Construction Laborer Job Description Example

Construction Laborer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Construction Laborers must be able to take and carry out instructions from site supervisors.

Construction Laborer Job Description Example

What Does a Construction Laborer Do?

Working as a construction laborer requires performing a lot of tedious tasks that demands physical strength.

So, before you decide to do this job, it is important you know the various duties and responsibilities that make up the job description of a construction laborer.

If you are a hiring manager looking to hire construction laborer(s), knowing the skills and responsibilities expected of this role will also guide you in preparing a detailed job description to help you recruit capable hands.

Construction laborers are responsible for clearing the construction site and preparing it for the commencement of construction work by clearing debris and excavating tree stumps.

It is also the duty of the construction laborer to ensure that the construction site is safe for work by getting rid of hazardous chemicals and objects, as well as safely packing work materials as directed by the site supervisor.

The construction laborer is responsible for mixing and pumping concrete, sand, and grout. He/she is also responsible for erecting and dismantling scaffolds and barricades. Some construction laborers also perform drilling and blasting tasks.

Other functions in a construction laborer work description may entail reading construction plans and designs and interpreting them; especially if he/she is experienced and proficient in plan interpretation.

The laborer is responsible for loading construction materials at purchase points and unloading at the construction site.

He/she may also be responsible for the purchase of minor construction materials like tape, binding wire, and twine.

He/she may also be in charge of handling construction machines, such as forklifts utilized in moving heavy construction materials.

The maintenance and minor repair of the equipment is also the responsibility of the construction laborer.

Before employing construction workers, site managers usually look for certain qualities in the candidates vying for the position.

First of all, a construction laborer must be physically strong and must possess outstanding dexterity in handling construction tools and machines. He/she must be hard working.

He/she must be an individual with strong knowledge of construction plans and designs and must be teachable if he/she is to be able to learn new ways of handling construction tasks.

A construction laborer must possess outstanding communication skills. He/she should be able to understand instructions given in both written and verbal format easily and adhere strictly to them.

Construction Laborer Job Description Example/Template

Construction laborers usually work in construction sites where they perform various physical tasks. Generally, the duties performed by construction laborers are shown in the job description example below:

  • Clear the construction area and prepare it for the commencement of construction work
  • Ensure that the construction site is safe for work by clearing hazardous chemicals and objects
  • Safely pack and store work materials as directed by the site supervisor
  • Responsible for mixing and pumping concrete, sand and grout
  • Responsible for erecting and dismantling scaffolds and barricades
  • Perform drilling and blasting duties and smooth rough surfaces
  • May be required to read and interpret construction plans and designs
  • Assist in the purchase, loading, and unloading of construction materials
  • Assist in the purchase of minor construction materials like tap, binding wires, and twine
  • Handle construction machines such as forklifts
  • Repair and maintain construction tools and equipment
  • Clear debris and tree stumps.

Construction Laborer Resume Preparation

Working as a construction laborer requires some expertise, which is mostly acquired through hands-on experience, which is why most employers will like to hire people with experience of the job.

If you are preparing a resume for the role of a construction laborer, the sample job description above highlights the duties and responsibilities of the position that can help you in creating a convincing work history section for the resume if you have had experience in construction.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – For Construction Laborer Role

Below are the major skills, abilities, and knowledge that most employers would usually expect candidates for construction laborer job to possess to stand a chance of getting an interview appointment:

  • Knowledge: A construction laborer must have good knowledge and understanding of construction plans and designs and how to handle tasks in a construction site
  • Education: He/she may not be educated but the ability to understand written instructions is important. He/she must be willing and ready to learn new ways of handling construction tasks.
  • Communication: He/she must be able to understand written and verbal instructions and must be willing to adhere to plans and directives.

Construction Laborer Skills for Resume

The skills and qualifications listed above can be utilized to form the core competence section of your construction laborer resume.

In this section, you will highlight the skills and qualities that will enable you to be effective as a construction laborer.

Having the above construction laborer qualities and stating them in your resume will make it more compelling to recruiters.


The job description of a construction laborer treated in this post will help you to know what duties and responsibilities to expect to perform if you are hired to work as a laborer at a construction site.

This will help you to decide if that is the job you want to do and to prepare for it both physically and mentally.

A construction manager recruiting laborers will find the job description sample given above useful as a template in designing the right work description for use by laborers at the site.

Did this post increase your knowledge about the job of a construction laborer? Please make a comment in the box below. And if you have worked as a laborer at a construction site, you may also share your experience with us.

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