Housekeeping Aide Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Housekeeping Aide job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
Housekeeping Aides ensure a clean and tidy environment.

Housekeeping Aide Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides information about the housekeeping aide job description, to help you learn about the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly define the position.

And if you are seeking to work as a housekeeping aide, this post will also help you learn about the requirements you may be asked to meet by recruiters to be hired for the role.

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What Does a Housekeeping Aide Do?

Housekeeping aides are individuals who perform janitorial services. They are responsible for keeping an assigned area tidy and they follow orders for daily housekeeping chores from the housekeeping manager.

Housekeeping aides may work for large or small companies, regular families, and janitorial services companies; hospitals, hotels, and office and residential buildings.

The housekeeping aide job description may entail taking care of pantries used by the employees and ensuring that supplies for beverages, such as coffee, chocolate and/or tea are always available.

Their responsibilities may vary slightly depending on the place they work. However, their primary responsibility will include keeping kitchens and restrooms clean, responding to guests, visitors, or residents’ housekeeping needs.

It may also involve performing preventative infection control procedures through effective sanitation of all surfaces and furniture, and carrying out daily cleaning routine.

If employed in a health facility, their responsibility may include interacting with patients, visitors, and guests to determine their needs and attempt to execute them promptly.

They may also be required to anticipate the needs of patients and their visitors and provide them with information regarding facility policies and procedures.

To work as a housekeeping aide, interested individuals need at least High School diploma or GED. The essence of having a formal education is to guarantee that applicants for the job can read and understand instructions, as well as follow company policies and procedures.

However, extensive experience can be substituted for education.

Housekeeping Aide Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Housekeeping aides perform a variety of housekeeping/cleaning functions in various areas to maintain their organizations in a sanitary, safe, and attractive, and orderly condition.

They help to guarantee that all the cleaning and laundry needs of a facility or organization are effectively handled.

The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly make a housekeeping aide work description are listed below:

  • Dust and clean furniture and fixtures, walls, and baseboards; doors, ceilings, and stairwells, mirrors, etc., to maintain the facility’s appearance
  • Use wet floor signs to mark wet floors, mop wet floors, and put furniture in order in the assigned area
  • Avoid dusting and cleaning smoke detectors in resident rooms, isolation rooms, and nursing stations; day rooms, shower rooms, etc., using various cleaners and disinfectant chemicals
  • Responsible for the terminal cleaning of resident room upon transfer, discharge, or death of occupant
  • Responsible for the cleaning of utility rooms
  • Maintain chrome doorplate and handles as needed
  • Turn filled maintenance request slips to the supervisor as needed
  • Responsible for cleaning and polishing the elevator as needed
  • Carry out emergency housekeeping duties where accidents occur
  • Responsible for restocking and maintenance of a clear stockroom and housekeeping cart
  • Responsible for emptying and cleaning of all trash cans in the assigned area.

Housekeeping Aide Job Description for Resume

If you have worked as a housekeeping aide and are making a resume for a new position, you can apply the sample job description shown above in making the professional experience section of your resume.

You should have a professional or job experience section in your resume if you have worked or are presently working in the role of a housekeeping aide.

This part of the resume gives you the opportunity to list the major duties and responsibilities that you have carried out working as a housekeeping aide.

By reading this information, recruiters are likely to be impressed with your experience of the job.

You can conveniently create the professional experience section of your resume by using the duties in the housekeeping aide work description above.

House Keeping Aide Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

When hiring for the housekeeping aide role, recruiters commonly give a list of requirements which interested individuals for the job must meet to be considered for hiring.

The reason for this is to find candidates with the right skills, abilities, and knowledge, and experience who will be effective in carrying out the objectives, purpose, and obligations of the housekeeping aide position set by the employer.

If you are seeking the housekeeping aide role, here are major requirements most employers or recruiters will want prospective candidates to fulfill to be hired:

  • Education: Housekeeping aides require a High School diploma or an equivalent to perform their job successfully. But education may be substituted with relevant experience that shows that the individual can take and follow orders, as well as communicate effectively
  • Knowledge: It is important that applicants have extensive knowledge of cleaning and washing activities; sanitation techniques and pathogen control methods, and the ability to handle dangerous cleaning chemicals and solutions. It is also vital that they can operate automatic floor scrubbing machines, floor buffers, and wet and dry vacuums
  • Customer service skills: Housekeeping aides are often in direct contact with guests or visitors, so it is important that applicants are willing to provide support, courteous service, and ensure customer satisfaction at every point
  • Physical dexterity: The job of a housekeeping aide is manually inclined, hence it is crucial that they are energetic individuals, physically fit, and able to push, pull, move, and/or lift a minimum of 25-50 (fifty) pounds to a minimum height of four feet, and be able to push, move, and carry such weight at a distance of two feet. However, the weight they can move or lift varies depending on the needs of the organization
  • Communication skills: It is also important that applicants can read and understand and speak English to communicate effectively verbally and in writing with colleagues, supervisors, and guests.


To hire a housekeeping aide, you will need to publish the description of the job to inform interested individuals the kind of duties they will be assigned if hired.

This will help eliminate those who do not match up with your expectation for the role, and then you will be able to find the best suited candidates for the housekeeping aide job that you desire.

The sample job description provided above will help you to make the perfect description for the housekeeping aide role in your organization.

This page also provides detailed information about the duties and responsibilities of a housekeeping aide for individuals interested in the career to have deep knowledge of what they do.

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