Financial Systems Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Financial Systems Analyst job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
Financial Systems Analysts provide quality support and solutions to an organizations’ finance and administration departments.

Financial Systems Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

If you are searching for the financial systems analyst job description, you will find this article useful; it provides exhaustive information on the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the financial systems analyst work description.

You will also find this post helpful if you are seeking the financial systems analyst job, to learn about the major requirements to fulfill to be qualified for employment by most recruiters.

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What Does a Financial Systems Analyst Do?

The financial systems analyst combines financial analysis, reporting, and business systems analysis to support solutions for Finance and Administration, as well as management reporting in a business organization.

They are responsible for implementation, maintenance, and review of financial systems and also provide support in the development, implementation, and optimization of business application systems.

They find employment in various institutions, including investment management, health, government, law firms, etc.

The financial systems analyst job description entails assisting the needs of Finance by addressing operational and analytical reporting requirements.

It also involves providing staff training on the use of financial systems and function as a liaison to the information technology department.

Financial systems analysts also carry out data analysis using analysis and modeling techniques to support institutional processes and promote organizational improvement.

Through the conduct of data analysis, they are able to provide detailed information to senior management concerning the firm’s financial performance, business operating and strategic plans, and significant financial management issues.

The financial systems analyst work description also requires them to actively partake and contribute to system and process re-engineering efforts within the organization, and evaluate the impact of process changes.

It also entails collaborating with IT unit in the implementation and support of Finance-related technology projects and initiatives.

Financial Systems Analyst Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The financial systems analyst performs various functions, primarily to provide support to the financial systems of an organization, as well as perform analysis to support management with accurate information with regards to the financial performance of the organization.

The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly make up the job description of a financial systems analyst are listed below:

  • Responsible for the improvement and operation of financial systems connected to the collection, retrieval, accessibility, and usage of financial data to facilitate department planning and activities
  • Assist the Operations unit in the development and use of financial system applications
  • Utilize automated systems in the analysis of financial problems
  • Conduct assessment on software and hardware needs and design new or modified systems to meet changing demands
  • Responsible for the maintenance of internal database files and tables and develop custom reports to meet the requirements of finance management and staff
  • Configure system settings and options, as well as create specifications for systems to meet financial requirements
  • Provide expert knowledge to users in the area of automated financial systems
  • Provide leadership to cross-functional linked teams in addressing financial or systems issues.

Financial Systems Analyst Job Description for Resume

If you are working or have worked as a financial systems analyst and want to change your job, the above job description sample can be applied in making your resume.

You can actually complete the job or professional experience section of your resume by stating the duties you have or are presenting performing as a financial systems analyst by using the ones presented in the sample job description above.

The job experience section is an important section of your resume that can convince the recruiter of your experience and competence for the position if well written.

Financial Systems Analyst Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

When hiring for the financial systems analyst role, recruiters commonly give a list of requirements applicants must meet for their applications to be qualified to access the position.

This is important for recruiters to find suitable candidates for their organizations that can effectively perform the obligations, purpose, and objectives of the financial systems analyst position.

Shown below are major financial systems analyst requirements recruiters may need you to fulfill if you are seeking the role:

  • Education: To work as a financial analyst, applicants are required to have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree
  • Knowledge: They must have broad knowledge with techniques in collecting data, analyzing information, generating reports, programming, and SQL Server. It is also vital that applicants are open to learning processes and can translate that knowledge to IT teams
  • They may also be required to have a working knowledge of automation/programming and expertise in managing data in relational databases, and the application of data visualization tools (e.g. Tableau). Employers also look out for applicants with the ability to create automated reports and self-service tools, as well as use business intelligence tools
  • Problem-solving skills: Applicants are required to have the ability to identify problems or gaps in the financial systems of an organization, solve problems in a creative manner, and implement opportunities for improvement
  • Modeling skills: It is important that they can design and implement complex modeling tools to improve the financial performance of the organization
  • Organizational and time management skills: They must be able to work within time constraints while managing multiple priorities
  • Communication skills: Applicants for the financial systems analyst job are required to possess great oral and written communication skills to effectively execute their job responsibilities
  • Collaborative skills: They must be able to work together with people from different units as required to help them address financial or system issues
  • Computer skills: They should possess advanced computer skills, including expertise in Microsoft Excel using advanced formulas, pivots, charts, and graphs and VBA scripting; SQL Server 2017, including SQL Packages; creating queries, stored procedures, data imports and database optimization; and knowledge using Microsoft Visual Studio/SSRS
  • Project management skills: Applicants are also required to have the ability to accomplish projects working with and through others. They must also consistently document procedures that were undertaken to address a problem.


If you are a hiring manager or a recruiter looking for capable candidates for the financial systems analyst position in your organization, then you can apply the sample job description provided above to make a detailed description of the available position.

Interested applicants will be able to know and understand what the financial systems analyst job entails – the duties and responsibilities to perform if hired – by making a detailed job description of the role available to them.

With this knowledge, interested applicants will be able to decide if they are best suited for the job or not, which will increase your chances of finding the best candidates for the financial systems analyst job.

This post is also helpful to individuals interested in the financial systems analyst career. They will be able to learn about what financial systems analysts do, which will help them to decide if that is the career choice they want to follow.

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