Google Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Google hiring process.
Knowing the hiring process at Google will help you plan your application effectively if you are seeking a job there.

Google Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Google involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you must successfully complete to gain employment with the Company.

Please, read on to learn about the Google recruitment process and increase your chances of being hired by the Company:

Google Company Overview

Google is a global technology company founded by two Americans – Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were Ph.D. students at Stanford University.

The company helps to provide internet-related products and services, such as search engine, computing, online advertising technology and software.

It is ranked among the four largest technology companies – Amazaon, Facebook and Apple. strongly holds the number one position of the most visited website globally.

In 2017, the company was considered to be the most valuable brand. Moreover, it is currently a life-saver to billions of people, since it helps to provide useful information (search engine) when needed.

Google Hiring Process

To get hired by Google or become an employee at the company, you have to pass through their hiring process.

The Google hiring process consists of the following stages:

  1. The Job Application Process

Submitting a job application to Google is the first step to take before proceeding to other steps. As an applicant, your job application can be presented to Google effortlessly without going through much hassle.

This process can be done successfully by visiting the company’s official website, examine the sections of careers that would be displayed, choose yours and fill the application form with the required information.

Ensure to verify all the details you have entered, before clicking submit.

Note: For further use, it’s advised to take a print of the filled application form.

2. Job Assessment Test

The job assessment test is a compulsory process that every applicant must undergo, and having some knowledge about the pattern of Google’s job assessment test will give an edge when writing the test.

The usual duration of the test is about 40 minutes only, and there are various sections of questions to solve such as logical reasoning, technical subjects, General English, and aptitude.

In combination of all the sections, a total of 40 questions will be given to candidates to solve and there is no specific cut off marks.

It is recommended by Google to prepare for the test by going through the Google Placement Papers, which can be downloaded online in order to have knowledge about the assessment test.

You can also take the company’s Mock test. Steady practice and preparation using these recommendations will enable you to have an idea of the questions that you will come across during the written exam.

3. Interview Process

Google’s interview is not as difficult or tricky as people consider it to be. Sometime ago, Google usually throw some tricky questions at applicants during interview, but they later discovered that tricky questions can’t decide if a candidate deserves the job.

As a result of this, Google currently carry out sample work test and ask interview questions that are well structured.

Getting interviewed at Google is a straight forward process, and succeeding at the interview is not an impossible task.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for Google’s interview:

  • Learn to study and be very informed about the interview process at Google.
  • Master algorithms by practicing it frequently prior to the interview date.
  • Try predicting and solving enough programming questions that might be asked during the interview.
  • A day to the interview, ensure to have enough sleep and relaxation.
  • Preparations for the interview should commence at least a month before the interview date.

4. The Orientation Process – Learning about the Job and the Company

Before joining Google as a staff, you’ve got a lot to know about your duties and responsibilities, and the company’s policies.

Passing through this process makes you fit to occupy the position you applied for.

The orientation process involves practical learning with paper work and videos. Some long-term employees might be around to educate you also.

The duration of the orientation process depends on the type of job you applied for, some jobs might take about two weeks to complete the orientation process while some job types might last two or three days to finish the orientation process.

How Long Does Google Hiring Process Take?

Passing through the entire hiring process will take up to a few weeks or even months. According to employees at Google, getting hired tends to take about two months.

Moreover, Google does not usually employ an applicant immediately; they normally take a while, due to deliberation on the preferred applicant to receive the employment.

Major Walmart Careers and Jobs Available

There are lots of careers and jobs that are available at Google, but here are some of the most significant roles of employees:

  • Software engineer
  • Field sales representative
  • Customer engineer
  • Enterprise field sales representative
  • Key account director/executive.

These roles and some others help to ensure the proper functioning of the company.

What to Expect Working at Goggle

Working at Google gives you the opportunity to mingle, relate, and rub minds with some of the most intelligent persons in the world.

Being a staff at Google also helps to enhance your skills and even create platform to learn more.

However, staffs at Google make complaints sometimes about how strenuous the job is. There are very long working hours and difficult problems to always solve.

Google staffs always have to sort for solutions to problems that obstruct their activities. This is the reason some employees feel the job is rigorous.


The information provided in this article educates and aids you on Google’s hiring process, and how to apply for a job at the company.

Even though some employees have negative opinions about Google, the company remains one of the best places to get a job.

Out of over two million applicants yearly, only a fraction will be granted jobs by Google. Thus, getting employed is a great privilege.