Network Architect Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Network Architect job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Network Architects ensure the establishment of the right data communication networks for a company.

Network Architect Job Description Example

What Does a Network Architect Do?

The principal responsibility in the job description of a network architect is the laying out of networks and extensions to networks.

In doing this, the network architect must take into consideration bandwidth and infrastructure requirements, as well as safety, and the ability of network to expand over time.

Network architects also engage in network modeling. This involves estimating the effects of network growth on existing network traffic.

This is done to make sure that increase in application, branch, and/or users do not affect the performance of the network adversely.

Network architects’ role also includes designing and creating data communication networks. This may be Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or intranets.

The type of network to be designed depends on the size of the organization. So, a network architect must understand the size of the organization and how the various departments within the organization functions.

The network to be designed for a company may range from mini connections between few offices to cloud infrastructure connecting multiple offices.

Network architects determine the most suitable hardware and software drivers for any network type and install such hardware adaptors – cables, routers, hubs, and wireless adaptors.

Their work description also involves configuring network drivers for software.

They are also expected to carry out repair and upgrade of obsolete hardware and software components.

They review network vendors and suppliers to ensure that quality network materials are supplied for projects.

Network architects troubleshoot to detect network problems and fix them. They are expected to attend courses and carry out research to stay in touch with emerging trends in network architecture.

They test and inspect network systems to ensure conformity with specifications and company’s requirements.

It is part of the network architect’s job description to instruct employees on the best way to utilize network facilities to the advantage of the organization.

He/she is to liaise with other IT specialists to determine how information and data flows within the organization, and to design a network in line with the overall enterprise IT plan.

He/she is equally expected to communicate with the organization’s management as well as recommend best networking technique to adopt.

The duties of network architects also entail communicating with fellow network architects and engineers to make sure that they keep to specifications and network plan.

They also communicate with system users to obtain user experience, and keep accurate record of their operations so as to serve as point of reference in times of need.

Network architects usually require a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in information technology, information system, computer engineering, or related discipline to gain an entry-level position.

This exposes the individual to hardware and software installation procedures, network security, and database management.

In addition, training and certifications in network products will improve a network architect’s proficiency in the products they use.

Other necessary qualities to have to make a success on the job as a network architect include having strong analytical skills, being detail oriented, and having excellent communication skills.

Network Architect Job Description Example

Network architects’ job description entails various duties, tasks, and responsibilities as shown in the example below:

  • Collaborate with the organization’s management to identify the network needs of the company
  • Design and create data communication networks – LAN, WAN, or Intranets
  • Determine the most suitable hardware and software drivers to be utilized
  • Install hard ware adaptors and configure network drivers for software
  • Maintain existing network adaptors and upgrade obsolete hardware and software components
  • Troubleshoot and fix network bugs and problems
  • Review network vendors and suppliers to ensure that quality materials are supplied
  • Arrange for project transfer as well as teach employees how best to utilize network facilities
  • Monitor and coordinate the work of other IT specialist working on the same project to ensure compliance to enterprise plan
  • Design network plan and prototype and explain to the management why it is in the enterprise’s best interest to adopt such plan
  • Assist the organization in deciding the best network plan to pursue, its long term benefit, profitability, and cost implications
  • Ensure that any network connections do not interfere with data flow or make it vulnerable to attack
  • Keep accurate record of operations so as to serve as point of reference in times of need
  • Communicate with enterprise architect and management on the progress of projects.

Network Architect Resume Preparation

To enable you to quickly prepare the job experience part of your network architect resume, the functions of the position listed in the sample job description above can be applied.

The experience section of a resume is usually where you state the activities you have carried out working as a network architect.

Therefore, the duties and responsibilities highlighted in the work description above are quite appropriate in making this section.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Network Architect Role

Here are typical network architect skills and qualities you will likely be required to have when seeking the position:

  • Education: To be considered for an entry-level network architect position, you need a minimum of Bachelor’s qualification in any IT related course. However, to advance to a lead role or as a network administrator with large IT firm, an advanced qualification is often required
  • Training: Having a degree in IT related discipline prepares one for a career in the information technology field. However, what actually differentiate a network architect from other IT professionals is training and certification in network products and proficiency that comes with such training. So, a network architect must have undergone training in network product use. These trainings and certifications are usually organized by various IT product vendors
  • Analytical skills and attention to detail: A network architect must be able to study and understand the network needs of an organization before deciding on the best network plan to design for the enterprise. He/she must also be attentive so as to avoid costly errors
  • Communication ability: The work of a network architect involves constant communication with other IT professionals working in the enterprise, as well as communication with management and other employees. So, outstanding communication ability is often required of a network architect.

Network Architect Skills for Resume

If you are making a resume for the network architect job, you will need to emphasize the skills you are coming with that will enable you to put in excellent performance.

The above usually required qualities for the network architect job provide the skills to develop and use in your resume to stand a better chance with employers.