Courtesy Clerk Job Description Example

Courtesy Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Courtesy Clerks ensure customers get a great experience whenever they come for shopping.

Courtesy Clerk Job Description Example

What Does a Courtesy Clerk Do?

The job description of a courtesy clerk is usually multifaceted regardless of the nature and size of the retail store employing him/her.

He/she is expected to work in almost all the units within the store to ensure that each customer has a satisfied shopping experience.

Courtesy clerks are mostly referred to as baggers. So, the primary responsibility of the courtesy clerk is to assist the cashier in bagging items purchased by customers.

He/she must know how to pack items appropriately. This will help in avoiding tear of shopping bags as well as to ensure that a bag contains maximum number of items.

A courtesy clerk is also expected to assist the cashier in calculating the value of products picked by customers.

This is particularly important during busy hours or days. Also, he/she assists the cashier to return products not paid for to the appropriate cabinets.

He/she is responsible for the neat arrangement of the cabinets and display areas. In doing this, the courtesy clerk is expected to clean and dust the cabinets as well as restock after some items have been removed from each cabinet.

It is equally the role of the courtesy clerk to ensure that shopping carts and trolleys are appropriately packed.

A courtesy clerk may also perform the duties of a cleaner by helping out in sweeping and moping shopping areas and emptying waste bins whenever the need arises.

A critical trait required of every courtesy clerk is friendliness and proper communication ability.

As a courtesy clerk, part of your work description is to welcome every patron with a smile and provide answers to each of their questions.

So, you should be prepared to be pleasant and polite to customers always.

Extraordinary customer service capability is likewise very crucial as the clerk is the best employee predicted to be with the clients from the moment they enter the store to when they exit.

The minimal age requirement for this job is generally 16 years and the individual aspirant for the position must be sturdy enough to lift heavy loads of up to 25 pounds, as well as being able to stand for extended period of time.

Courtesy Clerk Job Description Example

The courtesy clerk performs various functions. Here is a job description example listing the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the role:

  • Greet and welcome every customer in a pleasant manner
  • Help customers in locating merchandise at the shelves
  • Assist customers in moving their carts from one segment or shelve in the store to another
  • Help customers in shifting the cart with their items to the cashier’s desk
  • Make sure that clients’ items are bagged appropriately
  • Assist clients in taking the bagged objects to their vehicles when necessary
  • Ensure that shopping carts and trolleys are well packed
  • Assist the cashier in checking the value of products picked by customers
  • Return products picked but not paid for by customers to the appropriate shelves
  • Restock the cabinets as well as ensure that they are always neatly arranged
  • Assist the cleaner to tidy up the shopping areas and empty waste bins when necessary
  • Hold friendly but professional communication with each customer.

Courtesy Clerk Resume Preparation

When preparing a resume for the job of a courtesy clerk, you will need to include the section that shows your previous or current work experience if you have it.

This will give your resume a boost as employers generally like to hire people with experience of the job.

The job experience part of your resume is made by highlighting the activities you have performed or are presently carrying out as a courtesy clerk.

The sample job description given above provides the common courtesy clerk duties and responsibilities that you can use in making your resume’s work experience.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Courtesy Clerk Job

If you are applying for the courtesy clerk job, having the following skills and qualities can win you the heart of employers:

  • Friendliness and Communication Skills: The primary skills required of a courtesy clerk are friendliness and good conversation skills. He/she is expected to give customers maximum attention, answer their questions intelligently, and relate with them in a friendly manner
  • Stamina and Multitasking Ability: A courtesy clerk should have the sturdiness to stand for prolonged period of time while working around the store attending to customers. Additionally, he/she must be good at multitasking to be able to cope with the stress that comes with the job
  • Flexible Work Schedule: A courtesy clerk must be willing to work flexible shift since most retail stores work at night and during weekends and holidays
  • Education: The common academic qualification for candidates employed in this position is high school diploma. This goes to ensure that the person can perform basic numerical computations quickly as well as read written instructions
  • Customer Service Skills: A courtesy clerk must be able to make customers feel satisfied each time they visit the store. This can only be achieved if the individual possesses outstanding skills in customer service.

Courtesy Clerk Skills for Resume

To create the skills section of your courtesy clerk resume you need to highlight the qualities that you have which will help you to give top performance on the job.

The qualities must be relevant to the job and should reflect what employers usually look for, such as the ones shown above.


Courtesy clerks play a significant role at retail stores; therefore, having the knowledge of their job description, whether as a hiring manager or as someone looking for the job, will help in achieving the best performance on the job.

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