How to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician

How to become a certified pharmacy technician
To be certified as a pharmacy technician requires passing the PTCB exam

For you to become a certified pharmacy technician (CphT), you need to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certificate Board (PTCB) exam. It is important that you cannot work as a CphT without getting PTCB accreditation.

In fact, you will not be able to advance your carrier as a pharmacy technician without being certified by passing the certification exam.

In PTCB exam, you may possibly pass it once. Some people even confess of passing it at one sitting. Others say they needed no formal classes to pass the exam.

What about you? What would be your testimonial if you were to take this exam? It’s some sort of personal question that requires a personal answer.

Here are some tips that can help you pass the PTCB exam without stress, study and use them to get fully prepared for the test.

How to Pass PTCB Exam Without Stress

Get Necessary Study Materials for the Exam:

This will help any PTCB student a lot. Nobody goes to war without the weapons; so you need the materials for some practices.

You need to do some practices to quicken you for the exam. The PTCB exam may be said to be an easy-to-pass exam, but you need to get equipped.

You must not neglect approved study materials in your school. The study guides mostly come in the form of books, cds and flashcards.

They are mostly recommended by schools as PTCB exam preparation tools.

Enroll in Pharmacy Technician Training:

Get enrolled in a pharmacy technician training program, if possible. There is a lot to learn from this training.

you will find experts who will train you and also show you how to pass the exam possibly on your first trial, thereby saving you time and money.

Don’t think much about the money you will spend for the training to be a pharmacy technician, it is worth the knowledge you will acquire from the school and will pay off by the time you get a job.

It is from the training that you will get to know some pharmacy technician programs that may help you pass the certification exam easily.

Learn Examination Tactics:

Do not rush through your examination questions; rather, you should read them carefully before answering them.

Using a gradual approach will give you proper understanding of the questions. You cannot write what you don’t know.

And as you go through the questions, don’t waste too much time on a particular question.

No question should take too much time; jump over to the next if you don’t know what to answer, you can return to it later when you must have answered other easier ones.

Apply Advance Preparation Method:

Fully prepare yourself ahead of the examination to enable you give your best. Don’t sit and watch the exam as it approaches, rather than doing that, get ready enough to face the big task.

The test shouldn’t come as a surprise, but a long-awaited event. Don’t forget to use study guides. These guides help a lot.

Medications Study:

Read books and listen to audio-cds on medications. You may even watch a video. Go to YouTube and type whatever thing you want to learn, and you will see the video appear. Also study various drug administration processes.

Math Study:

Math should be given adequate study. Knowing calculations and conversions helps a lot in the PTCB exam.

The mathematical aspect of this exam should be given proper attention. Don’t neglect a self-study approach. Self-test your ability through answering of questions.

Attend Classes:

It also helps a lot to be taught by experts who have sometime in the past passed this exam.

However, it may not come free to get experts’ lessons; it might cost you some money to get quality lectures. Most importantly, don’t deliberately miss classes without a good reason.

Time Consciousness:

Time must be considered a major factor in this exam. The PTCB test is computer-based and lasts for two hours.

It comprises of ninety multiple-choice questions with one-hour-fifty-minutes time given to each candidate.

You must catch up with time if you don’t want to be lost behind.

Working with time helps you stop when others are stopping. It may negatively affect your scores, when you don’t have enough time to round off, so, you need to work with time.

The Help of Practice Tests:

Apart from the initial investment of $100 exam fee, there should be an additional expenditure of about $30 for practice tests.

The tests are done online; and they give the student insight into how the questions are formatted.

Take notes of areas where you fail. Study more on those areas and make a flashcard to assist you memorize the questions.

Taking the PTCB practice tests will give you the confidence to face the real exam. It will build your morale, and enlarge your understanding capacity.

You can find websites where you can take free practice tests online. Give yourself to these multiple practice tests and get acquainted with them.


Becoming a certified pharmacy technician may be challenging, but it is achievable. If you put in the needed time for the training, and you follow the tips we have shared above in preparing for the PTCB exam, you can be sure that your chances of passing the test and be certified in record time would be higher.