Delta Airlines: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

Delta Airlines
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Delta Airlines: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

This post presents exhaustive information of the hiring process at Delta Airlines, to help you learn how to effectively put in your job application and be successful at the interview.

Please, read on to learn what you need to do to increase your chances of employment at Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines Company Overview

Delta airlines, Inc., usually termed Delta, is among the most significant airlines in the U.S. and a carrier of legacy.

It has its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. This airline, including its subsidiaries and regional affiliates, as well as delta connect, is involved in the operation of more than 5,400 flights each day, and also renders service to about 325 destinations in at least fifty countries across six continents.

Delta is currently considered to be the second largest airline in the world, as a result of the number of its scheduled passengers carried, fleet size, and revenue passenger-kilometer flown.

Initially, Delta airlines started as a crop dusting operation, known then as Huff Daland Dusters, incorporated.

It was founded in the year 1924 at Macon, Georgia, and was later relocated to Monroe, Louisiana, a year after.

The Delta Airlines Hiring Process

To become one of the Delta staffs, you need to first undergo the hiring process of the company, which is pretty uneasy and involves various stages.

  1. Online Job Application

As an individual who desires to be an employee at Delta Airlines, it is highly necessary that you begin your journey into the hiring process of the company by submitting an online application, which will only take about 30 minutes or less to perform.

To complete this simple step, simply visit Delta Airlines careers website, and then search for your preferred job that suits your career.

But before then, you need to first create a candidate profile to enable you make your application, since it it’s your first time applying for a job at Delta.

Moreover, you will be asked to provide some of your private details when applying. This private detail about you can involve residence address, phone number, full name, email address, and even your resume.

2. Assessment Tests

Depending on the role or job-type that you are applying for, the Delta recruitment team may ask you to sit for some assessment tests.

The tests will be online and will vary according to the position the applicant is applying for.

But generally, according to some Delta employees, the assessment tests are likely to involve:

  • Personality tests: These tests are very compulsory, since they help the recruiters to assess your personality, strength, work style, and approach; motivation and weakness.
  • Situational judgment tests: These tests are somewhat tough, entailing hypothetical, yet realistic work scenarios.
  • Verbal reasoning test: These tests involve a paragraph of information, as well as some multiple-choice questions. Irrespective of the text provided in the paragraph, you must provide correct answers to questions that would be asked. This is typically performed within a very short time-frame.
  • Spatial reasoning tests: These tests help the recruiting team to assess an applicant’s ability to ponder on projects in 3D and to attract conclusions concerning those objects from information that is limited.
  • Abstract figural reasoning test: This test is being conducted to evaluate if an applicant is able to understand and carry out analysis on visual information by recognizing pattern; plus his or her ability to develop hypotheses, change tracks, and critically assess situations.
  • Numerical reasoning: This test helps the recruiting team to be able to assess if you are capable of understanding higher-level and basic math, as well as its application.

Before the time for the test, the Delta Airlines hiring team will contact all applicants and get them acquainted with all the necessary information on how to participate in the assessment tests.

3. Interview

Delta Airlines interview is a multi-step process. It is very important to understand that various positions could add or exclude some interviews or recruitment steps.

Although, the usual Delta interview process entails a phone or video interview, and then a face-to-face interview to finalize it all.

You have to first pass the phone or video interview successfully before you can be qualified to get invited for an in-person interview.

This phone or video interview is very similar to the ones conducted in other large organizations.

It is more like a discussion with one of the recruitment personnel irrespective of the position you are seeking.

You will be asked some not-too-difficult questions. Your answers will be evaluated to decide if you can be interviewed in-person.

Furthermore, after the phone or video interview comes the in-person interview with the HR managers.

It typically takes a long time before you can be called for this interview, since being interviewed in-person increases your chances of getting recruited.

At the Delta Airlines interview, you can be interviewed by just one personnel or more and the questions you may be asked include:

  • What should be the priority of an employee in the organization he or she works at?
  • Can retaliation towards your colleague result to a pleasant outcome?
  • Can you tell me why you are interested to work for Delta?
  • Would you like to be retained, and why?
  • Delta Airlines is highly interested in employees who contribute immensely to the growth of the establishment. How can you meet up to our expectation regarding this tradition?

During the interview, the HR managers or any other interviewer usually take interest in applicants who aren’t intimidated by the questions.

This interview is very crucial to your employment. It is very important to make intense preparation before the interview commences.

However, preparing for the interview could be difficult, since Delta interviewers develop new questions and techniques to knock applicants off their feet.

Also, before the interview, you should take note of these:

  • Arriving very early at the interview venue, probably 30 minutes before the interview starts, is vital.
  • Ensure you are professionally dressed, avoid looking awkward or casually.
  • Go to the interview along with copies of your resume and any other necessary credentials or paperwork.
  • Always remember, interviewers are not getting at you, so don’t be intimidate or scared even if they seem intimidating or harassing.

4. Background Check and Drug Test

Delta Airlines does not omit background checks or drug tests from its hiring process, since it is highly important to ensure that safe and clean individuals are being employed into the establishment.

A background check is being conducted right from when an applicant was 18 years of age till his or her present age.

Delta Airlines will ensure that the high school, college, residence, and friends and family of the applicant will all be investigated to find out if he or she has been in the practice of any bad or inappropriate habit.

A drug test will also be conducted to discover if an applicant does drugs. As an applicant, your urine sample will be taken for test at a special facility chosen by Delta.

If you are found clean, you will be employed. But if not, that might be the end of your journey.

However, applicants who have done drugs in the past and haven’t been involved in such for at least two years can be considered.

5. Delta Training Process

Once you have been successfully chosen to work at Delta Airlines, you will need to participate in a compulsory and comprehensive training course for at least eight weeks.

However, this is not for every position. The training is conducted to educate the new employees about the job requirements and the company’s culture.

During the training period, participants will be lodged and offered sumptuous food each day till the training comes to an end.

How Long Does Delta Airlines Hiring Process Last?

After applicants have completed their interviews successfully, most of them will be given an assurance of getting hired later on, probably in a month or less.

Although not everyone will be able to secure a job, this may be as a result of insufficient positions or roles available at the organization or it may be due to the performances of the applicant during the interview.

Delta Airlines Jobs and Careers

Delta Airlines is an organization that has numerous jobs and careers to offer various people.

But here are a few roles that are very significant to the airline:

  • Flight attendant: This is a key employee at Delta Airlines who has the responsibility to efficiently interact with patrons and give attention to the precise needs of passengers or travelers.
  • Cargo customer service agent: This employee performs various duties. He or she is in charge of lifting, loading and unloading, and transporting cargo and mail to aircrafts. He or she operates ground support equipment, including forklifts, tugs, and low tractors.
  • Baggage handler/ramp: This employee has the responsibility to operate baggage scanners, plus supporting with documentation and record keeping, to make sure baggage and cargo are correctly directed to the traveler’s destination.
  • Lead supply attendant: This employee does that typical daily activities that are associated with the warehousing and parts distribution in support of maintenance. Communicating effectively with the personnel in charge of material management and the maintenance personnel.
  • Operation service manager: This employee provides leadership to ensure the direction of reports that supports front line work teams and the operation. He or she also supervises and organizes operational performance, as well as on-time security, safety, and client service delivery, including other vital performance indicators.

What to Expect Working at Delta Airlines

Being an employee at Delta attracts several mind-blowing benefits. Apart from that, employees who have reached a certain level in the airline can be entitled to free flights privileges, creating an opportunity to save money.

Unlike other large airlines, Delta pays amazing wages, retirement, and bonuses, and also offers a flexible work schedule.

The management of the company tries as much as possible to ensure that employees are comfortable working with them.

However, some people feel it is very difficult to stand out in such a big organization.

Employees don’t easily get promoted, even though they are due for it.


It is usually a great opportunity to be employed in such a thriving company as Delta Airlines. But getting the job is not a day’s journey.

You need to pass through the airlines’ hiring process, which is pretty difficult most times (depending on the position).

This article has really helped to provide the steps involved in the hiring process and how to undergo them to successfully gain employment at Delta Airlines.