Medical Scheduler Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 16, 2023
Medical Scheduler Job Description
Medical Schedulers help in managing patients’ schedules.

Medical Scheduler Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post gives an exhaustive coverage of the job description of a medical scheduler; it presents the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the medical scheduler work description in most organizations.

This article also presents the major requirements, including skills and abilities you will need to meet to qualify to access the medical scheduler job with most recruiters if you are applying for the role.

Please, read on to increase your knowledge of the medical scheduler career:

What Does a Medical Scheduler Do?

Medical schedulers perform administrative duties in healthcare settings. They are responsible for coordinating appointments for patients and medical practitioners.

Although their primary duty is to manage patients’ schedules, their job description also entails performing other tasks to support smooth operations in the organization.

They may find employment in hospitals, outpatient care centers, private physicians’ offices or other medical practices.

They are responsible for managing appointments for patients in terms of consultations and medical procedures.

They also provide information about the hospital/healthcare facility and its policies to patients and families when necessary.

Medical schedulers are required to apply their clinical knowledge in determining if appointment is consistent with the diagnosis/indications indicated by the provider.

They are also expected to apply their knowledge in providing accurate and detailed information to patients with respect to test preparations and also guide them on the time scheduled for their arrival or other directional information needed.

The medical scheduler work description also involves providing patient support; taking appropriate action in response to questions from them.

It entails setting up exams for patients and handling customer service inquiries, as well as ensuring that there is enough time for physicians to complete medical examinations and procedures before the next appointment.

Medical schedulers also function as contact point with clinical staff, referral sources, and patients. They interface with other health workers as necessary to ensure a unified working relationship in providing patient care.

Medical Scheduler Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The medical scheduler performs various functions, including helping to foster smooth operations in the health organization where they work.

They achieve this by coordinating appointments and rescheduling some as needed.

They also carry out some other tasks to support the clinical manager, physicians, and other health workers.

The primary tasks, duties, and responsibilities contained in the medical scheduler job description are listed below:

  • Responsible for entering instructions needed for scheduling in the electronic medical record
  • Take or respond to telephone calls promptly to establish or confirm appointments
  • Responsible for the scheduling of patient appointments for consultations, evaluations, and treatments; follow-up or re-evaluation
  • Responsible for collecting existing and new patient insurance information for insurance verification purpose
  • Provide support in maintaining and updating patient medical records
  • Responsible for entering data into various electronic systems, as well as maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the data
  • Utilize appropriate schedule codes in scheduling office and hospital based medical procedures, for patients with appropriate provider and time/location slot
  • Program patients for diagnostic and imaging tests to be completed
  • Confirm that patients have proper medical clearance
  • Carry out pre-procedure phone calls and confirm appointment times with patients via telephone
  • Responsible for reviewing discharge instructions with patients
  • Ensure suitable follow-up appointments are scheduled after a procedure is scheduled
  • Provide support to other members of the department as needed.

Medical Scheduler Job Description for Resume

If you have working experience as a medical scheduler and are making a resume for a new job, you can make the work experience section of your resume with the sample job description shown above.

In writing your work or professional experience for your resume, you are expected to highlight the duties and responsibilities that you have performed or are currently carrying out in the role of a medical scheduler.

The above job description sample provides you with the medical scheduler duties and responsibilities you can use to quickly make the professional experience section of your resume.

Medical Scheduler Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of a medical scheduler with any organization, it is important to be aware that most recruiters will expect you to fulfill certain requirements to qualify to access the job.

Recruiters set these requirements to be able to attract only candidates who can effectively perform the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the medical scheduler role in their organizations.

Here are major requirements applicants for the medical scheduler position may be expected to meet to be able to apply for the job:

  • Education: To work as a medical scheduler, employers often prefer that applicants are at least a High school graduate or have equivalent qualification
  • Knowledge: To hire a medical scheduler, recruiters often look out for candidates with prior practice management system experience or at least one year of previous patient registration experience or a related role
  • Computer skills: It is also important that applicants have working knowledge of PC and are also proficient with Microsoft Office tools
  • Detail orientation: Employers also seek individuals with a keen eye for details to examine documents for accuracy and completeness
  • Communication skills: Medical schedulers communicate with patients both on one-to-one basis and over the phone. Hence, it is important that applicants for the role can appropriately convey information both orally and in writing to clients, clinical, and non-clinical personnel
  • Customer service skills: The role of a medical scheduler involves high customer contact. Therefore, it is important that applicants are courteous and willing to provide support to patients and other workers
  • Organizational skills: Applicants must be highly organized individuals with the ability to multi-task, work under pressure, and manage changing priorities and a heavy workload.


If you are a recruiter or HR manager looking for the best people o hire for the medical scheduler position in your organization, you need to create a detailed description of the job to attract such individuals.

You can apply the sample medical scheduler job description provided above in making the perfect description of the role for your organization.

Also, if you are an individual interested in the medical scheduler career who wants to learn about the duties normally performed by the role, this article will also be helpful to you.

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