Cleaner Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Cleaner resume
A good resume can make your cleaner job hunting a success.

Cleaner Resume Writing Tips and Example

A good resume will certainly be very useful to an applicant for a cleaning job. It will be helpful in applying for an advertised cleaner job opening or making a cold contact to offices or organizations of interest.

Though cleaning is not a professional job, a well-written cleaner resume is necessary to facilitate your job hunting process.

To write a great resume for the cleaner job, you need to adopt a resume layout that will suit your skills and expertise.

Your resume should be able to convince a recruiter that you understand the cleaning needs of the hirer and possess all it takes to take care of such needs.

A functional resume format is best suited for cleaner application because it allows the writer to list all relevant skills, experience, and qualifications.

So, less emphasis is placed on any particular section. This means that even with a little academic qualification, your cleaner resume can still appear outstanding and appealing.

A good layout for the resume should bear at least four key sections that will allow you to present your qualities and know-how as a cleaner so as to be able to convince the hirer to give you a chance.

See the key sections of a functional cleaner resume below

Resume Objective Section

This section of your cleaner resume allows you to convince the hirer of your expertise and experience as a cleaner.

You should be able to present the objective section of the resume in a clear and concise manner.

Ideally, one sentence or two should be enough to do this.

Examples of Cleaner Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking a cleaner position with Health Plus Hospital where experience working as a company cleaner and extensive cleaning and housekeeping skills will be utilized in keeping the hospital sanitized and germ-free
  • Seeking a position as a cleaner in an office environment where extensive skills in sanitization, dexterity, and stamina will be fully utilized to ensure spick and span office environment.

Core Competence Section

This section of your cleaner resume is where you are expected to highlight your key qualifications, expertise, special capabilities, and cleaning skills.

Even if you have little to offer in terms of education and experience as a cleaner, having good cleaning skills could secure you a job.

Job Experience Section

If you have worked as a cleaner in an office, home, or organization, then, you have a good advantage of landing your desired cleaning job if only you can present your job experience in an attractive manner.

While preparing your resume for a cleaning position, you should be able to state places you have worked before as a cleaner and the duties you performed.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Recruiters require less in terms of academic qualifications for cleaner positions. However, most applicants for the post are usually high school diploma holders.

So, the most important thing is to state whatever academic qualification you have.

See a good example of a well-written cleaner resume below, which you can apply as a template in making your own and increase your chances with employers:

Cleaner Resume Example/Sample/Template

Glenn Clare
122 Billings Way, Helena, Montana
Home: (+1)112-665, Cell: (+1)116-6651

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a cleaner position with Health Plus Hospital where experience working as a company cleaner and extensive cleaning and housekeeping skills will be utilized in keeping the hospital sanitized and germ-free.

Core Competence

  • Over 2 years experience working part-time as a cleaner in companies and offices
  • Extensive housekeeping and sanitization skills
  • Dexterous and proven stamina to stand, kneel, and bend while working
  • Ability to work safely with chemicals and hazardous cleaning materials
  • Proven ability to identify faulty building parts and report to the appropriate person.

Job Experience

Glenda Inc.
Company Cleaner

  • Emptied and cleaned waste baskets and containers
  • Swept, dusted, and cleaned offices, production rooms and restrooms
  • Replaced toilet paper, paper towel, and hand sanitizers
  • Cleaned and polished metal building parts and staircase
  • Operated and maintained cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaner
  • Identified faulty building parts and reported for maintenance to be carried out.

Educational Qualification

  • Helena High School, High School Diploma, 2010.


To improve your chances of getting hired as a cleaner, you need a good resume that will communicate your skills and expertise clearly to employers.

And the beautiful part of it is that you can write one yourself by applying the tips that have been shared above.

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