Enterprise Products Partners Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Enterprise Products Partners Hiring Process
Your chances of gaining employment with Enterprise Products are brighter with knowledge of the Company’s hiring process. Image source: houstonchronicle.

Enterprise Products Partners Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The hiring process at the Enterprise Products Partners involves various stages, including the job application and interview where you will be expected to successfully give answers to certain questions to be employed.

This post provides detailed information on what the Enterprise Products Partners recruitment process entails and the steps to take to successfully gain employment with the Company.

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Enterprise Products Partners Company Overview

Enterprise Products Partners was established in the year 1968, owned by the Duncan Family and traded as a public organization in the Oil and Gas industry.

It has its headquarters situated currently at Enterprise Plaza, Houston, Texas, United States.

Enterprise Products Partners L.P acquired Enterprise GP Holdings on the 22nd day of November, 2010 six years after the latter acquisition of GulfTerra.

Enterprise GP Holdings was once a midstream energy holding company founded in the year 2005 and later made its official entrance into the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in America by revenue in the year 2007.

It had its headquarters situated at Houston, Texas, United States.

Enterprise Products ranked No. 105 in the 2018 rating of Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in the United States by revenue.

Enterprise Products offers a wide range of products and services, which are:

  • Products: Crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals
  • Services: Oil and gas transportation.

Enterprise Products Hiring process

So, if you are interested in landing a job at Enterprise Products, this is the section you will know all you need to know and do to be able to get the job you want.

This section is sure to guide into all the processes and steps involved in this Company’s hiring process.

The different stages of getting hired into this company involve the submission of your job application via the company’s official job site, www.enterpriseproducts.com, and the interview and hopefully the employment.

  1. Enterprise Products Job Application Process

At Enterprise Products, jobs are always available for both students and recent graduates who want to start up a career in the oil and gas industry even with limited work experience.

The strongest convincing power a fresh graduate has to land a job here is good grades and the little working experience during college days.

To this effect, it is important to know that if you are a fresh graduate ready to apply for a job at Enterprise Product, you will need your resume to be appealing, with all your academic qualifications, skills, and major honors you got in college boldly stated in your resume.

This could be the convincing power you have to land a job here.

So, if your resume is well-crafted and ready to be submitted, then login to the company’s official website and navigate to the job area.

Specify the job search filter criteria you want and click on the “Search for jobs” button to find out the jobs that are available.

You will be directed further on the next step to take to complete the submission of your application.

2. Enterprise Products Interview Process

This is preceded by an assessment test to know your abilities in terms of numerical reasoning, and also personality and behavioral test.

These tests will give them a hint to know if you are mentally and behaviorally okay for the job you applied for.

If you pass the assessment test, you will be granted an interview to do more critical assessment through verbal questions which you are expected to answer within the shortest possible time.

This interview is undertaken by the hiring team or managers of the company.

For this session, you need to be well-prepared, ready to present yourself good enough for the job by exuding confidence in your answers.

Understand that the hiring managers are interested in seeing your ability to work or thrive under pressure.

Take note of that and ensure that your answers do not suggest that you detest pressure.

Enterprise Products Interview Questions

We may not state all the questions asked during interview sessions at Enterprise Products Partners, however, with the major ones that are stated here, you should have an insight into what to expect.

Here are major questions to expect at an interview with Enterprise Products:

  1. Why did you choose Enterprise Products?
  2. Describe a time you had a fierce disagreement with a coworker in the past and how you dealt with it?
  3. How do you cope with a stressful day at work?
  4. Tell us your greatest strengths and weaknesses
  5. Tell us about a time attention to detail helped you get a job done expertly.
  6. How do you feel working in a team rather than working alone
  7. What steps do you to resolve conflict between you and another worker?
  8. How efficient are you with ICT?
  9. How do you react when are criticized by someone in the workplace?
  10. In what possible ways can you improve the overall output of your department?

Enterprise Products Partners Jobs and Careers

At Enterprise Products, there are various job areas you can think of developing your career, see below:

  1. Accounting
  2. Administrative Support
  3. Commercial
  4. Engineering
  5. Environmental, Health, Safety & Training
  6. Executive
  7. Finance & Treasury
  8. Human Resources
  9. Information Technology
  10. Internal Audit
  11. Legal
  12. Marine Services
  13. Operations
  14. Supply Chain Management
  15. Transportation.

What to Expect Working for Enterprise Products

There are some considerable employee benefits available at Enterprise Products and they include:

  1. Health, Dental, and Vision coverage
  2. Group life insurance
  3. Short-term disability insurance
  4. Death benefits applicable to certain causes of death.


Enterprise GP Holdings was once a household name in the Oil and Gas industry until its acquisition/merger by Enterprise Products on the 22nd November, 2010.

However, the new Company, Enterprise Products, it has gone on to dominate the oil and gas sector ever since.

This is down to the strength and initiative of its workforce comprising of highly motivated individuals with good understanding of the demands of the industry.

So, this in turn has raised the standard for hiring potential employees who can make a whole lot of difference when hired.

With this article, steps have been put in place to help potential applicants have a clear picture of what the hiring process at Enterprise Products entails and how to go about it.