Crew Scheduler Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Crew scheduler job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
Computer and communication skills are important skills a crew scheduler needs to have to succeed on the job.

Crew Scheduler Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post covers the job description of a crew scheduler exhaustively; it highlights the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically make up the work description of crew schedulers in most organizations.

You will also learn about the major requirements recruiters commonly ask applicants for the crew scheduler role to meet before they are considered for hiring.

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What Does a Crew Scheduler Do?

The crew scheduler is responsible for developing and communicating a schedule for all flights, as well as assigning crew members to flights.

They work with airlines and are responsible for directing people between locations by using the smallest number of personnel and vehicles and as quickly as possible.

The crew scheduler job description entails carrying out a variety of technical crew scheduling functions and activities, including flight control, stationing of personnel related to crew schedules, and maintaining necessary communication with all crewmembers.

It also involves paying close attention to the current state of flight operations, especially during periods of inclement weather or other circumstances that may result in delays and/or flight cancellations.

Crew schedulers are responsible for performing continuous auditing and verification of coverage of all scheduled flights, and monitoring of crewmember schedules to ensure legality/FAR compliance.

In the case of any alteration to schedules, they are responsible for notifying crewmembers of changes to daily/monthly schedule changes.

They also play a vital role in ensuring operational excellence. Crew schedulers are required to utilize reserve crewmembers in the most efficient and expedient method available.

They must also provide customer support to all crew members, managing all scheduling related items, including relaying correct policy, procedural, and regulatory information.

The crew scheduler work description also involves securing all necessary accommodations, including but not limited to hotel and deadhead flight booking.

To work as a crew scheduler, interested individuals require a minimum of High School Diploma, but applicants with higher educational qualifications are often preferred.

Crew Scheduler Job Description Example/Sample/ Template

Crew schedulers perform various functions, which primarily entails programming flight crews and ensuring agreement with government and company regulations, airline schedule requirements, and flight crew qualifications, and flight crew collective bargaining agreements (CBA).

The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the crew scheduler are listed in the sample job description below:

  • Monitor and uphold compliance with federal laws and contractual compliance of flight crew member schedules for a day-to- day operations
  • Work together with other System Operations Control (SOC) personnel, Flight Operations and Inflight management to ensure a safe, efficient, and cost-efficient operation
  • Responsible for communicating federal regulations, CBA compliance, reassignments, and accommodations to crew members
  • Apply federal regulations, contract rules, and crewmember qualifications, and established company policy and procedure in assigning uncovered flying
  • Process flight crew member requests including leave of absence coding and required training events, as well as confirm availability for the monthly crew schedule
  • Employ several and varied software systems to complete assigned tasks.

Crew Scheduler Job Description for Resume

You can apply the sample crew scheduler job description provided above in making the professional experience section of your resume if you have worked before or are presently working as a crew scheduler.

The professional or job experience section is an important addition to your resume if you’ve had some experience working as a crew scheduler.

It is an opportunity to show to the recruiter the duties and responsibilities you have successfully carried out performing the crew scheduler role with previous or current employer.

Crew Scheduler Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

When hiring for the crew scheduler position, recruiters seek to find the candidates with the competence, abilities, knowledge, etc. to give excellent performance on the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the position that will be assigned to them if hired.

To find such candidates, recruiters commonly present a list of requirements prospective candidates must meet to qualify them to apply for the crew scheduler role in their organizations.

Shown below are major requirements prospective candidates must fulfill to be considered for the crew scheduler job in most organizations:

  • Education: Applicants for the crew scheduler position are commonly required to have a minimum of High School d. However, a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent relevant experience is preferred
  • Knowledge: Recruiters often look out for individuals with advanced knowledge or training related to Aviation Management. It is also essential that they have prior aviation operations experience and knowledge. They must also be ready learners with the ability to proficiently operate sophisticated and complex software systems (i.e., Navitaire, Sabre Crew Trac, and Flite Trac and Flica). They must also be knowledgeable in operating a multi-line phone system
  • Computer skills: To carry out their duties successfully, it is important that crew schedulers possess intermediate MS Office skills particularly with Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Communications skills: The crew scheduler job requires communicating with crew members on a regular basis, therefore, applicants must have the competence to convey information both verbally and in writing to a diverse population
  • Stress management: Working as a cabin crew scheduler involves working in a high pressure environment and handling stressful situations. It is important that applicants have the ability to manage stress and stay calm under high pressure situations
  • Prioritizing: Crew schedulers work in a fast paced environment with multiple demands, so they must be able to manage multiple tasks and priorities to be successful on the job
  • Customer service skills: It is the duty of the crew scheduler to provide support to crew members, hence, applicants must possess the necessary skills to provide support and courteous service to crew members
  • Teamwork: Crew schedulers must also be able to function effectively in a team oriented environment.


If you are a recruiter or employer needing to hire for the crew scheduler position in your company, you will need to publish a description of the job to inform prospective candidates the duties and responsibilities to expect to perform if hired.

The sample job description above can help you in making a detailed description of the job that covers all the duties and responsibilities you want the successful candidates to perform.

This post is also useful in informing individuals interested in the crew scheduler career of the duties and responsibilities of the position so they can be more knowledgeable about the career.

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