Medical Receptionist Requirements

Medical Receptionist Requirements
To become a medical receptionist and build a great career, there are certain requirements you may be expected to meet.

Medical Receptionist Requirements

This post provides information about the requirements medical receptionists are commonly expected to meet in the course of their career.

If you are interested in becoming a medical receptionist, this post will help you to learn about the educational, job, and certification requirements you may be expected to fulfill to train as a medical receptionist; get a job and advance your career.

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Medical Receptionist Requirements for Career Success

Here are the various medical receptionist requirements you may be expected to meet to train, get a job, and build your career:

  1. Medical Receptionist Educational Requirements

To begin a career as a medical receptionist, formal training is basically required.

  • High School Diploma or Graduate Education Diploma (GED). Studying a High School diploma or GED courses in Biology, Computers, and English instills the basic knowledge you can apply to your receptionist duties.

Admission requirements for high school diploma or GED

To enroll for this program, the applicant must have attained high school certificate and must pass the required courses like Biology, Chemistry, Computer, and English.

  • Associate’s degree: The knowledge of clinical procedures is usually obtained from Associate’s degree from studying anatomy, physiology, etc. However, office procedural skills are also acquired in Associate’s degree program, which include administrative processes and procedures and basic computer skills.

Admission requirements for Associate’s degree

To enroll in associate’s degree program, you must have completed High School diploma or its equivalent.

2. Medical Receptionist Job Requirements

To excel in this position, you should have strong technical skills and abilities; you should enjoy dealing with people.

Below are various requirements most recruiters will want applicants for the medical receptionist position to meet to show that they will be effective on the job and be hired:

  • High school diploma or GED is required but an Associate’s degree is preferable
  • 1 or more years experience of working in clinic as a medical assistant or administrator
  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office and other necessary computer software
  • Customer service: Medical receptionists work at the front of a medical office and need to have good customer service skills to attend to people effectively
  • Organizational skills: They need to be well organized to effectively work with patients’ files and insurance companies, and handle payments and other important items
  • Knowledge of medical terminology
  • Attention to details; being able to produce accurate and high quality work concentration in all areas involved
  • Knowledge of general administrative and clerical and office procedures
  • Knowledge of medical procedures and diagnosis.

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3. Medical Receptionist Certification Requirements

Most medical receptionist jobs do not require certifications because it’s low position nature that does not require much advanced formal education to operate in the field.

Certificate programs are one way in which medical receptionists strengthen their resumes and learn necessary skills needed to excel at work.

Here are the major certification programs you can complete as a medical receptionist to advance your career:

  • Electronic Health Records Specialist Certification: This certification specializes on health record management. The program will teach you about secure and accurate inputting of records, patient data and insurance.

Requirements: To qualify for admission into this program, you must have attained High School Diploma/GED or Associate’s degree.

  • Medical Administrative Assistant Certification: This program is designed by National Healthcare Association. It teaches students about medical terminologies, office procedures, first aid, and health insurance billing, and more.

Requirements: To enroll in this program, you must have attained High School Diploma/GED.

  • Academy of Health Professions Certificates: The Academy of Health Professions offers certification in three areas: Medical Billing and Coding, and Phlebotomy. With each certification, students gain skills that prepare them for employment in their chosen health field.

Requirements: To enroll in this program, you must complete your high school diploma program.

Medical Receptionist Responsibilities

Medical receptionists work at the front desks, and most of them work in a doctor’s office, dentist’s office and other health facilities.

They work at reception desks; they greet and receive patients, and answer phone calls; they are responsible for basic clerical duties.

Additionally, a medical receptionist might also perform the following duties:

  • Welcomes patients and visitors into a medical setting by warmly greeting patients and visitors, in person or in telephone calls
  • Keeps patient appointments on schedule by documenting and keeping patients’ record
  • Helps patients in emergency situation by calling the attention of nurses and physicians
  • They process payments for patients
  • Schedule appointments with the physician for new and recurrent patients
  • Assist doctors in responding to messages, including email and physical letters
  • Maintain medical record database by keeping patients’ information up-to-date, and providing patient information to doctor offices
  • Helps patients complete necessary forms and documentation, and ensure that all information acquired is accurate
  • Keeps the reception area clean, calm, and organize
  • Protects patients’ rights by keeping of personal and financial information confidential and making sure protected health information is secured
  • Keeps medical office supplies adequately stocked by placing orders for inventory needs and monitoring office equipment.

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