Home Depot Bookkeeper Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Home Depot Bookkeeper Job Description
Home Depot bookkeepers are also responsible for ensuring efficient and effective management of company expenses and customer payments. Image source: AFP via Getty Images, nypost.

Home Depot Bookkeeper Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides complete information on the job description of a bookkeeper at the Home Depot to help increase your knowledge of what the role entails.

It presents the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that majorly constitute the bookkeeper work description at the Home Depot.

It also highlights the major requirements you will be expected to fulfil to be hired for the bookkeeper role at the Home Depot or other retail companies.

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What does a Home Depot Bookkeeper do?

The Home Depot bookkeeper is responsible for following the company’s cash, accounts receivable, and inventory procedures in making accurate and timely reports of all financial metrics and data to the business.

The bookkeeper is also responsible for managing expenses and customer payments effectively and efficiently, as well as consistently filing and maintaining records of current transactions.

The Home Depot bookkeeper job description also involves carrying out the company’s internal controls and procedures.

These include securing all necessary documentation and ensuring that transactions are recorded accurately and promptly.

They ensure proper accounting for all financial transactions, including the recording of purchases, sales and other revenue generated by Home Depot stores and distribution centers in accordance with standard accounting practices and established procedures.

The bookkeeper at Home Depot conducts the reconciliation process, which helps to ensure the accuracy of accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, fixed assets and other data.

The reconciliation is to be completed at the end of each month by comparing outstanding items with those that are recorded in the books.

The bookkeeper is also responsible for preparing journal entries to support the key financial metrics.

The creation of the journal entry should be according to the company’s policies and procedures.

The bookkeeper at Home Depot needs to identify any errors, discrepancies or other problems in accounting.

This would require the creation of reports detailing all the errors committed by company staff members.

The report will then need to be submitted to senior management for review.

The Home Depot Bookkeeper should maintain knowledge of company data which includes the boundaries and restrictions on transactions.

Should there be any violations, this creates a legal issue that could be subject to litigation.

The bookkeeper at Home Depot will be responsible for ensuring that all general ledger postings are accurate.

The bookkeeper will need to ensure that intercompany eliminations are applied where appropriate.

This ensures that the company is able to maintain both control and consistency in its financial records.

The bookkeeper at Home Depot organizes accounting information for reporting purposes by compiling and consolidating account information for analysis and reporting purposes.

He/she maintains all accounting books and records to comply with legal requirements.

They are also in charge of maintaining an accurate inventory, managing the payroll process, and generating regular reports.

The bookkeeper at Home Depot prepares the schedule, which is designed to support the annual audit and is prepared as a part of the year-end audit where all documentation for your business is verified.

The schedule includes a list of all transactions that were conducted during the year as evidenced by cancelled checks, wire, credit or debit cards, receipts, invoices and other records.

The schedule also includes a list of payroll transactions for each pay period, including benefits paid and contributions made to 401k plans.

The Home Depot bookkeeper also performs special projects as assigned by senior management and may assist in budget and cash flow analysis.

The bookkeeper displays strict confidentiality at all times by following policies, procedures, directives, laws, regulations, etc.

The bookkeeper must also be diligent to protect sensitive information by any means necessary.

The Home Depot bookkeeper prepares and manages accounts receivable, including the billing process; verifies accuracy of entries for financial reports; researches payment status by using customer files, past payment records, etc.

Home Depot Bookkeeper Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The Home Depot bookkeeper job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Updates general ledger accounts
  • Reports sales taxes collected to the appropriate state agencies
  • Timely remittance of product sales taxes to states
  • Reviews and analyses errors in journal entries before posting them
  • Performs treasury functions including acquisition of money, repayment, interest calculation, etc.
  • Supports the company through effective and efficient management of accounts payable and receivables
  • Balances the day-to-day cash receipts with purchases or payments made in cash or with check to verify accuracy of accounting records
  • Confirms accuracy of financial reports to supervisors by checking numbers on reports with those on supporting documentation
  • Types into the company’s electronic cash register for each product purchased to record details such as product number, quantity and price.

Home Depot Bookkeeper Requirements: Abilities, Knowledge, and Skills for Career Success

Individuals seeking the job of a bookkeeper may have to fulfil the following requirements to be hired at the Home Depot or other similar companies:

  • 2+ years of related work experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance preferred
  • Knowledge of key financial metrics and reports
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills.

Home Depot Bookkeeper Salary

Based on the Glassdoor website, the typical bookkeeper salary at the Home Depot is $13.00, and can range from $11 – 15 per hour.

This is based on each person’s experience and qualifications, as well as other factors such as location (i.e., certain areas pay more than others.)


This post is helpful to individuals seeking the job of a bookkeeper at the Home Depot or other companies to increase their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the job.

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