Disney Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

Disney Hiring Process
Getting employed at the Walt Disney Company entails going through a hiring process. Image source: Joshua Sudock/Disney Parks, usatoday.

Disney Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The hiring process at Disney involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you must pass through to be employed by the Company.

This post provides complete information about the recruitment process at the Walt Disney Company, to help you easily find employment there.

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The Walt Disney Company Overview

Disney, officially termed The Walt Disney Company, is a very large American mass media and entertainment corporation, doing business within and outside the walls of its country of origin.

It was founded in the year 1923 by Walt and Roy O. Disney, who were brothers. Thus, it was initially known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.

The company has been established as the leading organisation in the American animation industry, before its expansion into live-action film production, theme parks, and television.

Since 1980, Disney has built and gotten corporate divisions, so that its market can be more mature than it was originally.

The company is renowned worldwide, especially for one of its first animated movie created in the year 1928 – Mickey Mouse.

The Walt Disney Hiring Process

Disney’s hiring process is pretty unique, and is being conducted differently from the recruitment process of other companies.

The hiring process consists of some stages, which are as follows:

  1. The Job Application Process

Getting employed at Disney typically begins with submitting an online application through the Disney careers website.

When you get to the site, you will be able to link your LinkedIn profile and portfolio, as well as submitting a cover letter, and providing more information about yourself and your work experience.

The in-house recruiters utilize the details in your profile and portfolio to determine if can be suitable for the job.

As a result of this, ensure that the details you provided are current and very correct.

2. Phone Screening

After submitting your online application, the Disney recruiters will examine and review your application, including your CV and cover letter, to match the role you’ve applied for.

If you have been considered to continue the hiring process, you will be contacted by a member from the HR department to be part of a phone interview.

Phone interview is a compulsory part of the hiring process, and it helps the HR department to have good knowledge about you, and how fit you are for the position.

During this phone interview, expect to be asked questions in-regards to your work experiences, education histories, and the expertise you have to perform the job competently.

Prior to the phone interview, you will be sent an email to notify you about an upcoming interview over the phone.

3. Assessment Center

After you have successfully passed the phone screening interview, depending on your position, the HR department may invite you to attend an assessment center for some tests, alongside other candidates who qualified.

At the assessment center, you participate in various activities, such as role-play exercises, psychometric tests, and if possible, interview as well.

Sometimes, this assessment can occur online, instead of going to a physical place to take the tests.

To participate in the online assessments, Disney HR department will send an email to you, which has the link that automatically leads you straight to sit for the tests after clicking it.

The assessment test (whether online or at the assessment center) has a limited amount of time, which means you have to be a bit fast with it.

4. In-person Interviews

Disney conducts a face-to-face interview session during the assessment day. You will be interviewed by one of the members of the HR and management team.

The interview involves various questions, in regards to your resume, former work experiences, behavior, expertise, and the position.

Here are some examples of Disney interview questions you might be asked:

  • Can you give me a tangible reason why you applied for this position?
  • What are your key strengths?
  • Working alone or with a team, which do you prefer?
  • What do you love about Disney as a company?

Apart from these questions, be prepared to answer several behavioral questions as well, and ensure that your answers are very organized and engaging.

In preparing for Disney interview, there are methodologies to learn to aid your performance during the interview.

You can search for some online trainers who specialize in tutoring applicants to ace their interview.

Moreover, here are some tips that you should know about:

  • One thing that can help you ace your interview, is researching the position, and having in-depth knowledge about the role. This is key, since about 50% of the interview questions will be based on the position.
  • Be prepared to give the interviewer your own take on pro-active and efficient solutions to everyday work-related issues.
  • Know more about the interview process by getting valuable information from former Disney employees on what it’s like to be interviewed in Disney.

5. Orientation

If you have been selected, you will pass through an orientation process. During the learning process, you will be taught Disney history and culture.

It is an entire day course conducted at the Disney University. There will be facilitators who will do a great job by explaining how important Disney’s culture is.

At a certain time during the orientation, the class will be separated and briefly take a tour all through the Magic Kingdom, and maybe one of the resorts.

Before the orientation comes to an end, you will be informed on how to participate in the one week on-the-job training, which teaches you all you need to know about your position in the company.

How Long Does Disney Hiring Process Take?

After your in-person interview, you will have to be very patient with the recruiters, since it may take a long time before you can hear from them to know if you successfully passed the interview or not.

Typically, it will take more than three weeks to receive a response from the recruiters.

However, there are cases of applicants who don’t hear anything in several months, because the recruitment team needs enough time to consider them.

Disney Jobs and Careers

Disney has a very large number of jobs for qualified applicants, but here are a few of the roles that are frequently sought for:

  • Social media content producer: This employee works closely with the Digital content manager and Digital content assistant to create and perform social/digital content strategies that drive audience reach metrics, video views, and engagement.
  • Story analyst: This employee is responsible for illustrating script pages and developing story ideas. He or she also comes up with character personality and comedy or dramatic action.
  • Visual communicator designer: This employee is responsible for developing modern, convincing, different, and innovative designs within both digital and print mediums.

He or she also has a responsibility in designing graphics to accompany very vital notices, orientation materials, as well as other communications materials needed within.

  • Arts director: This employee is in charge of supervising a wide and varied portfolio of games from the perspective of graphics and visual.

Managing a little but pro-active team of talented artists at Disney is also part of the duties of this employee.

  • Media coordinator: This employee consistently works with team members and partners within Disney, as well as Studio and non-studio teams.

He or she also helps to organize shared documents and calendars, including content that is meant for the team in charge of performance media analytics/science.

  • Advertising operations associate: This employee is responsible for leading the entire deal account management and maintenance for the whole allocated advertisers.

He or she also makes sure that deal dollars are being booked and constant to what the advertiser bought.

What to Expect Working at Disney

Disney is a great company to work for, not because of the numerous benefits that awaits you, but for being recognized and respected as an employee.

Your wages will be great, and you can be assured of experiencing a good work life balance. There are usually opportunities to get promoted, and then advance your career.

However, depending on your position or department, you may not enjoy long breaks, and not-too-long working hours. Disney prefer employees who perform their tasks flawlessly, failure to be like one of these personnel may cause you problem in the company.


Getting recruited into Disney is not an easy journey most times, especially when you applied for a role that is highly significant to the company.

As long as you can undergo the company’s hiring process successfully, you should get a job eventually.

All the stages involved in the Walt Disney hiring process have been made available in this article to help you succeed in gaining employment in the company.