Concierge Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 30, 2023
concierge resume example
The competition in the employment market for concierge demands having a good resume to show to employers.

To find a job as a concierge, you will need to write a good resume to show to prospective employers to be able to beat the competition that exists in the job market for the position.

This post shows you how to write the resume yourself; it shows the different sections, including the Objective, Core Competence, Work Experience, and Professional Qualification sections, and how to complete them to make the resume irresistible to prospective employers.

Writing a resume may not be a piece of cake to lots of people, including concierges, however, following the tips in this guide can make it easier and faster for you to prepare a great resume that gives you a better opportunity to get the job.

Now, let’s begin with the first part of the resume, the objective:

The Concierge Resume Objective Section

The objective section of a concierge resume is the introductory statement of your resume. Your job of getting the job starts right here.

Use the objective statement to make a great first impression, by communicating to the employer why you are interested in working as a concierge in their establishment.

Also, convey the value they would benefit if you are granted the job.

The objective section is your first contact with the employer, so make the most of it! Grab their attention by appealing to their major need for a concierge.

And to correctly achieve this, you must go beyond assumption and find out for sure what their specific needs are.

And that isn’t rocket science. Simply observe the advertisement of the vacancy for the job position and you’ll most likely find what you are looking for.

It’s a current trend with most employers to specify their requirements and job description for their ideal concierge.

For instance, most hotels and other establishments in the hospitality industry that employ the services of concierges look out for basic criterions such as; ability to receive and implement instructions accurately, attention to details, ability to discern clients’ need and meet it, warm personality, and ability to work with minimal supervision.

So, if you’ve got these qualities, let it reflect nicely in your objective statement, and half of the job of writing a good resume would have been done.

See some examples of objective statements for the concierge resume:

Concierge Objective Examples for Resume:

Here are some examples to serve as a guide in writing an effective objective section in your resume as a concierge:

  • Seeking the position of concierge in XYZ Hotel where my outstanding ability to receive and implement instructions accurately, attention to details, ability to discern clients’ need and meet it, welcome guests warmly, and work with minimal supervision as remarked by my past employers, will be employed.
  • Seeking the job of concierge in a growing hospitality outfit where my many years of experience working as a concierge in five star hotels, will be invaluable in achieving maximum clients satisfaction and increase patronage.

Please take note; the first example above fits only when targeting a specific and known company where such vacancy exists. Otherwise, refer to second which is more generic for the hospitality industry.

Having successfully completed the first section, the core competence section comes next:

Core Competence Section

The core competence section is where you are required to highlight your key talents, knowledge, abilities, and experience that make you an exceptional concierge.

Before now, you have hinted on your qualities as a concierge but here you are expected to state all the qualities that best describe you as the concierge that should be hired immediately.

Don’t undermine any quality as long as it further conveys your capacity to deliver on the job if hired. For instance, being bilingual; speaking English and Chinese fluently, may just be the joker that wins you the job. So go all out, but be concise. It’s a resume, not an autobiography.

That done, the third section provides opportunity to highlight what you have done previously:

Work Experience

The work experience section, which can also be referred to as professional experience or work history, is the proof section. Other section tells, but this section shows!

It shows the prospective employer that you are more than gifted; you are experienced. And no right thinking employer jokes with an applicant who has got both skills and experience.

To achieve optimum effect with this section, it is advisable to use a copy of the concierge job description when writing this section as long as the duties and responsibilities highlighted in it reflect your true experience.

And please ensure that all verbs used in describing you current work description are in present tense while the activities in a previously held position are described in past tense.

The next section is the last, and it gives you the opportunity to emphasize the fact that you are qualified for the concierge role:

Professional Qualification

In this section, you are required to state in a sequential order your educational qualification and all completed training programs that qualify you to work as a concierge.

Do you need an example of the concierge resume to make what have been taught above clearer? If yes, see below:

Concierge Resume Example/Sample/Template

From the above discussion, here is a sample resume for a concierge. It can serve as a template in writing your own resume.


Pete Hua
25 Noore Street. Trinceton, New Jersey. Home: (111) 555-9999, cell: (222)999-9999.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be a concierge in XYZ Hotel where my outstanding ability to receive and implement instructions accurately, attention to details, ability to discern clients’ need and meet it, welcome guests warmly and work with minimal supervision as remarked by my past employers, will be employed.


  • Excellent attitude in welcoming guests
  • Ability to accurately execute instructions with minimal or no supervision
  • Ability to keep confidential matters a secret
  • Sound judgment in dire situations
  • Unique calmness even under pressurizing clients
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Intuition in identifying clients’ needs
  • Bilingual; English and Chinese


Mandarin Oriental, NY
2010 – Present

  • Greet guests upon arrival and at departure
  • Educate vacationing guests about the tourist opportunities around
  • Identify clients’ need and attend to it
  • Ensure meals are served correctly and as at when due
  • Support other staffs to create a total customer experience
  • Inform clients on all they need to know about our hotel and policies as it affects them
  • Escort guests to their assigned room
  • Make any special external arrangement for client, like finding a tour guide


  • Princeton High School, Princeton, New Jersey, 2004

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