Costco Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

Costco hiring process.
The hiring process at Costco consists of various stages.

Costco Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

The hiring process at Costco involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you must complete to gain employment with the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Costco recruitment process and improve your chances of being employed by the Company:

Costco Company Overview

Costco, professionally known as Costco Wholesale Corporation, is a world renowned American establishment that handles the operation of a chain of warehouse clubs for membership only.

Costco was considered to be the world’s biggest retailer after Walmart as of 2015. Costco is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington.

In 1983, the company had its first ever warehouse. This was during the initial stage of creating the establishment.

Costco is one of the world’s largest employers, and it’s also ranked among the largest U.S. corporations when it comes to revenue.

The Costco Hiring Process

Costco gets to hire an applicant as permanent or temporary staff, after the applicant must have gone through the hiring process of the company.

The Costco hiring process consists of the following stages:

  1. The Job Application Process

Submitting a job application is the first thing to do if you want to secure a job at Costco, and it’s a pretty standard process.

Begin this application at Costco’s official website. Carefully check the page and click the jobs link at the bottom, which will take you to the next page.

After that, click on Apply Now, which you will find at the bottom of the next page. Put in your location to discover the Costco store that’s closest to you. Then you can select the type of job you wish to apply for and submit your application.

This is pretty easy to do, provided you have access to the Internet.

2. Job Assessment Test

Some applicants might not undergo any assessment test, probably due to the job they applied for.

But applicants seeking to occupy vital and significant positions at Costco will go through an assessment test in order to help the company assess how skillful and knowledgeable they are.

Just the way a normal assessment test takes place in some companies, Costco will give questions in respective sections for you to solve in a very limited time.

In this assessment test, you have to provide answers to questions in the verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, and personality sections that will be given to you.

Answering the questions correctly and before the time runs out shows a likelihood of succeeding and moving to the next stage in the hiring process – in-person interview.

3. Interview Process

Costco calls applicants for interview when they have interest to employing them. Their interview process is quite simple and straightforward.

Costco have interest in employing someone who is tolerant and knows how to work with a team efficiently.

The interview session does not last for too long. According to most employees, it takes just a few hours or less than an hour to begin and conclude the interview. Moreover, the interview sometimes occurs twice in one day.

During the Costco interview, there is a likelihood that you will need to provide answers to questions like:

  • Tell me your experience of displaying team work?
  • Can you efficiently work with a team?
  • How would you handle a customer that’s upset?
  • What is an amazing customer service?

Passing this interview successfully requires an intense preparation prior to the interview. Here are some tips to aid your preparation for Costco interview:

  • Make some research on the Costco Company, and discover what makes it different from other related companies.
  • Make preparations on how to answer questions on how you handled unhappy customers, made difficulty decisions, and worked with a team at your previous place of work.
  • Be absolutely specific when answering questions, and don’t have a timid countenance.

4. The Costco Orientation Process

Once you have been granted employment at Costco, orientation will definitely take place. It’s a learning process that educates you on the role you are to play in the company as an employee.

The process involves watching educative visuals and practicing some of the jobs that will be assigned to you as an employee.

How Long Does Costco Hiring Last?

After you have been interviewed by Costco, you have to be patient and expectant. You will be contacted to begin the job, provided you did very well at the interview.

According to employees, it takes a few weeks to hear from Costco after you have been interviewed. But sometimes, employees can be employed in less than a week after the interview.

Major Costco Careers and Jobs Available

The jobs and careers that can be accessed at Costco are numerous, but here are some of the most significant positions you can apply for:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Cashier
  • Cashier Assistant
  • Pharmacist
  • Stocker
  • Department Manager
  • Front end manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Non-Foods & Ecommerce
  • Product Testing Technician
  • Sample Demonstrators
  • Food Service Assistant.

These jobs are very instrumental to the growth and proper functioning of Costco.

What to Expect Working at Costco

Working at Costco entails a lot of things; some will be very pleasant and appealing to you while you might not find others appealing at all.

As an employee at Costco, you will be paid reasonable wages irrespective of what position you occupy. The management team is very considerate and helpful, and there can be exciting colleagues to mingle with.

However, be prepared to encounter very rude customers. This is a very common and a usual problem at a company such as Costco.


Costco is a thriving establishment that has helped thousands of unemployed individuals to secure a job, by providing employment opportunities for them.

They are known for having great value for employees, and they also pay reasonable salaries.

Gaining employment at Costco can be possible and easy, provided you correctly utilize the information on this page, which will help you go through the hiring process successfully.