Kroger File Maintenance Clerk Job Description Example

Kroger File Maintenance Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Kroger File Maintenance Clerks ensure all filed materials are adequately recorded.

Kroger File Maintenance Clerk Job Description Example

What Does a Kroger File Maintenance Clerk Do?

The Kroger file maintenance clerk has the responsibility to keep proper record of all filed materials at the store.

His/her job description entails adding new items to files and creating any new record the management deems necessary.

He/she will have to make use of either computer or logbook or both to get things done.

The file maintenance clerk at Kroger performs varieties of general duties, like sorting mails, operating machines used in the office, and typing.

He/she should have adequate knowledge of all machines used in the office and their applications, and should also be able to maintain them.

He/she does not have to be an expert or professional in carrying out maintenance duties, but must be able to perform simple maintenance. The outlet would contact a trained professional when there is need for serious maintenance work.

The file maintenance clerk should never permit any form of tampering with files in his/her care and he/she should closely track and monitor any material that gets removed from the file.

This way, he/she can see to it that all materials borrowed are returned to the original file.

His/her role also includes visiting different departments and gathering materials that are due for filing.

When any file is needed in any department, the clerk is contacted and he/she alone is responsible for finding and retrieving the needed file and handing it over to the requester.

He/she should however only respond to such requests when backed by written and duly signed evidence.

The work description of the file maintenance clerk at Kroger also entails classifying and sorting information in line with set guidelines, such as numerical, alphabetical, or chronological order.

He/she should also be able to arrange the materials according to given criteria, purpose, and content of the materials.

Before placing any new material in the file, he/she is expected to properly read through such material in order to appropriately determine the right file it should be placed.

He/she should also place the materials in the proper storage receptacle, like drawers, bins, boxes, and file cabinets. He/she should do this in line with their identification and classification information.

The file maintenance clerk must ensure the right identification code or number is assigned and stamped or recorded on the material so as to properly index such material for proper filing.

Whenever any query regarding files and records surfaces, the clerk is expected to provide answers to such queries.

He/she is expected to also improve and modify existing filing system when such need arises.

He/she can equally implement or institute new system of filing when necessary.

Kroger File Maintenance Clerk Job Description Example

The file maintenance clerk performs various duties, tasks, and responsibilities as they work to ensure accurate filing and maintenance of records at Kroger.

Here is a job description example showing the major functions which a file maintenance clerk may perform on daily basis at Kroger.

  • Maintain all records of file materials
  • Operate computer packages and use logbooks to get filing done
  • Retrieve documents from microfiche or microfilm and make such documents available on viewers to make reading easy
  • Design filing system forms
  • Operate rotating mechanized files so as to bring particular records to specific location
  • Provide files and materials with identification codes or numbers for easy storage
  • Enter the identification codes on the documents into computer system for easy determination of their locations as this will make retrieval very easy
  • Remove any unnecessary or outdated material
  • Destroy any unwanted material or get them transferred into special file assigned to inactive files
  • Store and remove or destroy files in line with legal requirements and Kroger’s maintenance guidance for files
  • Inspect filed materials periodically to ensure they are placed legibly and in the right storage condition.

Kroger File Maintenance Clerk Resume Preparation

To write a resume for the role of file maintenance clerk at Kroger, the sample job description presented above can help you in preparing the professional experience part of the resume, which shows your experience on the job to employers.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Kroger File Maintenance Clerk Role

If you are searching for a file maintenance clerk job at Kroger or other stores, the list below are skills, abilities, and knowledge to acquire to be attractive to employers.

Hiring managers usually make these qualities important requirements that applicants must fulfill to be considered for the position as they have been found to aid the performance of file maintenance clerks.

  • Education: Bachelor’s of Art or Office Management
  • Ability to influence work environment to enable easy dispensation of duty
  • Ability to maintain control and composure while working under stress
  • Ability to meet deadline
  • Ability to multitask and complete various assignments without making errors
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability command respect and display confidence
  • Possess top-notch leadership skills
  • Ability to solve problems timely and accurately
  • Possess customer service experience
  • Ability to work as team-member
  • Possess top class organization skills
  • Possess attention to detail
  • Ability to develop and train other members of staff in proper record keeping.

Kroger File Maintenance Clerk Skills for Resume

The attributes listed above can be used in making a compelling skills section for a resume seeking the job of a file maintenance clerk.

This is because those are the qualities employers are interested in when accepting applications for the position.

Do you have experience working as a file maintenance clerk at Kroger or other companies? If yes, do share your job description and experience on the role with other users of this site. Please make your comment in the box below.