Duke Energy Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

Duke Energy Hiring Process
To find employment with Duke Energy, you will need to complete the company’s hiring process.

Duke Energy Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The hiring process at Duke Energy involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you must successfully complete to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Duke Energy recruitment process and improve your chances of getting employment there.

Duke Energy Company Overview

Duke Energy is a power holding company in the U.S., having assets in Canada and Latin America.

This American company was founded and began its operation as a little hydroelectric power station in the year 1904.

Currently, Duke Energy is the biggest electric power holding company in America, with its headquarters at North Carolina.

The company offers services in the Carolinas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Many of its plants, as well as hydroelectric, gas-fired, nuclear power, coal-fired, and pumped-storage, are all located in South and North Carolina, while the other facilities are in Florida, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Moreover, Duke Energy is engaged in supplying and delivering energy to virtually 7.2 million customers. As a result of this tremendous number, the company constantly recruits employees who are competent.

The Duke Energy Hiring Process

Until you have undergone the hiring process of this company, which is slightly different from other organizations, it is technically impossible for you to be employed.

The Duke Energy hiring process consists of the following stages:

  1. Job Application

Duke energy prefers that an applicant submits an online application to begin the hiring process of the company.

An online application should be sent to the hiring team. That is what gives you an entry into the recruitment process.

You can complete application by visiting Duke Energy careers website, search for your preferred position and then apply for it. Just like other online jobs applications, you will need to first create an applicant profile before you can successfully apply for the job. This is for people applying for the first time.

During the application, Duke Energy will definitely request for some of your personal information to complete the process. This information may include full name, home address, mobile number, email, as well as uploading your resume.

2. Energy Employment Test

After your application has been received, you may be needed to sit for an assessment test, which Duke Energy typically calls Energy Employment Test.

This test is one of the selection assessments that the recruitment team utilizes for the hiring process.

Moreover, this Energy Employment Test is not for every applicant, depending on the position.

The test is done online and it involves various stages that will be disclosed to you days or weeks before the test commences.

However, here are the stages that you are likely to encounter during the Test:

  • Duke energy MASS test: This part of the energy employment test consists of four sections, which are mechanical concepts, mathematical usage, reading comprehension, and assembling objects. Every section assesses the abilities that are needed for you to thrive in any mechanical role, e.g. nuclear maintenance technician.
  • Duke energy TECH test: This test consists of four different sections, which are graphic problem solving, mechanical concepts, translating diagrams, and reasoning for rules. Every section assesses the abilities that are needed for you to thrive in a tech role, e.g. transmission line technician.

3. Interview Process

An applicant who participated in the assessment test and exhibited all the competencies that are needed for the role, will then be invited for a face-to-face interview session. The interview is very intense and usually varies according to the position.

There are some face-to-face interviews that don’t last for more than 3 hours while there are some that take days or even a week to complete.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will be interviewed 24/7 or for few consecutive days. You can be interviewed for just one hour and then booked for another interview session in a few days’ time.

Moreover, Duke Energy interview process might be with one hiring manger or more. You will be challenged with complex questions, regarding your position and the company as well.

Actively preparing for the interview is one way to give yourself an edge during the interview session.

You actually need some guidelines from professionals to help your preparation. However, here are some tips to use:

  • When answering questions, try as much as possible to exhibit a genuine interest to work for the company. Ensure this technique isn’t noticed by the interviewer(s).
  • Get to the interview venue as early as you can.
  • You should appear in an outfit that is appropriate for the interview.
  • Don’t fail to make steady eye contact with the interviewer(s) while answering the questions.

4. Orientation and Training

If you have been selected as one of the newly employed candidates, you, as well as other individuals will need to attend a compulsory orientation sessions and training.

This is to comprehensively educate you about your position, as well as the history and culture of Duke Energy and what the company expects from employees.

Your supervisor will be the one to ensure that you participate in the orientation.

Also, during the orientation and training program, you will be greatly opportune to meet and get acquainted with people you can’t just ordinarily meet.

How Long Does Duke Energy Hiring Process Last?

After your interview session at Duke Energy, the hiring team will get a message across to you regarding your interview performance and how to conclude the hiring process. However, this can only happen if you succeeded in the interview.

Applicants who did not pass the interview process successfully will not be able to get any response from Duke Energy.

Duke Energy Jobs and Careers

There are numerous positions that are open for recruitment at Duke Energy, but here are some of the major roles at the company:

  • Nuclear engineer: This employee helps to develop electrical engineering design solutions to assist with the emergent plant activities. This position also has a responsibility in completing qualifications in using Duke Energy Nuclear fleet standard design process to offer support to design products development that supports plant modifications.
  • Solar development engineer: This employee is responsible for providing engineering and/or technical skill and direction to assess PV system design, as well as system production estimates in supporting development and approval of win for projects that are renewable.
  • Software engineer – digital transformation: This employee is responsible for designing and building highly difficult software solutions with the use of agile/XP/TDD. He or she will also work together with developers, designers, and owners of products to build solutions.
  • Facility system specialist: This employee has the responsibility to provide day-to-day security program operations support, which involves resolving facility-related problems and issues, and testing and peer-review functions.
  • Associate customer care specialist: The responsibilities of this employee include building an honest liaison with his or her customers, as well as representing Duke Energy greatly, and attending to customers by offering solutions to their complaints. He or she also acts as client advocate, handling the needs of clients with integrity and understanding.

What to Expect Working at Duke Energy

At Duke Energy, employees are like family, offering help to each other in resolving work-related issues.

The management of the company is very helpful; they treat employees with respect and not intimidation like the managements of some other large organizations.

As an employee at Duke Energy, you will not find it difficult to enjoy work-life balance and receive good wages.

However, Duke Energy typically has short breaks and does not retain employees for a long period of time.

Sometimes, there is zero tolerance for making mistakes, especially if you have been warned previously.


Duke Energy is a thriving organization, pleased and willing to have a diverse, talented, and competent workforce that portrays strong personnel values.

A job at this company can turn into a career, with several chances to grow and advance. This is probably the reason Duke Energy was selected among the top best employers in the U.S.

Ensure you prioritize every step of the hiring process, and take it seriously as well, because crossing every step successfully will take you to the next step and get you the desired employment at Duke Energy.