Finishing Carpenter Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Finishing Carpenter job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Finishing Carpenters make awesome cabinets for offices and homes.

Finishing Carpenter Job Description Example

What Does a Finishing Carpenter Do?

Finishing carpenters generally add the final touch to a carpentry project by trimming, shaping, and installing ornaments and various other wood finishes that improve the appearance of a wooden structure.

The finishing carpenter job description entails preparing wood or structural finishing by shaping and trimming fixtures with the aid of manual or power tools.

They also take accurate measurement of structures in order to develop suitable plans for wood tailoring.

Finishing carpenters with the aid of tools such as planes, sanders, and jointers cut and assemble wood components to fabricate frames, chairs, and desks.

As part of their duties, they carry out estimate of raw materials required for a project. They are also skilled in reading and interpreting construction plans or drawing.

Finishing carpenters work description also entails determining the amount and type of wood needed for a job.

They design, build, and install cabinets for homes and officers undergoing remodeling. They also carry out levelling and shimming operations on a doorframe during a door hanging process.

The role of a finishing carpenter also includes trimming of moldings to match irregular surfaces.

They are responsible for the measurement and installation of wooden flooring, and may also provide varnishing and staining services for woodwork.

In performing their tasks, finishing carpenters are proficient in the use of finish nail guns, hand planes, and chop saw.

Their duties also involve directing the activities of interns or trainee finishing carpenters.

They implement and adhere to safety and health policies when working on indoor furniture to ensure environmentally friendly and safe structures.

Finishing carpenters may find relevance in other fields where their expertise is required.

You can find them in the movie industry where they pose scenic carpenters performing the duty of creating structures for a movie set.

They may be part of a ship crew to assist with urgent ship repairs during a voyage.

A finishing carpenter in the field of luthiery is responsible for repairing and giving stringed instruments a refined appearance.

They can play the role of a trim carpenter to install and repair trim on windows, mantels, and baseboards.

The finishing carpenter job requires at least a high school diploma which allows for entrance into a carpenter trade school where training in carpentry is offered for a period of 2 years.

Some of the skills required to excel in carrying out the job description of a finishing carpenter include an eye for detail, physical strength, manual dexterity, and visualization skills.

Finishing Carpenter Job Description Example

If you are looking to work as a finishing carpenter, the job description example below shows the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that make up the work functions of the position:

  • Prepare wood structures for finishing by shaping and trimming with hand or power tools
  • Take measurements to develop suitable layout for a fixture
  • Assemble wooden components to fabricate useful structures such as desks, and shelves
  • Carry out cost and quantity estimates of raw materials required for a finishing project
  • Select choice materials needed for the tweaking of wooden fixtures
  • Design, build, and install cabinets for new and refurbished homes/offices
  • Carry out measurement and installation of wooden floorings
  • Provide varnishing and staining service for woodwork
  • Guide and direct the activities of interns and trainee finish carpenters
  • Implement safety and health regulations during work operations to ensure environmentally friendly and safe structure
  • Level and shim door frames during a door hanging process
  • Create detailed structures for a film set
  • Assist with urgent repairs on midcourse vessels/ships
  • Repair and improve the appearance of stringed instruments such as violins, and acoustic guitars
  • Install and repair trim on windows, baseboards, and mantels.

Finishing Carpenter Resume Preparation

An important part of a finishing carpenter resume that makes it captivating to recruiters is the work experience section.

This is where you let the employer know you have the experience to succeed on the job if you have actually worked as a finishing carpenter in the past.

You can use the sample job description provided above to quickly make this section of the resume as it has the necessary work activities of a finishing carpenter, so long you actually performed them.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Finishing Carpenter Role

Here are important skills and qualities you need to have to excel working as a finishing carpenter; they also form the major requirements employers usually set for applicants for the role to meet:

  • Education and Training: To become a finishing carpenter you require at least a high school diploma which is the minimum qualification for entry into a technical school. Carpentry training in a technical school usually is over a period of 2 years. You may decide to opt for an apprenticeship program under contractor associations. Job experience is vital for the position and can be acquired by working with experience/professional finishing carpenters
  • Eye for details: Finishing carpenters are naturally inclined and well-versed in giving structures a perfect finish
  • Physical Strength: The finishing carpenter job often involves the application of force in working with tools and materials
  • Visualization Skill: Finishing carpenters are able to develop and design artistic layout for a fixture
  • Manual Dexterity: They are skilled in the efficient handling of work tools to create a desired effect.

Finishing Carpenter Skills for Resume

If you are looking to create a finishing carpenter resume, the above requirements can serve as a source of information in completing the skills section of the resume.

Using the above information will make the resume stronger in getting employers’ attention because they could see the skills that they usually look for.


Knowing the finishing carpenter job description is beneficial to the individual seeking to work in that role.

It helps them to prepare adequate for the duties and responsibilities of the job before being hired, which increases their success on the job.

And for an employer needing to recruit new finishing carpenters, having an in-depth knowledge of the functions of the position, as well as using the job description template shown above, they can make a great job description for their recruitment drive.

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