Jollibee Food Service Crew Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Jollibee Food Service Crew job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Food Service Crew at Jollibee must ensure total customer satisfaction.

Jollibee Food Service Crew Job Description Example

What Does a Jollibee Food Service Crew Do?

Jollibee food service crew members are focused on tending to the needs of customers in the restaurant.

The Jollibee food service crew job description covers providing help and assistance in the kitchen when such is needed.

His/her role may also include working as a bartender, a host, waiter/waitress, or as a restaurant bus staff.

To work as a food service crew at Jollibee does not require much of a formal education. The company may sometimes request for High School Diploma or less qualification.

Jollibee does provide the needed training before the employee starts working. They do provide classroom trainings, as well as videos, booklets, and other instructional materials that will enable the new entrant have better understanding of how the company operates.

The service crew member must ensure that customers always have a great time when dining at the restaurant.

Their work description also involves waiting on customers and taking their orders.

They serve foods to customers and also collect payment, after which they issue the client with receipt for payment received.

The duties and responsibilities of those working as bartenders among the Jollibee food service crew members include preparing mixed drinks and serving of wine and beer.

The bartenders are also required to properly verify the ages of customers before serving them drinks; they can do this by simply checking the identifications of the customer.

Those employed as host or hostesses carry out tasks that include taking customers’ reservations, welcoming them, and leading them to their tables.

They can sometimes double as cash register operators.

In the event that a particular Jollibee restaurant already has bartenders, waiters and waitresses, the food service crew member will be required to assist other employees with their work when required.

Other duties and responsibilities in the job description of a food service crew member working at Jollibee include setting the table in preparation for customers and clearing tables after customers have finished dinning.

He/she can also be employed to carry out inventories on the restaurants supplies and stock such supplies for use when the need arises.

He/she also cleans dishes and helps to drop off condiments, beverages, and foods.

His/her tasks can also revolve around food preparation, cashier duties, dish cleaning, and food and drink serving.

The Jollibee food service crew member is expected to be fast in service delivery, be attentive to details and wear jolly demeanor all through working hours.

His/her focus should be on customer satisfaction and he/she must ensure customers are always satisfied before leaving the restaurant.

His/her service to customers must be exceptional and highly effective towards getting them to visit Jollibee again.

His/her work station must be consistently maintained and kept clean and must follow Jollibee standards in tending to workstation and other duties.

His/her duties and responsibilities can vary from day to day, but they all have the same focus, which is full customer satisfaction.

Jollibee Food Service Crew Job Description Example

Food service crew members at Jollibee perform several duties, tasks, and responsibilities as shown in the job description example below:

  • Take orders from customers and present them as requested
  • Process bills for the customer and also issue them receipts
  • Help with outdoor delivery or with food preparation at the kitchen, depending on what is required at any particular time
  • Pack foods ordered by customers and serve them in the most efficient manner
  • Set the table in an orderly manner before customers show up
  • Get tables cleaned once customers are through with their dining
  • Provide helpful answers to queries or questions proffered by customers
  • Furnish customers with helpful information regarding service time and special deal offers.

Jollibee Food Service Crew Resume Preparation

A resume will be expected from you when seeking job at Jollibee. To help you prepare one for the post of food service crew, especially in creating the work experience part of it, the above sample job description will be useful.

The roles of a food service crew member emphasized in the work description above provide the right information for making that section of the resume, as long as you have actually performed those functions.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Jollibee Food Service Crew Job

Succeeding as a food service crew member at Jollibee requires certain skills, abilities, and knowledge, which include the following:

  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Ability to communicate in more than one language
  • Ability to operate soda machines, microwaves, fryers, and other equipment used in the kitchen
  • Ability to recommend meals for minors, side orders and deals to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Ability to work under pressure and remain composed even during those rush hours
  • Possess high organization skill to ensure smooth and timely order delivery and bill processing
  • Possess top line information regarding approved hygiene policy and standards
  • Willingness to provide needed help to kitchen staff.

Jollibee Food Service Crew Skills for Resume

The skills section of a resume is an essential part of it that assures prospective employers of your having the competence to perform all tasks that will be assigned to you.

To easily create this section, you can make use of the food service crew skills and qualities provided above and make your resume irresistible.