IT Support Technician Job Description Example, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 14, 2023
IT Support Technician Job Description
IT support technicians ensure computer systems and other technological equipment of an individual or organization are in top performance.

This post provides detailed information on the IT support technician job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the IT support technician role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does an IT Support Technician Do?

IT support technicians assist computer users with the operation/repair of computer systems and other technological equipment.

The IT support technician job description entails providing technical assistance to clients by installing, configuring, testing, and upgrading computer software and hardware.

Support technicians on IT usually work for organizations to perform tasks that revolve around detection and resolution of technical problems.

They act as standby system technicians who provide IT solutions as soon as a malfunction occurs.

They also maintain company networks and ensure smooth performance of computer systems.

In performing their duties, IT technicians set up and configure new equipment for an organization or client.

They train computer users on new systems by performing technical demonstrations to acquaint them with operational procedures.

They also talk to customers seeking technical assistance to proffer solutions over the phone, via email or face-to-face.

As part of their responsibilities, IT support technicians perform routine maintenance of computer/network systems.

They carry out diagnostic tests to identify and resolve faults in a technological system.

They also maintain record of customer problems as well as solutions recommended.

Their role also usually involves reading and following equipment instructions when installing or conducting system repairs.

They direct clients to more experienced personnel for effective resolution of an issue. They also carry out tests to evaluate new applications/technology prior to release.

IT support technicians collaborate with tech specialists such as software developers and computer engineers to develop and implement IT support strategies.

They also perform following-up on customers to obtain feedback, which is useful in making proper adjustments and service improvements.

They monitor equipment and application use to ensure optimal performance.

In fulfilling their work description, IT support technicians design and maintain web sites for clients.

Replacing or upgrading existing IT infrastructure such as terminals and printers is also part of their description.

To be hired for this position requires an Associate’s degree in computer science, networking, or in a related discipline.

The major qualities needed for success on the job include communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

IT Support Technician Job Description Example/Template

It support technicians perform various functions to keep computer systems in top working condition.

The job description example below shows the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly performed by support technicians in the IT unit of most firms:

  • Talk to customers’ over the phone or via email to provide solutions to technical problems
  • Perform diagnostic tests and troubleshooting to identify clients issues
  • Provide customers accurate information on IT products and services
  • Develop and implement technical procedures effective in quickly addressing customers’ problems to minimize downtime
  • Carry out assessments to determine the need for changes in hardware/software configurations
  • Educate clients on procedures for resolving or preventing recurrence of a technical problem
  • Act as liaison between the IT unit of an organization and it’s clients
  • Explain and provide IT solutions to customers in non-technical and comprehensible terms
  • Proffer recommendations to clients looking to purchase new equipment or replace existing ones
  • Prepare and present reports to update management on IT support operations
  • Operate and work with equipment such as smartboards, external storage devices, computer diagnostic tools, printers etc.
  • Respond to inquiries about hardware or software issues
  • Perform scheduled maintenance on computer systems to ensure efficient operations
  • Repair or replace faulty components of a computer/network system
  • Design and maintain applications/websites for clients
  • Attend educational programs, workshops, and seminars to stay abreast with developments in the IT industry.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities and Knowledge – for IT Support Technician Job

Are you thinking of working as an IT support technician? If you are, then here are major requirements you may need to satisfy to qualify for the job with most employers:

  • Education and Training: To become an IT support technician, you need at least an Associate’s degree in computer science, networking, or programming. Having a Bachelor’s degree in any of the aforementioned disciplines increases job competitiveness. About 3 years of experience in the IT industry is also necessary for the IT support job
  • Communication Skill: IT support technicians are able to use clear language and expression to provide technical support to clients
  • Problem-solving Skill: They are well versed in providing IT solutions to address the needs of customers
  • Interpersonal Skill: They work with various tech professionals to develop and implement IT support strategies.


If you need to make a work description for the IT support technician role in your company, you can adopt the sample copy provided in this post to quickly and conveniently create a detailed one.

With the information in this post, you can create a job description that is effective in attracting the best candidates to your company if you are hiring for the IT support technician job.

This post is also useful to people interested in becoming IT technicians as it provides them detailed information about the duties and responsibilities of the position to help them get adequately prepared for the career.