Fast Food Cashier Job Description Example

Fast Food Cashier job description duties tasks and responsibilities

Fast Food Cashiers perform various tasks, including handling of cash register and taking of orders from customers.

Fast Food Cashier Job Description Example

What Does a Fast Food Cashier Do?

The fast food cashier is an individual employed by fast food restaurants with a job description involving handling the company’s cash register wherever the point of sale of the restaurant may be.

His/her role also involves responsibilities for all financial transactions at the restaurant.

He/she usually works at the cash register where he/she rings up purchases made by clients and also collects payments on behalf of the restaurant.

Many of the outlets employing fast food cashiers do offer foundational training to newly hired cashiers in order to get them groomed and aligned to the practices and procedures in the restaurant.

At the end of such foundational training, the cashier would have developed service skills, and would be furnished with work history as obtainable in the restaurant.

The role of the cashier working in a fast food firm basically entails collecting and counting money on behalf of the company.

Such monies are collected in cash and are reported to the appropriate authority at the end of each business day.

Most fast food restaurants make use of Point of Sale (POS) machines for taking payments from customers.

However, the cashier still needs to take record of the cash collected and ensure there is correlation between the amount recorded and the actual amount paid in by clients.

The register receipt is ratified at the close of a business day, and this is usually followed by filling of certain cash and financial reports by the cashier.

Aside collecting and recording cash receipt from clients, the cashier can also function as a member of the service crew at the restaurant.

He/she work description can then involve welcoming clients and also taking their orders.

He/she can also package such orders and present them to the client, and of course collect payment from the client, as well as issue them receipt.

The fast food cashier can take customers’ orders through a speaker or headset when they work at drive-through windows.

It is essential that the counter where they work is kept clean consistently.

Fast food cashiers are also sometimes required to clean the restroom, serving, and even the dining areas, depending on the specific requirements of the particular employer.

In addition to the above duties, the fast food cashier can also be responsible for stocking the restaurant’s store with all required supplies, such as condiment, paper bags, and napkins.

They can sometimes be required to help with basic things like packaging and cooking French fries and other basic food preparations.

There is rarely any need for formal education for the fast food cashier, but many restaurants do provide basic training for the newly employed cashiers.

The cashier should dress very neatly always and look presentable, since he/she plays roles related to that of brand ambassador to the restaurant.

Fast Food Cashier Job Description Example

Are you planning to work as a fast food cashier? If yes, the following job description example reveals the kind of duties, tasks, and responsibilities you will likely be required to carry out in your day-to-day activities at the restaurant:

  • Welcome the customers as they step into the restaurant
  • Deal with clients in the most polite manner possible
  • Take record of orders made by customers both at the drive-through and counter, depending on where he/she is stationed
  • Convey orders to kitchen staff and see to their preparation
  • Monitor all orders placed by the client and also ensure these orders are delivered promptly to the customers
  • Package foods in bags and boxes along with kitchen staff
  • Help kitchen staff to cook food when such help is required
  • Help with up-selling in the restaurant when necessary
  • Pay attention to customers and help in responding to their inquiries, resolving their complaints, and noting their suggestions.

Fast Food Cashier Resume Preparation

When looking for a new fast food cashier job, you will certainly need to present a resume to hiring managers for them to properly assess your suitability for the position.

One way they will be sure that you will be able to do the job excellently well is to look at your resume’s professional experience section, which you can prepare by using the content of the job description sample shown above.

The duties and responsibilities contained in the work description sample aptly captures the role of cashiers in most fast food outfits, and are therefore suitable for writing the work experience part of the resume for the position.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Fast Food Cashier Job

To succeed working as a cashier in a fast food restaurant, there are certain skills, knowledge, and qualities you should seek to develop, including:

  • Education: Associated degree or High School Diploma. The actual educational qualification depends on the individual fast food restaurant
  • Prior experience is rarely required since many employers do provide the needed training before the cashier starts working
  • Experiences in sales is added advantage
  • Experience in customer service is also added advantage
  • Ability to follow laid down directions and achieve company’s business goal
  • Possess very strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to engage in effective communication with different clients
  • Possess ability to handle complaints, respond effectively to inquiries, and greet customers.

Fast Food Cashier Skills for Resume

You can make the skills section of your resume with the fast food cashier skills provided above.

The content of this section tells the employer you have the right competence to excel on whatever assignment you will be given on the job.