Express Scripts Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Express Scripts hiring process.
Express Scripts are able to recruit the best candidates through an established hiring process.

Express Scripts Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Express Scripts involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you need to pass through to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Express Scripts recruitment process and increase your chances of being hired at the Company:

Express Scripts Company Overview

Express scripts holding company is a successful world renowned and significant Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) organization.

It once held the 25th position of the largest establishments in the U.S. in terms of total revenue, and was considered to be America’s largest pharmacy benefit management organization.

Many people love Express Scripts for providing pharmacy benefits management services for employees’ compensation insurance programs.

A large number of beneficiaries of Express scripts, including employees can attest to the fact that the organization is processing pharmaceutical claims for members using a network of many retail pharmacies.

The Express Scripts Hiring Process

Express scripts recruits an individual who is able to go through the company’s hiring process, which varies (based on the position).

The typical Express scripts hiring process should consist of these stages:

  1. The Job Application

The initial step to take to get a job from this organization is to apply for one of the available positions.

Visit the Express Scripts official website to make this application. Once you’ve visited the website, move to the career page and search for the available job that suits you.

Click on the job title to apply for it. You will need to submit your resume there too.

If you are an applicant applying for the first time, you will have to create a compulsory candidate profile, which you will use to send the application, and check its progress later on by logging in to the account.

With the account that you create, you will be able to apply for other available positions.

2. Phone Interview

In Express Scripts hiring process, a phone interview tends to come up after submitting an online application, irrespective of the position.

This phone interview can only be conducted if an applicant’s resume meets with the criteria for the job. It is usually brief, but a bit tough.

It will focus more on your resume, and the knowledge you have about the position you chose.

There are no wrong or right answers to the series of questions that will be asked, but the manner your answers are presented matters a lot.

The interviewer (one of the recruiting team members) normally sounds nice during the phone conversation, so that you can be relaxed and not tensed when answering your questions.

According to most applicants, the phone interview doesn’t last more than 30 minutes, and you will be informed with an email by the recruiting team to prepare your mind for the interview weeks before it commences.

3. Face-to-face Interview

If you are interviewed by phone and successfully passed the process, you are likely to get invited for a face-to-face interview session with one or more hiring managers.

Express Scripts conducts this interview to completely assess the applicant’s expertise in the job he or she is applying for.

Also, it is a competency and behavioral – based interview that will last for a few hours. Most people find it threatening, since someone might be interviewed by a panel, and not just one person.

During the Express Scripts interview, you will be asked varieties of questions, including:

  • Do you have reason why you chose to work for Express Scripts?
  • Tell me what you know about this organization?
  • Have you worked with a team? What were the challenges you faced working with the team?
  • Give me the summary of your work history.
  • Have you ever made a decision without involving your supervisor? If yes, why?
  • Do you find it difficult working in accordance with regulations? If yes, why?
  • Tell me the qualities you have that can contribute to the success of this company.

Before attending your interview, make sure you are well prepared for it. Visit Express Scripts website and learn about them, because your knowledge about the company will be tested during the interview.

Preparing practical examples about how you have depicted and made use of your competencies to solve complex work issues, will aid you in the interview.

4. Onboarding Process

As an applicant who has been offered a job, you will need to experience the Express Scripts onboarding process for some weeks before you can be completely employed and given access to all the benefits of an employee.

During the onboarding process, you will undergo a compulsory orientation and training to get you prepared and fit to be in the workforce.

You will be educated about Express Scripts culture and history, and how to adapt to life in the company.

You will be able to familiarize yourself with co-workers within your department. After the onboarding process has been concluded, you will be fully employed and paid for the program.

How Long Does Express Scripts Hiring Last?

Getting a job offer tends to happen after your face-to-face interview, provided you pass it successfully.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get employed after they have been interviewed, but the recruiting team ensures that they give a response to candidates who have undergone an interview process.

Two to three weeks after an interview, an email is sent to an applicant to communicate the outcome of the interview, and to give him or her a detailed information on how to finish the hiring process, which leads to the job offer.

Express Scripts Jobs and Careers

There are numerous job seekers desiring to get a job at Express Scripts, and the organization is doing its best to offer jobs to people who are qualified and suitable enough.

Here are some of the significant job positions at Express Scripts:

  • Pharmacy automation engineer: This employee is responsible for troubleshooting, installing, and repairing automated production equipment, to include robotic controls, electrical controls, PLC programming, applications, data/information transfer, and PCs.

Offering technical assistance to Robot and PLC based software and hardware, is always part of the responsibilities of this position.

  • Senior pharmacy technician: This employee has the responsibility to perform compounding functions in accordance with USP 797 and other compounding regulations in an ISO 5 environment.

He or she will also be engaged in the operation of production equipment to include monitoring production equipment, cleaning printers, changing labels, and restocking materials.

  • Patient care coordinator: This employee provides answers to questions based on pharmacy benefits and also executes the maintenance of productivity standards and performance guarantees where applicable. He or she also handles customers’ issues and ensures a complete customer follow-up.
  • Prescription benefit specialist: This employee is responsible for handling inbound calls and facilitating outbound calls to/from patients who want to make enquires about their home delivery benefit. He or she also makes it possible to transit medications that have been requested from homes.
  • Patient access representative: This employee meets the requirements and expectations of external and internal customers by obtaining required payer, patients, and physical documentation, confirming insurance benefits, and ensuring that all transactions in the system are being documented.

What to Expect Working at Express Scripts

Virtually all the employees at Express Scripts have no regrets for joining the company’s workforce. As an employee, you will be working with a friendly team.

Typical daily work duties are not difficult to execute; support and guide are being provided to help ensure that staffs (especially newly employed ones) are able to work efficiently.

The supervision is great and there are countless opportunities to improve your expertise.

However, based on the department you work in, there might be no shift flexibility, plus long working hours.

According to some previous Express Scripts workers, the company is not a great one when it comes to wages.


Express Scripts have an easy and straightforward hiring process for employing applicants, but this doesn’t mean that every job seeker will be recruited.

As an applicant who is ready and willing to work at this company, this article has offered every necessary detail that will facilitate your journey throughout the hiring process.