How to Become a Restaurant Manager – Career Facts

By | August 29, 2023
How to become a restaurant manager
Having passion for great food and customer service delivery, becoming a restaurant manager is likely a good career choice.

How to Become a Restaurant Manager – Career Facts

Becoming a restaurant manager is a good choice for people who have passion for providing good food and excellent service to others.

Here are some facts you need to know if you would like to become a restaurant manager pursue an exciting career in the hospitality industry:

Who is a Restaurant Manager?

A restaurant manager is the overseer of the day-to-day running of a restaurant franchise. They handle almost all supervisory roles in the organization from ordering of supplies to planning food menu, managing staff and ensuring that customers are satisfied.

Educational Requirements and Training to Become a Restaurant Manager

Any managerial position in a restaurant business requires at least a high school degree. Though a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management can prove useful; this entails a two to four years study from a higher institution or culinary school, and will likely expose you to skills such as customer services, cost estimation, marketing, food service sanitation and human resources.

You may also get advanced courses in planning, advertising, and contract management.

Asides a degree, getting an experience in a restaurant environment will also prove useful, as this will familiarize the potential manager with the workings of the business, and put you in a better position to be selected for the managerial position.

Restaurant Manager Certifications

A food handler’s certificate may come in handy, especially to prove that you are capable of safely handling food for public consumption.

The FDA food code states that a person with a food handler’s card should be present whenever food is being prepared, packaged or handled. This card is usually issued in two ways:

• Local Health Departments: These offer classes and tests to those seeking certification.
• Online Certification: Servsafe is one of the trusted providers of this online certification

Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities of Restaurant Manager

The role and responsibilities of the restaurant manager, in addition to making certain that all staff are up and doing, may also include the following duties:

  • Hosts: The restaurant manager should spend the most of his time outside the office meeting and interacting with and making his clients feel happy.
  • Chef: The restaurant manager from time to time will have to work with the head chef to make certain the quality and standard of the restaurant with regards to menu preparation and food service is maintained. Often times, it may be to ensure the success of special occasions and events.
  • HR Manager: Restaurant managers are expected to play an important role in resolving employee conflicts and grievances of customers, as well as recruiting and firing staff.
  • Inventory Manager: He/she is responsible for taking stock and signing inventory on shipments; making sure that all shipments are received and stored properly.
  • Bookkeeper: Since he/she is responsible for employing, he/she is also responsible for payment of salaries, or at least approval of payment and all other financial accounts, except in bigger restaurants where a dedicated account is put in charge. But at least he/she hires the accountant.
  • Trainer: He/she is expected to continue to coach and educate staff; he/she may also be required to fill into certain positions should they be understaffed or require more hands. In essence, he/she is also expected to know all about every job role; both to provide training and assist where necessary.
  • Leader: Moist importantly, he/she is expected to be a leader and role model. Staff can learn from him/her in attitude and how to relate with customers and other works.

Restaurant Manager Skills

A number of skills may prove valuable both as a personal trait and for the smooth running of the duties of a restaurant manager. They include:

  • Very lively and full of energy
  • Able to run a Bendable schedule should it be required
  • Able to resolve conflict in the workplace
  • Excellent communication ability; since he/she will be coming across a number of customers as well as staff
  • Understand basic bookkeeping and math skills. He/she will be responsible for the account of the business, and so these skills will be needed in other not to run the business down
  • Proficiency in all kitchen workstation.

Career Opportunities for Restaurant Managers

Restaurant managers are usually employed to oversee restaurants or food service businesses. In other to successfully land a job as a restaurant manager, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Do not jump from job to job: This is no likely to help your abilities. If required, you may consider staying tough on the one you presently occupy as a number of employers may prefer not more than two previous jobs.
  • Remember that the essence of your role is to guarantee an increase in patronage and so customers ought to come first, and other things second
  • Treat your staff with respect: Relate with your staff the way you would have preferred were you occupying their position

Salary Expectations for Restaurant Managers

According to the Bureau for Labor statistics, job growth between the years 2012 and 2022 will be at about 2 percent; operating a rather slow growth process than in other industries.

The annual average salary for restaurant managers is put at around $50, 000.