Convenience Store Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Convenience Store Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Convenience Store Managers take responsibilities for ensuring
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This post provides complete information on the job description of a convenience store manager, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Convenience Store Manager Do?

A convenience store manager is one assigned with the responsibilities of ensuring the smooth daily running of the convenience store.

His/her job description entails the management of personnel, which includes the recruitment, retrenchment, fixing of duty shift, and training of personnel.

The convenience store manager also heads all administrative tasks and oversees the administrations of the store; ranging from the customer service to the store management.

His/her work description also involves offering supervision to the operations of all departments, keeping them on track in ensuring the smooth running of the store.

The manager is employed to ensure that a central head is given to the several departments of a convenience store.

He/she monitors and supervises the activities of each department and looks into the operations of one department in relation to another, to examine how the activities of one department affect that of another.

He/she makes provisions for ensuring that every department is on task and working to make the activities of other departments easy.

He/she also ensures that the common goal of the store is achieved by reconciling the activities of all departments.

The job description of the convenience store manager includes the management of personnel. The importance of having good and qualified personnel, and a central head to bring out the best in each of the personnel cannot be overemphasized.

In view of this, the store manager trains, recruits, queries, retrenches, and fixes shifting and schedules of the personnel.

He/she also oversees the remuneration of personnel and other entitlements of staff.

The manager’s duties also include igniting enthusiasm in workers by initiating specials grants for the best serving personnel at the store.

He/she is also involved with the coordination and supervision of activities which concern the sales of retail in the convenience store.

In some cases, the manager of a convenience store takes responsibilities for the purchase, the budget, and accounting activities, in addition to performing his primary role.

He/she must be someone who can function well in majority of the departments of the store in order for him to understand the working of each department so as to easily fill in for an absentee staff or when a staff suddenly leaves.

Convenience Store Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Below is a job description example for the convenience store manager role. It shows several important duties, tasks, and responsibilities managers working at convenience stores normally perform on a day-to-day basis.

  • Offer daily, routine, and regular leadership to the store
  • Handle operational tasks
  • Responsible for the recruitment of staff
  • Handle matters relating to scheduling
  • Receive shipment, and also ship when the need arises
  • Responsible for ensuring the safeguard and maintenance of the store
  • Ensure that the operations of the store are done in adherence to regulatory agencies requirements
  • Adhere strictly to the prevailing guidelines and procedures guiding the operation of the store
  • Handle the planning and prepare work schedules for staff
  • Conduct the assigning of staff to special duties
  • Discipline, retrench, and sanction erring employees
  • Recommend special performing employees for special remuneration
  • Map out the goals and objectives of the convenience store and set target for accomplishment
  • Ensure the enforcement of health, safety, and security rules
  • Serve as the connection between the store owner and the staff, and also between the store owner and customers
  • Coordinate construction workers, network system, security, and other services as necessary
  • Supervise payroll, account receivable and/or payable
  • Make estimations for the demands consumers are likely to make
  • Supervise and determine the amount, number, and type of goods sold
  • Assist in the development and execution of active plans, objectives, and practices
  • Ensure that customer satisfaction is the central objective of the convenience store operation
  • Participate and give direction on the stocking and merchandising on each floor
  • Maximize capacity of sales fixture, models, and visual presentation
  • Lead the task of identifying challenges and providing solutions to the challenges
  • Handle the development and execution of programs that can propel motivation

Convenience Store Manager Job Description for Resume

You will need to prepare a resume if you are searching for a job as manager in a convenience store.

To easily and quickly write the professional experience part of the resume, the above sample job description consists of the duties and responsibilities of the position that you can apply in writing the work experience part of the resume.

Convenience Store Manager Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

To excel working as a convenience store manager, you will need the following skills and other qualities:

  • Management degree or its equivalent
  • Good experience in customer service
  • Expertise and experience in sales operations
  • Shown proficiency in hiring and training team of workers
  • Ability to give direction and develop internal personnel
  • Expertise in sales techniques and usage of cash register
  • Ability to set sales goal for the store, make budget, and set work load priorities.