Forklift Operator Job Description Example

Forklift Operator job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Forklift Operators ensure efficient usage of forklifts in moving merchandize from and into the warehouse.

Forklift Operator Job Description Example

What Does a Forklift Operator Do?

A forklift operator is responsible for driving or operating a forklift.

The job description of a forklift operator entails efficiently handling of the forklift in lifting, moving, and packing of loads.

The operator can also use the forklift in packing wastes or other materials as instructed by the supervisor.

The forklift is generally used in moving and packing cargoes, goods, and merchandize.

Forklift, forklift truck, or fork truck, whichever you choose to call it, is a piece of industrial machinery or truck having a pair of fork used to lift and move large materials/loads within short distances.

The forklift is widely used across various industries – especially industries that engage in manufacture and/or movement of goods or merchandize within the firm – construction sites, dockyards, warehouses, factories, and manufacturing firms.

There are various types of forklifts, ranging from hand truck operated manually to motorized forklifts powered by electricity, diesel, or propane.

In fact, ever since the invention of the forklift in the 20th century, it has been an in dispensable piece in manufacturing, construction, and warehousing operations.

Forklifts are useful not only because they improve work efficiency and productivity, but because they also reduce work stress and fatigue.

In addition, they reduce work hazards and damage to goods from manual lifting of heavy loads, especially when the machine is operated by a trained and experienced operator.
Forklifts are efficient for use in warehouses, dockyards, and other sites with limited space.

Forklifts are compact and occupy little space. In addition to the numerous benefits a forklift offers, it equally minimizes the need for many workers as it can comfortably carry loads to be carried by over 100 workers at once.

To operate this machine efficiently as required, an operator must be trained. In addition, he/she must be physically and mentally healthy, and safety conscious.

Forklift Operator Job Description Example

The role of forklift operators entails a number of duties, tasks, and responsibilities in ensuring effective and efficient movement of merchandize and other items from one location to another for their organizations.

Here is a typical job description example that shows a list of common functions of forklift operators:

  • Load and unload inbound shipments
  • Move merchandize to storage locations
  • Building, picking, and packing pallets
  • Perform quality checks on inbound goods
  • Carryout simple maintenance on the forklift, like recharging its battery and refueling
  • Identify and report mechanical and electrical faults to the supervisor or to the right technicians
  • Pack goods in the warehouse by hand when situation demands
  • Identify and report damage or safety concerns to managers and supervisors
  • Move product from the warehouse to other units within the company either by using the forklift or by hand
  • Stacking empty pallets and relocation of pallets
  • Pack and move other items other than goods as instructed by supervisors, such as packing hazardous wastes
  • Weigh goods and record the weight in a log sheet.

Forklift Operator Resume Preparation

When seeking a forklift operator role, you will be required to present a resume to hiring managers.

Part of the information employers will expect to see in your resume includes your professional experience, where you need to highlight your work description as a forklift operator in previous employment.

The sample job description for the position of a forklift operator shown above can be highly valuable in making this part of the resume as it emphasizes the common functions for the position.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for Forklift Operator Role

Working as a forklift operator can be very stressful and sometimes comes with some health implications.

Therefore, to be employed as one, and to be able to perform the job description of the role very well, certain skills and qualities are expected of a forklift driver.
These include:

  • Age and Maturity: To be employed as a forklift operator, it is expected that you must have attained at least 18 years. In some countries, 15 years is regarded as the labor force entering age. Therefore a person of 15 years and above is allowed by law to do any kind of job including operating a forklift. Though a person of 15 years can handle a hand forklift if well trained but operating a bigger forklift truck – the type used in construction sites and dockyards – require an adult and an emotionally mature individual
  • Training and Education: A forklift driver may not be a degree holder but he/she must be well trained in forklift operation. Some firms also demand for a proof of training in health and safety skills
  • Experience: Most forklift drivers receive practical, on the job training. So, to employ one as a forklift operator, companies usually demand for at least 2 years or more experience in forklift operation
  • Physical Strength: The operator must be physically fit and must be able to lift loads of up to 50 pounds without the lift truck. This is because sometimes the job may require physical lifting, moving, and packing of pallets
  • Forklift operators must have a good knowledge of warehouse arrangement and functionality
  • He/she must be free of any kind of respiratory disease, and be willing and able to work in extreme temperatures
  • Valid driving license to operate a forklift and other motorized machines of sort
  • The operator must be a good communicator with the ability to adhere to instructions
  • Good math skill and good sense of balance is equally important
  • He/she must be able to work in different positions for a very long period – stand, sit, bend, and kneel
  • Good vision is also very important to work as a forklift operator.

Forklift Operator Skills for Resume

Your forklift operator resume can be made stronger by including the skills section, where you show employers the relevant skills you have acquired to produce excellent performance in your work.

The list of skills and qualities for a forklift operator presented above can help you in writing your resume’s skills section.

Are there other items you would like to add to our forklift operator job description? If yes, please make your contribution in the box below, we will love to read your contribution.