Digital Project Manager Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Digital Project Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Digital Project Managers are involved in generating and managing digital content for their companies’ websites.

Digital Project Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Digital Project Manager Do?

The digital project manager job description primarily entails performing tasks and responsibilities concerning digital content.

Individuals handling this role in a company are expected to possess digital orientation, web development, and design knowledge, as the job involves promoting the image and brand of the company.

Aside the above skills and orientation, the digital project manager should equally have editing skills and content writing skills, as he/she may be required by the organization to provide top quality content that will enhance the professional image of the organization.

Having the ability to write compelling and quality content is a valuable skill the manager should have as this will transform him/her to an inevitable asset to the organization and its digital marketing projects.

In addition, email marketing and blog posting skills are also valuable for the digital project manager to effectively carry out his/her duties and responsibilities.

The work description of the digital project manager also involves carrying out web development and design functions.

He/she will require top knowledge in HTML and CSS in order to be able to handle these tasks.

These skills are required for embedding videos, adding images and texts, and for formatting web contents.

The digital project manager should be an expert in file transfer protocol (FTP) duties, which ensures easy connection to the Internet server.

He/she should be able to manage file systems of the organization too.

Ability to work with Dropbox is yet another skill the digital project manager should possess.

He/she should understand how to deliver and pick up various online assets for the organization through the Internet.

The manager in charge of digital projects will require reporting and analytical skills too to succeed in his/her assignments.

Since data is referred to as the future currency, he/she must know how to collect data and also interpret same.

He/she should know how to install analytical codes on the company’s website as well, and having certification in data analysis will help in performing this task effectively.

Digital project managers are equally employed to handle the information architecture of an organization.

They should be able to classify and audit all information on the company’s website, and analyze such information to determine what the future holds regarding company’s digital marketing endeavors.

The digital project manager will ensure that every member of the digital marketing team gets his/her job done as effectively as possible.

He/she should understand how to use various tools, like Gliffy, Frame Box, and POP.

He/she should also understand how to use social media to promote company’s image.

Search engine optimization is key to digital marketing process; therefore, the manager must understand how it works.

He/she should understand how to use various Microsoft Office packages, including PowerPoint.

Digital Project Manager Job Description Example

Below is a job description example consisting of major tasks and responsibilities a digital project manager is expected to perform each day to fulfill company’s business goals.

  • Update, maintain, and also create highly detailed plans for digital projects as that will bring about improved drive in client management, resources, and expert schedules
  • Mitigate and identify all possible risks to digital projects and get such resolved without delay
  • Identify all potential scope issues and address them internally with clients
  • Build trust and good working relationship with clients; have listening ears for their questions and concerns, and also understand their perspectives and requests
  • Facilitate and also encourage viable project communication with all digital marketing team members via various collaboration tools
  • Take part in improvement efforts for the team involved in project management
  • Seek opportunities for development of company’s brand, and be on the lookout for feedback from the general public towards improving digital marketing strategies of the company.

Digital Project Manger Resume Preparation

Preparing and submitting a resume is something you will need to do if you are seeking a digital project manager position and most jobs.

To make the section that provides information about your job experience to employers, you can use the sample digital project manager job description provided above.

It highlights the common duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the role, which you will have performed working as a project manager in a digital environment.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Digital Project Manager Job

The following abilities, knowledge, and skills have been observed to make a digital marketing manager succeed in his/her job, and as such employers usually make them important requirements that applicants must meet during hiring process for the post:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in communication, marketing, or other relevant area
  • Years of experience in relevant fields, like interactive, digital, or web project management will be an added advantage in getting the job
  • Ability to utilize various project management software
  • Possess good knowledge of the Internet
  • Possess experience and good understanding of QA, web development, content development, usability, design, requirement definition, and web strategies
  • Possess familiarity with content management systems
  • Possess experience in site metric review
  • Ability to make data-based strategic decisions
  • Possess experience in communication, relationship building, and clients management
  • Possess good leadership quality
  • Ability to communicate excellently in both verbal and written forms.

Digital Project Manager Skills for Resume

When writing a resume for the digital project manager position, the skills section should be given adequate attention to as most employers take very much interested in it – to see the skills and qualities you are coming with.

To make this section as compelling as possible, you can use information from the skills requirements stated above.

The fact that the qualities stated above are what employers are interested in when hiring new digital project managers, using them in your resume therefore will give it the boost and cause employers to give it the needed attention.