Customer Support Representative Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 14, 2023
Customer Support Representative Job Description
Customer support representatives communicate with customers and ensure they get correct information about company products.

This post provides detailed information on the customer support representative job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the customer support representative role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Customer Support Representative Do?

Customer support representatives (CSR) provide clients with useful information regarding company products/services as well as response to inquiries and complaints.

The customer support representative job description entails addressing and fulfilling the needs and requirements of customers to ensure a satisfied clientele.

In performing their duties, CSR actively listen to customer complaints to identify the cause of a problem and determine the most appropriate solution necessary in resolving it.

They provide response to questions or inquiries concerning company products and services.

They also utilize various communication modes such as email, phone calls, web chat, and person-to-person conversation to offer customer support services to clients.

As part of their responsibilities, customer support representatives create and maintain accurate record of customers’ account information.

They liaise with other departments of a company such as the sales unit to ensure the needs of customers are met.

Their role also entails receiving and processing payments for the purchase of goods/services.

Usually, customer representatives recommend to potential customers products capable of satisfying their needs.

They build and maintain sustainable trust relationship with clients through open and interactive communication.

They also meet assigned sales target and call handling quotas.

Customer support representatives in carrying out their work description ensure adherence to communication protocols and guidelines.

They greet customers warmly and maintain high level of customer service on the job.

They also handle clients’ orders and process refund/exchange as may be required.

In fulfilling their role, CSRs explain to clients company terms/conditions of sale.

They provide information on product warranty and discount criteria. They also receive or escalate incoming calls to appropriate unit for professional attention.

Customer support representatives as part of their description proffer recommendations to management on product/service improvement necessary to meet and satisfy clients’ needs.

To work as a CSR requires a high school diploma and short term on-the-job training.

Qualities needed to be effective on the job include communication, listening, and problem-solving skills.

Customer Support Representative Job Description Example/Template

Customer support representatives perform various functions as they strive to ensure customers are well informed about their company’s products.

The job description example given below shows the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly carried out by customer representatives in most companies:

  • Listen to customers to identify their needs and concerns
  • Provide solutions effective in addressing clients’ issues or resolving their problems
  • Give information concerning company products and services
  • Conduct research as may be required to obtain answers to client issues
  • Identify and utilize upselling opportunities to offer customers company products/services in order to meet sales target
  • Ensure compliance with established communication procedure, policies, and regulations
  • Offer support to customers via phone calls, emails, instant messaging or face-to-face interaction
  • Carry out assessments to evaluate customer satisfaction level and make adjustments where necessary
  • Create and maintain customer records to ensure an up-to-date client account information
  • Process payments and handle product recall, refund or exchange
  • Contact customers to inform them of deals/promotions, as well as to obtain feedback
  • Operate computer systems and tools in handling high volumes of customer calls
  • Ensure job operation is performed in line with set standards of customer service
  • Escalate difficult customer issues to more experienced employees for proper resolution
  • Plan and organize workflow to meet customer time constraints
  • Engage customers in open interaction to build and maintain positive trust relationship
  • Prepare and submit to management reports on customer support operation.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Customer Support Representative Job

Are you interested in the customer support representative job? If you are and want to know what you need to have to qualify for the role, here are major requirements most employers will expect you to meet:

  • Education and Training: To become a customer support rep, you require minimum of a high school diploma. About 1-2 years of experience in a call center or customer service industry is necessary for the job. Proficiency in the use of call handling equipment is relevant for the position, although most employers provide on-the-job training to acquaint new recruits with customer support operations
  • Communication Skill: Customer support reps understand and fluently speak appropriate language when interacting with clients
  • Listening Skill: They actively listen to customers to identify their issues, needs or requirements
  • Problem-solving Skill: They are well versed in providing solutions effective in meeting the needs of customers.


If you are looking to prepare a CSR job description, the above sample copy can help you to quickly create one.

You will be able to craft a detailed work description that is effective in attracting the best candidates if you are hiring for the position.

Also, you will find this post beneficial in improving your knowledge of what customer support representatives do if you are interested in getting into the career. Your knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the role will help you to develop the right skills and qualities, and so be better prepared for the career.