Head Hostess Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Head Hostess job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Head Hostesses provide leadership to other hostesses. Image source: Hostesses.ntradeshows.com

This post provides detailed information on the job description of a head hostess, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Head Hostess Do?

The head hostess is a senior role in the hospitality industry responsible for providing leadership to a team of hostesses at the restaurant, club, or hotel.

Her job description entails the delivery of top quality service to guests.

She will have friendly demeanor and excellent interpersonal relationship skills to be able to relate well with clients of diverse background and status.

The head hostess role also involves constant communication, both verbally and otherwise with clients, therefore, her communication skill is expected to be well horned.

Her duties also entail resolving customer complaints amicably. She can refer complaints beyond her power to the appropriate supervisor.

Complete supervision of the overall service delivery in the organization is also one of her several tasks.

The lead hostess job also entails dressing smartly and attractively. Her dressing is meant to show off her great human personality and makes her look approachable to clients.

She should present herself in such a way that she will give the client very good first impression about herself and the organization she represents.

She will relate with clients all through their stay and also be there to interact with them if they have to wait for long.

The head hostess work description also includes offering of drinks to clients while they wait.

If she works in a club or restaurant, she is expected to have very good understanding and knowledge of the menu and offer them to clients when they request for it.

She should have foreknowledge about items on the menu to be able to properly inform clients about them.

She should be trustworthy and reliable, since she may be saddled with the responsibility of handling cash when necessary.

The best head hostess is one that treads and relate diplomatically and courteously with clients, and so should be able to speak in diplomatic and courteous manner on the phone when communicating with clients and other members of staff..

Her role places her as a link between the management and clients, therefore, issues related to customer concerns and safety are communicated to the management promptly by the head of the hostesses.

She should have a good understanding of the workings in the organization to enable her communicate estimated wait time to clients.

Her job also involves escorting clients to their respective tables and providing them with drinks and the menu.

The head hostess should be the first personality the client will encounter when they arrive and the last person they will see before stepping out of the building. This will help build better image for the organization.

Head Hostess Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The head hostess job description entails various duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the provision of top-notch service to guests.

Here is an example of such work description:

  • Relate with clients when they arrive and when they are leaving
  • Thank clients for their patronage when they are leaving
  • Communicate with customers while they wait for their drink and food order
  • Ensure complete and consistent cleanliness of the hostess area
  • Be available to answer calls and to greet guests
  • Provide assistance to servers with tallies at shift ends
  • Supervise host book efficiently and oversee clients seating arrangements
  • Handle clients amicably and with understanding whether they have reservation or not
  • Make great and impressive first impression on clients
  • Schedule reservation for guests both in person and over the phone
  • Communicate with supervisors or management on any issue related to customers
  • Handle all cases related to guest courteously and professionally
  • Maintain diplomacy while relating with clients.

Head Hostess Job Description for Resume

If you are working on a resume for seeking the job of head hostess, the sample job description shown above will be of good use to you.

This is because you can apply the duties and responsibilities of the lead hostess given above to creating the professional experience part of the resume that proves your ability to do the job perfectly to employers.

Head Hostess Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you desire to succeed on the job as the head of the hostess team in a hotel or restaurant, here are important skills and other qualities to develop:

  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Working experience in related fields, like hospitality industry or hotel, is added advantage
  • Possess IT skills in MS excel and MS Word
  • Possess top-notch communication skills in the local language, both in written and verbal forms
  • Ability to properly maintain inventory
  • Possess competence at filling all guests’ supplies
  • Ability to manage complaints tendered by clients
  • Ability to relate well with other members of staff towards excellent service delivery to clients
  • Ability to maintain consistent cleanliness of the dining room serving stations
  • Ability to answer telephone calls in the most diplomatic and soothing manner
  • Possess excellent knowledge of room, restaurant and bars services
  • Ability to address all issues related to guest’s service.

Head Hostess Skills for Resume

For your resume to have the needed punch to grab employers attention, it should have the skills section where the employer wants to see if you have the necessary qualities to be able to provide top performance on the job.

The skills and other qualities for the head hostess to excel on the job shown above can be adopted in making the skills section of the lead hostess’ resume.