Marine Biologist Job Description Example

Marine Biologist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Marine Biologists carry out extensive study of aquatic creatures and the environment, and the effect of human activities on it.

Marine Biologist Job Description Example

If your desire is to employ a competent marine biologist, this post shall guide you in creating a job description that will attract the right candidates.

If on the other hand your desire is to land a job as a marine biologist, this post will also show you the skills and requirements of the position, as well as the duties you will be asked to carry out if hired.

Marine biologists do not only study the behavior of aquatic creatures, but also carry out research on how human activities on water affect marine life.

So, if you enjoy spending time around ocean and water bodies studying the behavior of aquatic creatures, you will definitely enjoy being a marine biologist.

What Does a Marine Biologist Do?

The major responsibility of a marine biologist is to study water bodies, marine life, and how the activities of man affect aquatic life.

The marine biologist monitors how human pollutants affect sea creatures by conducting specie inventories and testing.

They collect samples and specimens of species from seas and oceans, conduct tests on these specimens and arrive at conclusions.

They prepare reports and scientific journals based on their conclusions, which are utilized by the governments for policy making and technology research institutes.

Biotechnologists also rely on the findings of marine biologists in making decisions about the application of such knowledge in industrial processes.

Asides the responsibilities mentioned earlier, the marine biologist also performs a wide range of functions.

He/she also engages in the critique of previous literature and carries out studies to augment deficiencies in the works of other authors in the field.

His/her role also involves carrying out investigation on the relationship between marine organisms, and how they coexist.

The marine biologist handles instruments used in the field and ensures that they are safely used and stored.

Marine biologists work description also entails providing policy makers insight on environmental and aquatic laws.

They also proffer solutions to water-related problems and suggest environmental-friendly ways of carrying out industrial activities.

The biologist assists companies in developing project scope and conducting environmental impact assessment.

Their tasks also include classifying aquatic organisms and creatures based on their characteristics, physical appearance and adaptations.

This is a career path that is driven by passion for knowledge about aquatic creatures and things that happen in the aquatic world in general.

So, if you must succeed as a marine biologist, the first requirement is love for the profession.

Then, you are expected to take this passion further by acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in biology or biology related discipline to gain an entry level position.

Master’s and Doctoral degree in marine engineering will definitely help you to climb your career ladder faster.

In addition, being a member of a professional association will definitely assist in exposing you to best practices and technologies in the field.

Some notable associations are AZA – Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Society for marine mammology.

Other important personality traits include keen eye for observation, exceptional research skills and knack for innovation.

The biologist must have exceptional report writing skills and ability to communicate his/her findings.

He/she must know how to use all necessary instruments for the collection of specimen and carrying out of investigation.

Now, let us delve into the specific functions and responsibilities of this unique professional.

Marine Biologist Job Description Example

The tasks, duties, and responsibilities that usually make up the work activities of a marine biologist are shown in the following job description example:

  • Observe the behavior and characteristics of aquatic creatures
  • Collect sample and specimen from the ocean and other water bodies
  • Investigate the relationship between creatures and organisms living in water
  • Analyze the effects of human activities on aquatic life and the environment
  • Utilize and maintain instruments used in the scientific process
  • Write reports and contribute to scientific journals based on research findings
  • Assist government and environmental protection agencies in drafting laws to protect water bodies and aquatic creatures
  • Monitor human activities to ensure compliance with best practices
  • Provide industries guide on how to utilize research findings in making profitable decisions
  • Draft grant proposals to secure necessary funding for research
  • Assist project planners in determining project scope and conducting environmental impact assessment.

Marine Biologist Resume Preparation

To prepare a good resume for the position of marine biologist, a section has to be created to highlight previous work experience.

This assures employers that you will be able to effectively execute the work description that will be handed to you with little or no supervision.

To make this section in your resume, you will need to state the duties and responsibilities that you carried out while working as a marine biologist, which you can get in the above sample job description and apply.

Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge – for Marine Biologist Role

Here are important requirement, including qualities and skills you will need to have to qualify to work and to succeed as a marine biologist:

  • Firstly, you must be passionate about aquatic life and must enjoy spending most of your time around water bodies and laboratories
  • Secondly, to be recognized as a marine biologist, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree in biology and/or Master’s in marine biology. Doctoral degree is also necessary if you intend advancing in the career
  • In addition to the academic requirements, you need to belong to a professional body to ease your access to real time information and best technology as they emerge
  • Knack for research and innovation is very important as the job mostly revolves around carrying out investigations
  • A marine biologist must be very observant and have zero tolerance for errors that might affect the reliability of research findings
  • Finally, good math, science, and communication skills are necessary. The biologist must be able to communicate his/her ideas or findings through writing and speaking.

<h2>Marine Biologist Skills for Resume</h2>

Another kind of information to have in your marine biologist resume to make it stronger in getting employers’ attention is the qualities and skills that you have, that will help you in giving excellent performance on the job.

You can find the relevant skills and qualities for the role of marine biologist in the above list of requirements for the position, and use in your resume if you actually have them. In fact, you should endeavor to have them to excel in your career.


Marine biologists perform a wide range of exciting duties and responsibilities as shown in the given job description sample.

Learning more about what they do can help you in drafting the perfect job description for your newly recruited marine biologist, or to prepare adequately for the kind of responsibilities you will be asked to perform if newly employed for the role.

What is your takeaway from our marine biologist job description report? Please share the new things you learnt about this profession as a comment in the box below, or any other thing you want to share about this post.