Customer Service Representative Job Description Example, Duties and Responsibilities

By | November 23, 2023
Customer Service Representative Job Description
Customer service representatives help provide the right answers to customers’ inquiries.

This post provides detailed information on the customer service representative job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to perform to be hired for the customer service representative role.

What Does a Customer Service Representative Do?

Customer service representatives are company personnel tasked with the responsibility of providing response to client inquiries regarding products and services.

The customer service representative job description entails assisting customers in addressing product/service issues as well as in devising solutions to client problems.

Customer service representatives play a sensitive role which speaks volumes about the image of an organization.

They are usually strategic in their dealings with customers as their decisions and manner of approach may make or mare the reputation of a company.

They are also saddled with the task of calming and addressing irate customers in order to maintain company clientele.

Customer care representatives in performing their duties listen to client complaints and proffer recommendations effective for resolving their issues.

They respond to customer inquiries by providing relevant product/service information.

They also take client orders and oversee the processing of billings and payments.

Usually, customer service reps handle inbound and outbound customer calls; they evaluate client needs and requirements in order to develop solutions effective for ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

They also strive to build sustainable trust relationship with clients through clear communication.

As part of their work description, customer service representatives ensure compliance with established communication policies and procedures.

They implement appropriate action plans in order to achieve assigned sales targets and call quotas.

Customer representatives maintain an up-to-date knowledge of company products and services so they can effectively respond to client enquiries.

They create and update customer accounts/file documents as well as keep record of interactions with customers.

They also escalate difficult customer issues to more experienced personnel for resolution.

A company’s representatives on customer service are also responsible for convincing clients to make more purchases using up selling and cross selling techniques to drive sales.

They utilize computer systems in managing customer calls and accounts.

They also ensure adherence to set customer service standards and procedures.

To work as a customer care representative in most firms requires at least a high school diploma.

Some of the required qualities for success in this career include communication skills, customer service and time management skills.

Customer Representative Job Description Example/Template

Working as a company’s representative on customer service involves carrying out various functions around attending to and providing answers to customer inquiries.

The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that mostly make up the work activities of customer service representatives are given in the job description example below:

  • Respond and manage multiple inbound calls from customers
  • Listen and interact with clients to identify and provide solutions effective for meeting their needs
  • Build and establish positive trust relationship with clients in order to ensure continued client patronage and satisfaction
  • Provide clients with information on company products and services in order to address their inquiries
  • Collaborate with the customer service manager to ensure proper implementation of customer service policies and procedures
  • Reach out to customers through phone calls and emails to inform them of deals/promotions as well as obtain feedback
  • Utilize computer systems in maintaining record of customer calls and account information
  • Collect important customer information such as phone number and address when processing payment
  • Address client inquiries regarding warranty agreements and conditions of sale
  • Escalate complex customer issues to customer service supervisors or managers for effective resolution
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of company products and services so as to effectively respond to client inquiries
  • Evaluate client needs to determine the strategy most effective in meeting their requirements
  • Respond to billing complaints by facilitating product exchange, refund or bill adjustment
  • Obtain relevant information in order to verify the authenticity of a complaint
  • Follow up on customers to ensure they are satisfied with received product/services.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Customer Service Representative Job

If you are interested in the customer service rep job, here are major requirements most employers may ask you to meet to qualify for the role:

  • Education and Training: To become a customer service representative, you require a high school diploma. Having prior experience in a customer support field enhances job competitiveness although most employers still provide on-the-job training to acquaint new recruits with job procedures and practices
  • Customer Service Skills: Customer service reps are able to politely relate with clients to ensure they are completely satisfied with products and services
  • Communication Skill: They are well versed in interacting with clients using clear and appropriate language
  • Time management Skill: They are skilled handling multiple customer calls within minimal timeframe.


This post provides a complete customer service representative job description sample that employers looking to hire the best hands for the job can apply as a template in creating a complete work description for the position.

Also, if you are interested in the customer service representative role, this post helps you to learn about the job for you to be prepared for the duties and responsibilities you may be assigned when hired.