarding the operations and management of the restaurant.

Aside assigning duties and responsibilities, and assessing completed tasks, the restaurant manager is expected to have an eye for the future by planning strategies towards promoting his/her brand in an attempt to place the restaurant above the competition.

He/she should have an idea of what competitors offer and restructure the restaurant towards thwarting the dominance of competitors.

In the event that any member of staff of the restaurant goes against the rules of the establishment, the manager is expected to correct, reprimand, or punish such staff as appropriately as possible to serve as deterrent to others.

The manager must always intimate and remind other members of staff of the prevalent rules, regulations, and policies of the restaurant.

Aside maintaining law and order and managing the running of the restaurant, the restaurant manager must also make his/her presence felt at the kitchen.

He/she must be available to provide a helping hand to kitchen staff when such extra help is required, especially during busy hours.

The restaurant manager work description also involves assessing restaurant needs, and making the necessary procurement on regular basis, or depending on how quickly such items are used up; he/she may need the help of the kitchen staff members in this regard.

He/she must ensure the kitchen staff adhere to laid down rules on recipes, and must ensure that foods have the desired taste.

The manager must also be on hand to welcome the customers into the restaurant. He/she should always be jovial, welcoming, and approachable, and should also possess good personality. These qualities can make customers to come back for more service.

He/she is expected to see to the consistent clean state of the restaurant at all times, and must ensure the customers are served without delay.

The restaurant manager can also be involved in leading clients to their tables and be on hand to take their orders. He/she must see to it that clients are served on time.

The restaurant manager must also have excellent telephone skills, and must be able to answer the telephone on time and in the most appropriate manner.

Restaurant Manager Job Description Example

The tasks, duties, and responsibilities restaurant managers are expected to undertake in their day-to-day activities in most firms, are stated in the following job description example:

  • Supervise, train, and recruit other members of staff
  • Prepare and manage budgets
  • Prepare pay roll of the staff members
  • Plan the restaurant’s menu
  • Ensure the restaurant is in compliance with safety legislatures and guidelines
  • Ensure strict adherence to licensing rules and health and hygiene regulations
  • Market and promote the establishment
  • Produce staff rosters
  • Place orders for supplies.

Restaurant Manager Resume Preparation

If you are searching for a restaurant manager job, you will need to prepare a resume to send to employers.

Writing a resume is not difficult if you know how to make the various sections of it. Need help in writing a resume? Get it here: How to write a good resume.

To make the job experience section that shows employers how much experience you have as a manager in a restaurant, the sample job description provided above suitable information you can use. See how to write a good restaurant manager resume.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Restaurant Manager Role

Here are the skills, knowledge, and abilities you need to develop to succeed as a manager of a restaurant, which employers also set as requirements for applicants to meet before they are considered for the role of restaurant manager:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology, Management, Marketing, or in other related field. High School Diploma
  • Years of working experience in restaurant management or related field is added advantage
  • Ability to manage people effectively
  • Ability to plan ahead
  • Ability to foster team work
  • Possess excellent customer service orientation
  • Possess high sense of motivation
  • Possess leadership qualities
  • Ability to act as a team member
  • Ability to multitask on various projects without burning out
  • Ability to maintain composure even when working under pressure
  • Ability to resolve conflicts among members of staff, and between staff and clients
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to use the computer, as well as familiarity with relevant Microsoft Office packages.

Restaurant Manager Skills for Resume

Having a great skills section in your resume can make it really powerful in communicating your competence to prospective employers.

The above highlighted qualities for a restaurant manager to succeed on the job can be incorporated into writing your resume’s skills section, which shows employers you’ve got the necessary skills and attributes to be a top performing restaurant manager.