How to Write a Good Mail Carrier Resume

how to write a good mail carrier resume

A good mail carrier resume can put you on employers’ interview list.

How to Write a Good Mail Carrier Resume

If you are searching for mail carrier job, the first step to achieving your aim is to write a good resume because having a good resume improves your chances of being invited for an interview.

What makes a good resume?

To create a great resume, the first thing to do is to choose a format. This involves arranging your resume into sections, with each section containing relevant information about you.

These sections must be written in detailed manner such that the overall resume will be convincing enough to persuade hirers of your capacity to deliver.

The resume should be able to highlight your competencies in a manner that will reflect what the hirer is looking for in a mail carrier.

Furthermore, you should make sure that you present your resume in simple and error free sentences. Make it easy to read by presenting each section in bullet points.

Now, let us look into how to write the various sections of the mail carrier resume.

To do this, we will be adopting a resume format with four key sections – objective section, core competence section, job experience section, and educational background section.

Resume Objective Section

If you want to win the heart of the employer, then you need a good resume objective section.

This section of your mail carrier resume allows you to communicate your interest in the position, why you need the job, and your capability to deliver.

Ensure that this section is written to suit that particular position; use the required skills and qualities stated in the mail carrier job description to create the resume’ objective statements.

See examples of mail carrier resume objective statement below:

Examples of Mail Carrier Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the position of mail carrier in DHX Postal Service, utilizing exceptional capability in mail management and delivery, good driving skills, and profound familiarity with routes and landmarks in and within the state.
  • To obtain a mail carrier position in a reputed courier company where my outstanding organizational skills, attention to details, and great communication skills will be fully utilized to contribute to efficient delivery operations.

Core Competence Section

The competence section of your mail carrier resume is where you spell out all skills, experiences, and strength that you have, which are relevant to the job.

A lot of qualities and skills are needed to work in this position. However, each mail courier job comes with a unique set of responsibilities.

So, in as much as it may be necessary to write-out your personal skills, it is best to ensure you create this section to meet the demands of the position as highlighted by the employer in the job description for the role.

Job Experience Section

This is the section where you highlight your work history. This part of the resume is particularly very important when the hirer is in need of an experienced mail carrier.

The hirer is expected to see the companies you have worked with; preferably mail service companies.

Other important details here are: the positions you have occupied, the period you worked with the company; usually the start and end year and the functions you performed.

Some resume formats also allow you to include accomplishments.

Education and Professional Qualification

This is the section where you will highlight all relevant qualifications that you possess. If you have any training or professional certificate, this is also the section to tell the hirer.

Now, let us match words with action by preparing a mail carrier resume example following the tips we have highlighted.

Johnson Maze
102 Longs Street, Topeka, Kansas
Home: (+1)444-4444, cell: (+1)944-4444

Objective: Seeking the position of mail carrier in DHX Postal Service, utilizing exceptional capability in mail management and delivery, good driving skills and profound familiarity with routes and landmarks in and within the state.

Core Competence

  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to details
  • Profound knowledge of postage procedures
  • Familiarity with routes and landmarks in and around the state
  • Exceptional capability in mail management and delivery
  • Good driving skills, valid driver’s license, and customer service skills
  • Effective communication skills and friendly personality.

Job Experience

  • Handled delivery of mails and parcels
  • Assisted the mail clerk in sorting of mails and parcels
  • Returned/redirected mails with wrong addresses
  • Ensured that the right persons received mails and parcels
  • Drove and maintained the mail delivery van and motorcycle
  • Collected money for postages or parcels with pay on delivery order
  • Filled all dorms related to mail/parcel delivery.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Topeka High School, Topeka, Kansas, High School Diploma, 2005
  • USPS Exam 473 Certification, 2007
  • Training Course in Mail management, 2007.


Learning to write a resume by yourself whenever you need to send one to employers is the way to go, especially if you cannot fund it.

With the tips given above and the resume example to help make your learning easy and fast, you can be sure that in a little while you will be able to write good resumes to seek whatever mail carrier job position available.

What is your take-away from this post? Has it helped you in writing a good mail carrier resume? We will appreciate hearing from you; make your comment in the box below.

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